Why the Fair Race Will Go Under - Dr. Wm. Pierce

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Why the Fair Race Will Go Under - Dr. Wm. Pierce

Post by Will Williams » Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:16 pm

I found this article (with page numbers 724-728) here: https://caesartort.files.wordpress.com/ ... r_race.pdf It was hyperlinked in a comment by William Pierce's Fan here, under an article at The Occidental Observer: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2 ... -students/

by William Pierce

Big business, including those sectors of it relatively free of
Jewish control, is in favor of continued non-White immigration as a
means of maintaining a plentiful supply of relatively inexpensive
As depressing as the situation is among the military rank
and file, it is even worse among the higher military leaders. A
weeding-out program during the past 30 years has virtually
eliminated career officers above the rank of captain who are willing
to express any disagreement with the racial program imposed on
the U.S. armed services. Eliminated with them has been any
realistic hope of a military solution to America’s internal political
and racial problems.
Those who are working for the West’s ruin know well the
psychology of mass man; they know how tenaciously materialistic
he is, how he will cling to his comforts and luxuries at the expense
of his honor, his freedom, and even his life, deceiving himself all
the while as to his own motives. Perhaps the very best example of
this fatal weakness is provided by the behavior in recent years of
the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa, a subject treated
elsewhere in this [1980] issue of National Vanguard.


It is true that the world—including the rest of the West—
ganged up on them; it is true that they are saddled with twice as
many Jews, per capita, as the people of the United States; it is true
that they were stabbed in the back by the Christian churches, in
which they had foolishly placed their trust; it is true that their news
media are controlled by the same gang which controls ours. But the
fact remains that the Whites of southern Africa have, with their
eyes wide open, chosen prosperity over racial integrity. As a
consequence, in the long run they shall have neither.
The same shopkeeper mentality which made them fear an
economic boycott more than the mongrelizing of their posterity
prevails throughout the West. It is the mentality of what historian
Brooks Adams has called “economic man”; men of this type have
wielded power in the West since the Industrial Revolution, and
their values are shared as well by most of the powerless. The
values and way of thinking of economic man may be tolerable for a
while in an all-White world, but they are lethal in a world which
also includes Jews. In the very near future they will be just as lethal
for America and Europe as they have been for White Rhodesia.
In view of these trends—trends which transcend party
politics and the short-term fluctuations of changing government
administrations, trends which show every promise of remaining
unchanged in the years ahead, indeed, of becoming increasingly
worse—there can be little room for debate as to whether the West
will go under. It has already passed the point of no return in its
descent. The water is up to our necks, and the only question is,
when will it reach our noses.
The ship, in other words, is going down, and it is going
down not just because the captain doesn’t know how to sail and
because there is a gang of saboteurs aboard who have opened the
sea cocks, but also because it has become irreparably unseaworthy.
Now, this is a very important conclusion. It separates the
National Alliance from the right wingers, who believe there’s still
time to save the ship (or, if there isn’t, all is lost and so there’s no
point in doing anything); from the liberals, who believe that the
more water the ship takes on the better it will sail; and from the
mass of voters, who, although they have a dark suspicion that
something is seriously wrong and a nagging fear that the captain
doesn’t know what he’s doing, are much more concerned that their
feet are getting wet than that the ship is going down.


The most important distinction for the Alliance is the first
one. The right wingers see the value of the West in its outward
forms: its governments, its economic systems, its life-styles. When
those are broken up—when the ship of state goes down—there is,
for them, nothing left.
But the National Alliance sees the value of the West in its
biological essence, in the human genetic material which was
responsible for the building of Western civilization—and which has
the capability of building another civilization to replace it. When
the ship goes down, there will be lots of passengers in the water,
and they will drown. What is important is to make certain that
some passengers—the right ones—are in lifeboats, with a compass,
oars, and directions to the nearest land.
The events of recent years must be depressing in the
extreme for intelligent conservatives and right wingers. Unless they
are blind to what is happening in the world, they must feel utterly
overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to patch the old tub up and
keep it afloat. For those of them who are racially conscious, the
realization that each passing year brings us a population that is
more mongrelized, an electorate that is more degraded in its
sensibilities, must be terribly discouraging. How can one salvage
such a mess?
To be sure, after accepting the view that the mess can’t be
salvaged and that one shouldn’t even try, the prospect is no less
grim. The breakdown of order, the unleashing of anarchy, is
destructive of true human progress even under the mildest of
conditions. In the racially mixed urban jungle of America it will be
indescribably terrible. There will be a grisly justice in that most
Whites who have collaborated with the enemies of the West in
sinking it will themselves be drowned. It is almost amusing to
contemplate the fate of the White gun-control advocates in
America’s cities in the days to come, when they will be even more
at the mercy of roving gangs of Black thugs than they are today.
And the rich White liberals in their exclusive suburbs—the
fashionable writers, the ACLU lawyers, the pulpit prostitutes, the
organizers of fund-raising dinners for trendy causes, the socially
conscious coupon clippers who won’t own stocks in corporations
doing business in South Africa, the news editors who
conscientiously excise any mention of race from crime stories, the
school board members who pretend that all is well in the racially


integrated hells they supervise, the overpaid bureaucrats, the
cokesnorting sophisticates who party with the new non-White elite and
plan to ride high while their race goes down—will fare no better
when the pets they have so long boosted as the “equals” of
working-class Whites come surging out of the cities in their
multihued millions. The ravages of these pampered non-White
hordes in the years ahead will make the sadistic butchery of the
Manson gang of the last decade seem like good, clean fun in
Unfortunately, the innocent and the wholesome will perish
along with the guilty and the degenerate; the racially conscious and
the racially valuable will go down with the deracinated egoists and
the half-breeds. Nature’s justice operates at the species and
subspecies levels.
Nor will anyone evade the suffering ahead, neither those
who perish by it nor those who survive it, neither the grasshoppers
nor the ants. It is said that suffering is good for the soul; if this is
true, Westerners can look forward to a great deal of spiritual
But whether the maxim is true or not, the suffering is
necessary. As long as he is moderately comfortable, the average
man will not change his ways. Only when existence becomes utterly
intolerable and there is no alternative can he be persuaded to do
what he should have done from foresight and through self-discipline
at the beginning. That is his unalterable nature, and it is
why democracy is such a catastrophe.
And who will survive to be the founders of a New Order?
No one can say, on a person-by-person basis. But if one
understands the nature of the tragedy that is upon us, one can state
some general guidelines.
The first thing to understand about the going under of the
West is that its more dramatic elements, the violence and the
bloodshed, are not the really essential elements. The essential
aspect of what is happening to the West is spiritual. It is decadence
which has sealed the fate of the West, not the birthrate in the Third
World. It is the absence of a common purpose which has sapped
the West’s viability, not just the scheming of the Jews. It is the loss
of racial consciousness which has left the West defenseless, not the
growing strength of our enemies.


What is important is that the corruption of the West’s spirit
will continue in the years ahead—perhaps for decades—while the
increasing anarchy, the more frequent breakdowns of order and
flareups of violence, the economic disintegration, will be only
incidental. There undoubtedly will come a great bloodletting, a
time of mass throat-cutting and mass rape, when the West’s
internal enemies will have free rein for a while. But the West will
already have sunk before then.
And most of the inhabitants of the West will have sunk too,
to the point where little of value will be left to be lost in the
bloodletting. This is a point worth emphasizing again: the majority
will perish with the civilization to which they are inseparably
The problem is not to cull out the mongrels, the Judaized,
the degenerates, the moral prostitutes from a healthy mass, so that
the cull can be destroyed and the mass saved. The problem is to
pick the few who embody the best of what the West once was and
to take the necessary measures to see that that which they embody
does not perish with the mass.
Those who would survive—more correctly, those who
would have a hand in determining which genes and which values
survive, for the time scale of the West’s sinking is such that no
individual now alive can be sure of living to see the new age
dawn—must have these qualities:
They must be both willing and able to fight for the right to
determine the shape of the future; the meek and the disarmed will
vanish without a trace.
They must be free of the superstitions and prejudices of this
age; those who are mentally bound to this age will go down with it.
They must be pure in spirit and strong in will; this is the age
of egoism and materialism, of self-indulgence and permissiveness,
but the passage into the new age demands both selflessness and
They must be united in an organization which combines
their strengths and focuses their wills; in this age of atomized
individuals, where each person is submerged in the mass, without
identity and without power, only those who are united can prevail.
They must be motivated by a single purpose, the
overwhelming importance of which is always foremost in their
minds; it has been the purposelessness of this age on which the


West has foundered, but the new age will be illuminated and
shaped by a common purpose transcending all other considerations:
namely, the purpose of bringing forth a higher type of man and
attaining thereby a higher level of consciousness in the universe.
Note of the Ed. This is an abridged version of ‘Why the West
Will Go Under’ published at National Vanguard (no. 74, 1980). I have
added the italics to the article.

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Re: Why the Fair Race Will Go Under - Dr. Wm. Pierce

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:02 am

Pure in spirit and strong in will...
...Motivated by a single purpose... bringing about a higher kind of man and attaining thereby a higher level of consciousness in the universe..

...Only those who are United can prevail

The egoists and the materialistic are by far the preponderance in this age, only a few of them can be shown the path which then elicits a response that heeds the call to our purpose-- to attain higher man. But those few do exist! I was one of those at an earlier age.

A book catalog found through an ad in a local newspaper was the beginning, within was the essay "Our Cause." What is the National Alliance also accompanied the catalog and from there a whole new articulated perspective that rang true to my instincts was opened up.

Without someone taking the time and trouble to make those documents available, I wouldn't be here now. Activism works.
Activism materials available! ===> Contact me via PM to obtain quantities of the "Send Them Back", "NA Health Warning #1 +#2+#3" stickers, and any fliers listed in the Alliance website's flier webpage.

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