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White activism for September 2020

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 12:02 am
by Jim Mathias
At Tucson, AZ: ... 447676001/
ASU investigating after Nazi posters found on Tempe campus again
Brooke Newman
Arizona Republic
One of several anti-Semitic posters found on the ASU Tempe campus on Aug. 30, 2020.
Where are Jews mentioned here?
Where are Jews mentioned here?
They have a point here.png (598.63 KiB) Viewed 1567 times
Posters reading "Hitler was right," "unity of our blood," and other anti-Semitic comments were found on the Arizona State University Tempe campus for the second time in less than a year.

Student leaders of the Jewish community discovered the posters at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, according to Danny Goldberg, a second-year law student at ASU.

Debbie Yunker Kail, executive director of the Hillel Jewish Student Center at ASU, helped students report the incident.

As soon as the university was notified, campus police removed the posters, an ASU spokesperson said.

"I greatly appreciate ASU removing the posters, but the Jewish community is being singled out in a disgusting and vile manner, and it's very important for ASU to condemn these statements," Goldberg said.

ASU said in a written statement that the university is investigating.

"Ensuring the safety and security of our students is a top priority, and the university undertakes extensive efforts to ensure student safety is not compromised. ASU is a community that values diversity, tolerance, respect and inclusion. We support open debate and honest disagreements, but not hateful rhetoric," the statement said.

Flyers that appeared on campus last November and ones found Sunday both bore the name Folksfront.

"The same URL is listed in both instances, so I believe this is a singular issue where one group is trying to intimidate and disrupt the safety and the well-being of the ASU community," Goldberg said.

The Folksfront website says "the Folkish Resistance Movement" was formed in February, follows Adolf Hitler and lists demands including "Only White people(s) of good stock may be members of the nation."

Yunker Kail also expressed concerns that these acts are being committed by an outside group that is unaffiliated with the university.

On its website, Folksfront claims it hung a banner reading "Hitler was right" in Queen Creek earlier this month.

Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel with ASU's Chabad Jewish Student Center said, "We are very concerned about these hateful anti-Jewish flyers on campus. We were shocked to see such open displays of bigotry."

Members of Hillel and Chabad have expressed that the ASU community is not one to tolerate hate but instead one to promote love and mutual respect. Both also expressed that ASU has been very willing to help the Jewish communities on campus.

Gillies said that this is likely an outside organization, as many of these groups' strategies are to recruit on college campuses.

"I understand that universities are meant to be a market place of ideas; however, I don't believe that this type of speech is representative of ASU, and I would like to see a strong statement from the president's office that condemns it," Gillies said.

Reach breaking news reporter Brooke Newman at or on Twitter @brookerae17.
Jews. It's always about them even when they're not mentioned in a poster. Do they ever stop complaining? Do they ever stop imposing on others to do all their fighting for them? Are any of them ever happy?

Re: White activism at Salem MA

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:23 am
by Jim Mathias ... e2a5fb.htm
Officials call for help in addressing Nazi-connected stickers

By Dustin Luca Staff Writer Sep 3, 2020

SALEM — Officials are asking residents to watch for and report stickers believed to be belonging to a white-nationalist group that are appearing around the city.

The stickers, described on social media by the city's No Place For Hate committee as "NSC131," call attention to an apparent Neo-Nazi group that is "trying to recruit, trying to advertise their cause," said Salem police Capt. Fred Ryan.

"We try not to give this too much detail," Ryan said, "because we don't want to put their message out there for them."

The sticker, shown in a Facebook post within a Salem Common Neighborhood Association group last week, is white with black lettering. It identifies NSC — an acronym for the Nationalist Social Club — with the S drawn in the style of the twin S markings associated with the Schutzstaffel organization in Nazi-era Germany.

"It's a reference to Nazi-ism," said Jeff Cohen, co-chairperson to the city's No Place For Hate committee. "It's putting hate speech in a public spot."

Ryan said the act through which the stickers are showing up — "slap-tagging," as he called it — is identified as vandalism and therefore represents a felony outside of the offensive content of the message.

"This is a No Place For Hate city. We want these groups to be kept out," Ryan said. "We have a zero-tolerance approach to these types of groups in Salem. To us, they're committing a felony offense. We're actively investigating it."

Mayor Kim Driscoll said she felt "a combination of disgust and disheartened" when hearing about the stickers, which have now been showing up for more than a week.

"It's a group tied to white nationalists, and in your community or trying to recruit members of your community, there's nothing positive related to that," Driscoll said. "That's one of the reasons we want to make sure people are aware this is happening. Some folks may not even realize what these stickers are."

Anyone who sees the stickers is asked to immediately report them to police at 978-744-1212, including an exact location and description of anyone seen placing them. Ryan also said stickers should not be removed except by police.
Making the placement of stickers ("vandalism") a felony is rather harsh. The People's Democratic Republic of Massachusetts seems to make mountains out of ...anthills.

Re: White activism at Salem MA

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:48 pm
by Richard_G_603
Making the placement of stickers ("vandalism") a felony is rather harsh. The People's Democratic Republic of Massachusetts seems to make mountains out of ...anthills.

You have no idea, we are pretty out of the focus of the rest of the country up here but metro area mass is nearly as bad as NYC with its anti white extremism

Re: White activism at Salem MA

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 12:24 am
by Jim Mathias
Richard_G_603 wrote:
Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:48 pm
Making the placement of stickers ("vandalism") a felony is rather harsh. The People's Democratic Republic of Massachusetts seems to make mountains out of ...anthills.

You have no idea, we are pretty out of the focus of the rest of the country up here but metro area mass is nearly as bad as NYC with its anti white extremism
The horror stories of overcharging or making crimes out of legal, 1st Amendment type activity by prosecutors against Whites in New York are pretty well known as I've documented several news items where activists were persecuted. The odd thing was that a pattern has emerged, when normally someone arrested for a "hate crime" of expressing ourselves gets all kinds of news coverage, and often accompanied by a lot of thunder and lightning by Governor Cuomo himself, the subsequent dropping of charges is given the silent treatment by the Jewmedia. Massachusetts I have seen only a limited amount of activism coming from within that state's activists.

As always, the National Alliance has made it's policy of staying legal and this means abstaining from acts of vandalism. I offer a good range of our stickers for sale and have shown other, legal methods for deploying them. It's not necessary to run afoul of local laws that are clearly written and find ourselves incarcerated where we aren't of any service to our race and destiny, we should stay free (such as it is these days) to raise the consciousnesses of our community's healthy Whites that we're a presence in the area, our flier's message, and of course our websites where a fuller understanding of our views, goals, and methods for us to survive these times and resume our upward Path towards godhood can be shared.

Re: White activism at Montclair NJ

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:53 pm
by Jim Mathias ... eet-signs/
Montclair Crime: Stickers From White Nationalist Hate Group Found on Street Signs
Baristanet Staff - September 8, 2020

The week in Montclair crime from Captain Scott Buehler, Montclair Police Dept.
September 1, 2020 (Orange Road): While on patrol, police located a “PATRIOTFRONT.US” sticker on a street sign. This web site is associated with an American, white supremacist, Neo- Nazi and American Nationalist group.
September 2, 2020 (Elm Street): While on patrol, police located a “PATRIOTFRONT.US” sticker on a traffic pole. Similar stickers were found on Elm Street, Orange Road, and High Street, with some including the words “Better Dead Than Red,” and “America is not for Sale.”

Re: White activism at Louisville KY

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:33 am
by Jim Mathias ... 753148002/
KKK newspapers left on Louisville neighborhood's doorsteps
Emma Austin
Louisville Courier Journal
Sep 9 2020

Copies of the KKK's newspaper, The Crusader, were left on doorsteps in Pleasure Ridge Park on Tuesday morning.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Unsolicited copies of the Ku Klux Klan's quarterly newspaper were left on doorsteps in Pleasure Ridge Park this week, a resident of the neighborhood said.
A pro-White message amplified by the Jewmedia
A pro-White message amplified by the Jewmedia
Klan paper in Louisville.png (482.26 KiB) Viewed 1139 times
Austin Beam, 24, said when he took out his trash Tuesday morning he found a copy of the KKK's Crusader, the self-described "premier voice of the white resistance."

Beam said Tuesday's delivery was the first time he has received a copy of the newspaper, and he noticed it had been left on most of his neighbors' doorsteps as well.

A member of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who wrote their email at the bottom of the newspaper responded to a Courier Journal inquiry and said the motivation behind the papers is "to educate our White Christian Brothers and Sisters and to let them know in these troubling times of Chaos created by BLM, Antifa, NFAC, Etc. That there is an organization here for them."

"The motivation is not hate or intimidation," the person, who declined to provide a name, said in an email. "We feel every living thing has a right to safeguard their future and we are organizing in the Louisville area as well as many other areas across the country for this particular reason."

The Knights of the KKK is based in Arkansas and is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Founded in 1975, the group has attempted to put a "kinder, gentler" face on the Klan, attempting to portray itself as a modern "white civil rights" organization, according to the center. "But beneath that veneer lurks the same bigoted rhetoric."

The newspapers come as Louisville has seen more than 100 days of protests over the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman who was fatally shot by police as officers executed a drug raid on her apartment. No drugs were found.

Beam, who threw out the newspaper after taking a few photos, said he feels like whoever delivered the papers is "trying to warp peoples' narratives following BLM protests using fear and racism."

"I hope the beliefs in that paper don't take hold in our neighborhood and stay out of Louisville," he said.

Reach Emma Austin at or on Twitter at @emmacaustin. Support strong local journalism by subscribing today:
Yet another rag, the Louisville Courier Journal, relying on the SPLC to "designate hate groups" --or in other words, for anti-Whites (Jews especially) to libel pro-Whites. Typical presstitution trick: to quote a discredited source as though the source had any integrity.

Note also the usual trick of finding the one anti-White bigot to quote while the estimated dozens or perhaps hundreds of other recipients who are glad to get a copy are never given any coverage.

The National Alliance's major media arm, National Vanguard offers both the pro-White perspective while showing the anti-Whites at their hateful nadir. We don't stand idly by and let the Jews spew their hate for us unchallenged!

Re: White activism at Canberra, AU

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:45 am
by Jim Mathias ... nd-campus/
“We are Racists”: Neo-Nazi Activity Documented Around Campus
Brandon How Posted On September 12, 2020

By Brandon How

Content warning: This article contains discussion of Nazism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia.

Over the last month the presence of the National Socialist Network (NSN) has been documented around the ANU campus, leaving a trail of neo-Nazi stickers. Members also covered the Winston Churchill bust with a skull mask in response to the Ethnocultural Department’s petition urging the University to remove “imperialist statues” from campus.

An undergraduate student, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that there has been “a massive surge” in the number of neo-Nazi stickers and racist graffiti tags around campus and Canberra more widely. The student also stated that they “wouldn’t be surprised” if alt-right members from outside Canberra were coming in “to do [Nazi] stuff”. They also expressed their belief that the surge is a reaction to the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement.
The National Socialist Network

The NSN is an openly neo-Nazi group that has officially been in existence since late 2019. As stated on the NSN website, the group sees itself as “a revolutionary movement” fighting for a so-called “White Australia”. They declare on their website that “we are racists”, and claim to oppose what they call “the non-White invasion of this continent”. They assert that “the right-wing is inundated with cowards and traitors”, declaring their loyalty “to National Socialism and nothing else”.

The group operates across several Australian states, with a tendency to target University campuses. On 30 June, the group uploaded a picture of its members showing off their flag at Swinburne University of Technology, and again on 19 July at the University of Queensland. Their stickers have also been seen several times at the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. The group has declared on social media that the Melbourne University “is probably [their] favourite spot for racism”. However, the NSN Canberra branch does not appear as popular as those in other states, with no more than two members ever pictured in their social media uploads.

Neo-Nazi Activity on Campus

Around campus, two types of stickers have been reported. They are often found plastered on top of other posters, such as those promoting the ANU Ally Network, or those with reference to Chinese students and culture. The most commonly reported sticker is approximately the size of the palm of a hand, and depicts the NSN flag behind the Australian flag, accompanied by the slogan “Australian Fascist Action”. The second sticker has the slogan “white revolution is the only solution” above a small NSN logo. Over the last month, there have been four documented instances of the stickers being found on campus.

A postgraduate student, who said they kept “an eye out for this garbage”, told Observer that they had found NSN stickers attached to posters which had Chinese writing on them. This included “the ‘AUS Dream’ posters near Copland, the ‘Hello, ANU!’ posters on the AD Hope Building, and on posters for a Mandarin calligraphy virtual tour in Kambri”. They also claim to have seen a Proud Boys sticker “near the bus stop, near Domino’s [located under Lena Karmel Lodge]”. Proud Boys are a far-right group based in America.

On 6 August, the postgraduate student reported racist graffiti on top of a number of posters that were advertising a virtual Chinese calligraphy tour. In response to a hypothetical question posed by the post – “How to describe Chinese?” – the perpetrator(s) wrote “genocidal”, “CCP horrors”, “footbinders” and “animal cruelty”. It is unclear if the NSN was responsible for this incident.

In response to the petition launched by the ANU Ethnocultural Department (now the ANU BIPOC Department), which referred to Churchill as an “icon of white supremacy”, an image of the Churchill bust with a skull mask on it was uploaded to NSN’s social media pages on 11 August. NSN states in the post that this was done to “celebrate Winnie’s new status” as an “icon of white supremacy”. The post, however, also describes Churchill as “a disgusting race-traitor”. The campus Churchill bust is located on the grounds of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust along Balmain Crescent.

In a statement made by the ANU BIPOC Department Publicity Officers, the Department expressed their strong condemnation of “any neo-Nazi groups” as “racist, illegitimate, and harmful to the ANU community”. The statement reports that the Department “will be looking into what we can do”, and further emphasised that “the existence of an explicitly racist hate group on campus should be treated as a matter of grave importance”.

Observer understands that the most recent reported sighting of NSN neo-Nazi stickers was made on Wednesday, by the postgraduate student. The sticker was pasted on top of an ANU Ally Network poster on the door of the RRU’s Office in the Copland Building. “It’s awful. It’s taxing and I hate it”, the postgraduate told Observer on their discovery of the sticker. They emphatically stated that neo-Nazis are “not welcome, they’re not tolerated, and that their violence can and will be nullified”. They further asserted that covering posters with neo-Nazi stickers “[is] violence”. The student has recorded several other encounters with racist graffiti and NSN stickers around campus since 6 August.

In a comment to Observer, an ANU staff member who discovered two stickers on the Beryl Rawson building encouraged “others to stand up to Nazis in any way they can”. She added that people should be careful when trying to “remove any stickers like these”, as they can sometimes “have razors underneath them”. The undergraduate student also urged caution, suggesting that people “scrape off” the stickers with “keys or another object in case there [are] razors underneath them”.

A researcher at the ANU has claimed that “far-right” activity on campus is “not a new phenomenon”. They assert that activities similar to those reported occur “every few years or so”, referring to the actions of other fringe movements such as the “National Anarchists in the 2000’s, or Combat 18”.

The researcher describes the groups’ average membership as either “some preppy clever-dick” or a “bunch of nerds that live in their parents basement that like to dress up in full WW2 regalia and seig-heil the mirror on the family dresser”. They also noted that these groups are “not large”, adding that they did not believe the groups would grow by “putting some stickers near Chifley Library”.
ANU’s Response

In mid-August, the staff member and the postgraduate student made official reports to the Dean of Staff and ‘building management’ respectively. The issue has since been escalated to ANU Security. In an email received by the staff member, ANU Security claimed to be “actively keeping an eye on [neo-Nazi activity]”, and have since conducted a “review of CCTV and physical locations to identify any additional/similar content”. All instances of on-campus neo-Nazi materials reported in this article have since been removed by the ANU Gardens and Grounds Team, or members of the ANU community.
They're making a big deal out of this?
They're making a big deal out of this?
NSN stickers at ANU.png (535.72 KiB) Viewed 1089 times
In their statement, the ANU BIPOC Department demanded that “the University take action in denouncing the group’s activity and acting to ensure it does not continue”. They further expressed hope that the “University will take this issue seriously” so that there would be no need for the Department to “intervene”. In response, a spokesperson for the University stated that “ANU denounces any form of racism. This behaviour is unacceptable and is not tolerated”. The spokesperson also sought to assure members of the University community of their safety by reiterating that “the University maintains a range of security measures…including security staff, patrols and infrastructure”.

The BIPOC Department encourages anyone who “come[s] across anything relating to ”neo-Nazis to contact them or the Dean of Students at The University spokesperson stated that “if people see behaviour or materials that make them feel unsafe, they should immediately tell ANU Security by calling 02 6125 2249”. The spokesperson added that “if anyone feels they are in immediate danger they should call the police on 000”.

Despite the University’s statements of reassurance, the undergraduate student has expressed their “incredible distrust” in ANU security, explaining that they perceive “police officers and military” as aligned with the ”alt-right across the world”. The undergraduate also stated that they would “rather not go to the University about it [as] they generally do nothing about serious issues anyway”.

The University spokesperson categorically rejected the undergraduate student’s claims, describing ANU security as “responsive, professional and [providing] a vital service” to the entire ANU community. They reiterated that “ANU security takes all security matters seriously”, and that “anyone who feels they need their services should not hesitate to contact them”.
Wait, weren't these multiculti types the same ones calling for "equal inclusion," "tolerance," a rejection of "hate," and "diversity" of opinion? These students aren't practicing what they preach!

Re: White activism at Wauwatosa WI

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:40 am
by Jim Mathias ... 454692001/
Four neighbors received a letter that said Wauwatosa should be kept free from Blacks
Evan Casey
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Signs that say "For Sale, Unless Politicians Keep Tosa Safe (Paid for by Tosa Taxpayers fed up with Mayor and City Council)" are seen in Wauwatosa.

A disturbing letter that said Wauwatosa should be kept free from Blacks was sent to four neighbors who placed a politically motivated sign outside their homes.

Neighbors who placed signs that said "For Sale, Unless Politicians Keep Tosa Safe (Paid for by Tosa Taxpayers fed up with Mayor and City Council)," received the letter on Aug. 26 — a week after they put up the yard signs.

The letters were sent by the "Whites of Wauwatosa," according to an incident report from the Wauwatosa Police Department.

The letter was supportive of the signs, but it went on to say that "we must keep Wauwatosa free from Blacks."

"Together we can keep Wauwatosa white. Together we can keep Wauwatosa safe," the letter said.

The letter made other racist statements, and was addressed to "White Wauwatosa Resident."

Police said the letter was signed by a Toby, but they were also unable to read the last name of the sender.

Police said they have not heard of the group "Whites of Wauwatosa."

"Although the message is controversial in nature, without specific threat to life or property this content does not rise to the level of police action," Wauwatosa Police Sgt. Abby Pavlik said in an email.

Police talked to the men who put up the signs. One man said the signs weren't intended to be racist or hateful.
Mayor denounces letter

Mayor Dennis McBride responded to the letters in a statement released Tuesday.

"Anyone who believes that 'Wauwatosa should be for whites only' should leave Wauwatosa now. Your statement is racist, immoral, unconstitutional, and un-American," McBride said.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., also condemned the letter.

“We condemn this racist letter that associates disorder in communities with Black residents," CAIR national communications coordinator Ayan Ajeen said. "We must make it clear that this disturbing racist and white supremacist ideology is not welcome in Wisconsin or anywhere."

The letter comes as the city of Wauwatosa has dealt with unrest this summer in the months after a police officer fatally shot a teenager outside Mayfair mall. The was the officer's third fatal shooting in five years and it sparked a series of protests calling for his removal and police reform. The officer is Black. Two of the people he killed were Black and the other was Latino.

Two of the shootings were ruled justified self-defense by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. The most recent shooting from February is still under investigation.

Evan Casey can be reached at 414-403-4391 or Follow him on Twitter @ecaseymedia.
There sure is a lot of noise over a letter that the police described as basically being legal. Congoid and Latrino crime, on the other hand, doesn't get the same amount of attention from the Milwaukee presstitutes writing this crap.

A pro-White government such as what the National Alliance strives for would definitely put qualified office holders in the right positions and emphasize the need to deal with real crimes instead of some two-bit mayor attacking the truthbearers who expressed their values in non-threatening letters--and I have no doubt National Vanguard is getting the information our people really need now as opposed to Jewish-dominated narratives that seek to obscure the truth and push their destructive and anti-White narratives.

Re: White activism for September 2020

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 1:25 am
by Jim Mathias
A mysterious post found on fakebook:
We 'tolerate' everyone except pro-Whites
We 'tolerate' everyone except pro-Whites
Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce fakebook post 9-9-2020.png (21.52 KiB) Viewed 935 times
If the money grubbers are so "welcoming," "tolerant," and "inclusive," then why are they so hostile, intolerant, and exclusionary of White nationalists? Are they afraid Whites will take their money away from them? Only (Jew?) Rumler knows! ... 4098478075

Re: White activism for September 2020

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:25 am
by White Man 1
Part of the Quad Cities Q2030 plan is to promote minority-owned businesses so that NOBODY has to give Whites a fair shake in their town!
Screenshot_2020-09-17-09-24-19.png (343.72 KiB) Viewed 908 times