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Re: Activist Whites at Spokane WA making the news

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:21 am
by Jim Mathias ... de-church/
Neo-Nazi group claims it left racist flyers outside church
By Associated Press
Published: October 16, 2019, 10:51am

SPOKANE — A neo-Nazi group that promotes violence against Jews and people of color is claiming responsibility for racist flyers that appeared outside a church in Spokane.

The flyers were taped to signposts and electrical poles near Morning Star Baptist Church on Monday.

The Spokesman-Review says the flyers featured swastikas and other neo-Nazi symbols and messages such as: “It’s OK to genocide subhumans.” One flyer featured an image of Adolf Hitler.

A group called the Feuerkrieg Division took credit for the flyers on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Spokane police say they are investigating the incident, along with the FBI’s local Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The church has many black members and is home to a group called Spokane Community Against Racism.

Information from: The Spokesman-Review,
Within this article there seems to be a conflation between the flyer's reference to "subhumans" and this nearby church loaded with Congoids. Does The Spokesman-Review consider Congoids to be subhuman?

Re: Activist Whites at Grand Rapids MI making the news

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:33 am
by Jim Mathias ... posters-on
Grand Rapids synagogue targeted with anti-Semitic posters on its door
By Marina Pitofsky - 10/16/19 02:14 PM EDT

A rabbi reportedly discovered anti-Semitic posters on the door of a Grand Rapids, Mich., synagogue over the weekend, which included photos of Adolf Hitler and bigoted statements.

Temple Emanuel Rabbi Michael Schadick arrived at the synagogue Sunday morning to find the posters. One had a picture of Hitler with the words "Did you forget about me?" The other said "A crusade against Semite led subhumans,” CNN reported.

The Jerusalem Post shared photos of the posters, which included the name of the Vorherrschaft Division at the bottom, an extremist neo-Nazi group.

Law enforcement officers and the major crimes detective unit in Grand Rapids are still investigating the incident, CNN reported. No arrests have been made yet, and there are no definitive leads, Sgt. John Wittkowski with the Grand Rapids Police Department confirmed.

Wittkowski told CNN that local law enforcement believes the incident happened between 8 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. on Sunday. The Jewish holiday of Sukkot began Sunday evening.

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) condemned the posters in a tweet Sunday. Amash's district includes Grand Rapids.

“This act of hate has no place here or anywhere. The diversity of Grand Rapids is a blessing that makes our community stronger and more beautiful. We are united against any effort to harass or intimidate the congregation of Temple Emanuel or any of our Jewish brothers and sisters,” Amash tweeted.

Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss (D) tweeted that she is “standing in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors."

Standing in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors. And standing united in rejecting these acts of hatred and anti-Semitism.

The temple has increased its security in the wake of finding the posters, CNN reported.

The Hill has reached out to the Grand Rapids Police Department for comment.
Asking if Jews forgot about Hitler is "anti-Semitic?" Tweaking Jews seems like one of those Daily Stormer activities though.

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Re: Activist Whites at Reno NV making the news

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:46 am
by Jim Mathias ... -on-campus
UNR students say they don't feel safe in light of swastikas, posters found on campus

by Kristen Edwards Monday, October 14th 2019

RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — A group of UNR students is planning to protest to push for social change in light of racist posters and symbols that have been discovered on campus.

The students also protested last week and carried signs that said "UNR Protects Racists" and "Run Every Nazi Out".

Most recently, UNR said it received a report of a swastika that was discovered on campus last week.

“The University is aware of a report of a swastika that was discovered last Thursday in a stairway located in the Church Fine Arts Building," UNR spokesman John Trent, said. "We continue to gather information on this report. The University strongly rejects hateful symbols or imagery.”

The student leading next week's protest, Patricia De La Hoya, said she and her friends do not feel safe on campus.

"I've been told many times that I don't belong here and I should go back to my country where all the rapists and criminal belong" De La Hoya, said. "That's said to me here and the administration has never done anything to create a good environment for people of color here. We're asking for accountability and we want them to have a firm stance that white supremacy is not allowed on this campus."

De La Hoya said she and a group of students met with UNR President Mark Johnson last Friday. She said he listened to their concerns, but she said that is not enough. She wants the University to take action by developing policies to keep students safe. She also wants UNR to take a stronger stance against white supremacy.

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has also called for University officials to take action. Harris' campaign says the Senator signed an online petition demanding action.

She even released a statement calling white supremacist violence "a real, persistent threat to communities across America".

We asked UNR for comment the protesters' messages and they responded saying:

"The University of Nevada, Reno supports creating space for opinions so that our campus community can consider ideas and make individual choices. We remain committed to establishing an environment that nurtures respectful dialogue and promotes positive inclusiveness of everyone in our community. It is important to note that there have been and continue to be events planned as an effort by students, faculty and staff to bring the campus together. These events provide an opportunity for positive expressions of inclusiveness."
Looks like a lynch mob to me
Looks like a lynch mob to me
Reno protestors.png (522.29 KiB) Viewed 3925 times
In President Mark Johnson's State of the University address, he talked about diversity on campus: <video at website listed above>
Yes, positive inclusiveness and respectful dialogue including slogans like "F*ck White Supremacy," "Run Every Nazi Out," and "UNR Protects Racists" shows how inclusive and respectful they really are. :roll:

Re: Activist Whites at Modesto CA making the news

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:34 am
by Jim Mathias ... n-modesto/
Racist, anti-Semitic flyers posted around religious, community centers in Modesto
Posted 9:08 PM, October 16, 2019, by Joe Khalil, Updated at 10:34PM, October 16, 2019

MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- Hate-filled, racist flyers have been popping up at religious and community centers and events in the Modesto area.

They have prompted concern that the intolerant images and language could turn into something much worse.

Mike Schiefelbein, the pastor at the College Avenue United Church of Christ in Modesto, never thought messages like loving your neighbor could be controversial.

But last Sunday, the anti-Semitic flyers were posted on his church and he believes his messages of tolerance may be why.

“I looked at the flyer and it was horrible,” Rev. Schiefelbein told FOX40. “I don’t know, maybe that message for people who want to spread hatred is kind of a challenge to them.”

One active church member, Lisa Battista, posted the image to social media, condemning its message. She said the image invoked thoughts of churches and synagogues being targeted by violence in recent years.

“That's something that’s been on our minds here,” she said. “We’ve convened a security team here.”

But it was not an isolated incident. Within the last eight weeks, flyers like the ones posted at the church have appeared at a congressman’s town hall event, a local synagogue and at the Central Valley Pride Center.

“The fact that they’re targeting spaces that are meant to be safe, like churches, for example, used to be, you know, that’s a sanctuary,” said Central Valley Pride Director Veronica Ambrose. “They’re just trying to push people back in the closet.”

“We’re all concerned about security,” Rev. Schiefelbein said.

Schiefelbein said he met with local Muslim and Jewish faith leaders Wednesday to discuss a response.

Local Rep. Josh Harder and his Republican challenger, Ted Howze, also condemned the flyers.

“This was a disgusting and cowardly act,” Harder said. “The people who are sneaking this hateful garbage into public places and houses of worship will not divide us. The Central Valley is the proud home to people of all ethnicities and faith traditions and we will stand together against discrimination in whatever form it takes.”

"America soundly defeated similar hate during World War 2, and we must always stand tall against this type of bigotry," Howze said.

One city official said Modesto Police Department was aware of the flyers and are investigating its source.
Video showing flyer at website cited above.

Re: Activist Whites at Coeur d'Alene ID making the news

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:14 pm
by Jim Mathias ... s_downtown
Unidentified couple distributes racist fliers downtown
October 11, 2019 at 10:11 am |

An unidentified couple reportedly distributed racist fliers at a downtown business yesterday.

In a social media group for local merchants, a co-owner of Mountain Madness Soap shared images from security footage that showed a man and a woman placing the fliers underneath display soap dishes.

The post described the pair as a “problem couple” and advised other business owners to check their shelves for similar fliers, which espouse white supremacy.

This is a developing story.
Yes, keep developing it until you know who, what, when, where, why, how and so on until you have a real story. Posting this crap isn't journalism, it's entirely meaningless.

Re: Activist Whites at Charlottesville VA making the news

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:20 am
by Jim Mathias ... ottesville
Stickers and flyers originating from the neo-Nazi hate group Patriot Front were discovered Monday afternoon along Heather Heyer Way........
Full story at link above.

Re: Activist Whites near Albany NY making the news

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:23 am
by Jim Mathias ... tal-region
...the stickers read “America First,” “Better dead than red,” and “revolution is tradition.” These stickers promoted an anti-foreigner, white supremacist, and anti-Semitic agenda with references to communist ideals.

The stickers with racist remarks also included a link to the Patriot Front website. Two young white men were caught on cameras located on Siena’s campus and were said to be the ones responsible for the crime. However, Patriot Front is being investigated further as a collective.
Check out the full account at the link cited above.