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Re: Somebody Salt Lake City has been in the news

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:06 am
by Jim Mathias ... oups-signs ... 76960.html ... age-found/ ... cials-say/

The contents of all these articles and broadcasts are uniformly the same in that there is no "who" as to the author of the banners/stickers/flyers nor is there any "what" as to contents of those same messages. No reader or viewer is trusted to see and judge for themselves, the University of Utah and the Jewed media are marching in lockstep here to censor thoughts they're intolerant of.

Their fear is growing and making them desperate to stop White expression! Diversity of thought isn't their strength.
Perhaps the White recipients on campus are beginning to get what's going on. Activists should double down if they can. They've have succeeded in getting inside their heads! :D

Re: Lots of Somebodies in Michigan have been in the news

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:44 am
by Jim Mathias ... ts-in-2018
Report: Michigan saw a sharp increase in white supremacist incidents in 2018
Posted By Jerilyn Jordan on Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 12:43 pm

It isn't your imagination — under President Trump, the United States has seen a surge in violent extremist activity. A new Anti-Defamation League study reveals Michigan is among the states that has seen an increase in right wing, white supremacist incidents.

The Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism report shows that Michigan saw 69 reported incidents statewide in 2017 and 2018, a sharp increase from the 20 incidents between 2002 and 2016.

It also found an estimated 3,783 extremist and anti-Semitic incidents committed nationally in 2017 and 2018, as well as the highest percentage of right-wing extremist-related killings since 2012. The study also revealed that right-wing extremists killed more people in the U.S. in 2018 than in any year since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, which killed 168 people.

The ADL also released an interactive and customizable map that allows users to search for incidents in specific states, cities, and regions, as well as by year, ideology, and incident type. The latter includes extremist murders, terrorist plots/attacks, extremist police shootouts, white supremacist events, white supremacist propaganda, and anti-Semitic incidents.

The map compiles news and media reports, government documents, police and victim reports, as well as extremist-related sources and investigations conducted by the Center on Extremism.

Of Michigan's 69 incidents, 38 were considered white supremacist propaganda, meaning, the distribution of flyers, stickers, banners, and other materials. An estimated 28 anti-Semitic incidents took place ranging from harassment to vandalism. Three white supremacist events took place over last year, including a clash between neo-nazi Richard Spencer, Antifa, and bystanders during a speech at Michigan State University.

The only extremist murder that took place last year was in Camden and committed by a right wing, anti-government shooter, Joshua Daniel Miller, who killed his ex-wife's partner.

By comparison, New York topped the list with 472 incidents, followed by California (470), Texas (270), and Florida, which reported 197.

The full study, including the map, can be found here.
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It seems that Whites in Michigan are stepping up their activities. Funny how the ADL took an "anti-government shooter" and made him into a "white supremacist." :roll: It makes me wonder how many other lies are in this report. :shock:

Re: Somebody from Roanoke has been in the news

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:01 am
by Jim Mathias ... noke-salem
KKK, white supremacist literature left in Roanoke, Salem
Police in Salem working to determine if this is a hate crime
By Jeff Williamson - Digital Content Manager
Posted: 3:14 PM, January 30, 2019
Updated: 5:49 PM, January 30, 2019

ROANOKE, Va. - People in Roanoke and Salem reported finding white supremacist propaganda literature on Sunday, according to authorities.

In Salem, a man who lives on Chestnut Street reported finding a KKK recruitment flyer in his yard.

The piece of paper was tied to a small container of birdseed to keep it from blowing away.

Police are looking into the complaint, but have not determined if the incident rises to the level of a hate crime.

Salem police say they only received one complaint, so if other flyers were left, they haven't been brought to the department's attention.

In Roanoke, on Sunday, just before noon, police responded to the 3000 block of Swarthmore Avenue Northwest.

Officers arrived to find multiple pieces of literature in front of homes in the neighborhood. The literature appears to have originated from a white supremacy group. (Who? What literature? ed.)

The literature is part of an ongoing investigation involving other local jurisdictions, according to the Roanoke Police Department.

The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force were both notified and provided with the materials found.
Ooh, "terrorism." This looks like the beginning of a witch hunt, and the local "authorities" have the stakes and piles of firewood being readied.

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Re: Somebody from Champaign has been in the news

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:45 am
by Jim Mathias
White-nationalist group's flyers pop up again in downtown Champaign
Wed, 01/30/2019 - 7:00am | Ben Zigterman

CHAMPAIGN — A white-nationalist group posted flyers on lampposts in downtown Champaign, the second time the group has done so in the area in recent months.

The flyers were from an organization called Patriot Front, considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

The group posted pictures of three flyers on its Twitter account this weekend. Two of them had been removed by Tuesday afternoon.

University of Illinois freshman Michael Johnson said he had been planning to remove the signs, but hadn't yet because of the cold weather.

"This was their big national weekend of action," he said. "There have been posters and flyers and banner drops all around the country."

He helped remove the group's stickers in October, when more than 200 were posted around campus.

The UI's Facilities and Services staff removed about 60 of those stickers that violated campus rules by being posted on stop signs and street signs.

Johnson is concerned the flyers mean there's a local contingent of the group.

"That's sort of my fear," Johnson said. "They're organized enough to do this in the dead of winter."

Watchdog groups say Patriot Front is a splinter group of Vanguard America, a self-proclaimed fascist group that supported white nationalism but disbanded after the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year, where one protester was killed.

One of the group's flyers has an anti-immigrant message, and another espouses the group's view that European-Americans conquered America and the country belongs to their descendants.

Kris Koester, spokesman for the Champaign Public Works Department, said light poles "are a combination of responsibilities."

But he said, "if our staff saw them, they would probably take them down. We don't allow postings of any particular messaging."

Besides the posts from Patriot Front, two swastikas have also been found recently on campus; one in November painted in a basement tunnel and another in December drawn on a wall in a bathroom.
Fear seeing stickers being placed in the dead of winter? Fear Whites who organize and use their power to speak and encourage others to speak up? What kind of man fears free speech?

Re: Somebody from Astoria OR has been in the news

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:49 am
by Jim Mathias ... 26299.html
Man behind KKK flyers in Astoria comes forward
Police are concerned for his safety
By Edward Stratton, The Daily Astorian Jan 26, 2019

A Washington state man who says he is responsible for posting Ku Klux Klan flyers in downtown Astoria told police he does not have official ties to the klan but wanted to attract politically like-minded people.

Astoria police have declined to publicly name the man because of safety concerns. He told police he received threats after he was identified through social media.

Flyers pasted on the sides of buildings this month depicted a klansman in full regalia and the message, “The KKK Wants You!” Along the bottom were pull tabs with a hyperlink to a server page on Discord, an anonymous voice and text chat website and mobile application.

< Ku Klux Klan flyer at site listed above>
Flyers with the message ‘The KKK Wants You!’ were found around downtown Astoria this month.

The content of the flyers is protected as free speech. But posting flyers without the permission of property owners is a violation of a city ordinance. The issue will be forwarded to City Attorney Blair Henningsgaard for review. The violation comes with a fine of up to $1,000.

“The individual advised that he does not have any official ties to the Ku Klux Klan and only intended to seek politically like-minded people to engage in discussion and discourse,” Astoria Deputy Police Chief Eric Halverson said in a news release. “As a result of the postings, the individual reported that he has received threats, and others acquainted with him including family members have been contacted and threatened.”

Halverson also pointed out “that threats of violence against individuals do not constitute freedom of speech and may constitute criminal conduct. Astoria Police Department has made contact with the law enforcement agency where the individual lives because of threats and related safety concerns for the individual.

“The Astoria Police Department takes all threats and potential threats of violence and hate crimes very seriously and will commit appropriate resources to identify responsible individuals and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

Re: Somebody from Colorado Springs has been in the news

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:42 am
by Jim Mathias ... s-downtown
White supremacist posters found on Indy distribution boxes downtown

UPDATE: We asked Lieutenant Howard Black, public information officer for CSPD, whether the department has documented any other white supremacist activity in downtown Colorado Springs, including Identity Evropa stickers and posters. He said via email:

"Generally, when these stickers are located, we may or may not be advised – mostly not. We are aware of these stickers at other locations throughout the city. There has NOT been any other white supremacist activity of note in downtown or other parts of the city for quite some time (last summer – graffiti on synagogue). The stickers have been popping up all over the city over the past year, this is true of most of the country as well."

——-ORIGINAL POST: Jan. 31, 10:12 A.M.——-

In August of 2018, we reported that a swastika had been found spray-painted on a trail in Briargate — an area of town that has seen previous white supremacist activity. The group Identity Evropa, identified as a white supremacist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been placing stickers on light poles in the 80920 area code for months, at least since July of 2018. Now, they’ve extended their reach downtown.

Two of the Independent’s condo boxes — the sidewalk-adjacent boxes with clear windows where we display and distribute our weekly paper — were pasted over by Identity Evropa posters. The vandal used wheatpaste which, according to Tim Archer, public space manager of the Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, is nearly impossible to remove entirely.

As we reported in August, The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Identity Evropa, formed in 2016 by Iraq war veteran Nathan Damigo, typically targets young people on college campuses with their “self-aware and eminently meme-able aesthetics.” It’s especially worrying, then, that these posters have shown up so close to Colorado College.

The posters were discovered in Acacia Park and on Kiowa Street by Independent distribution driver and occasional contributor Nico Wilkinson, who immediately notified our distribution manager, Tim Kranz. Kranz says something like this may have happened before his time with the Indy, as traces of wheatpaste have been found on plenty of the Indy’s condo boxes, but this is the first he has heard of white supremacist propaganda specifically obscuring the boxes.

Thankfully, by the time Kranz notified the Downtown Partnership the morning of Jan. 31, Tim Archer was already in the process of removing the offending posters.

Laurel Prud’Homme, the Downtown Partnership’s Vice President of Communications, says it is policy to remove any posters. “The posting of any kind of flyers,” she says, “regardless of subject matter, is not allowed in the downtown core on light posts, condo boxes, trash cans, green corner bins, utility poles, etc. So our policy is that when any kind of a flyer is posted, we remove it.”

She adds that she has not heard of white supremacist activity in the area, but that such reports would likely not reach them as they would be directed toward the Colorado Springs Police Department.

We reached out to CSPD to see if they have documented any other white supremacist activity downtown, and we will update this space if and when we hear more.

Re: Somebody at American University has been in the news

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:50 am
by Jim Mathias ... 8c4807c5d7
American University investigating sighting of person on campus in Confederate flag hoodie

By Debbie Truong February 1
Officials at American University are investigating the sighting of a man wearing a Confederate flag hoodie in a campus dining hall Thursday night.

“We recognize that the Confederate flag feels threatening to members of our community,” Fanta Aw, vice president of campus life, said in an email to the campus. “As a university that values inclusion, freedom of expression and a culture of openness, we recognize that resolving the tensions that can arise between these issues is challenging.”

Aw said the university would release information as it continued to investigate the matter. A university spokesman could not respond Friday to specific questions, including if the person spotted in the Terrace Dining Room was thought to be a student or otherwise connected with the private university in Northwest Washington.

A campus police officer talked to the man, who ate in the dining hall, after students “expressed concern about his presence.” The man later left, according to the university.

Aw tweeted that the university understands “how this is impacting some in our community.”

It is not the first time Confederate imagery has sparked concern at the university, which has encountered racist episodes in recent years.

[Confederate flag posters, with cotton attached, found at American University]

In 2017, chunks of cotton were attached to Confederate flag posters and affixed to university walls. They were discovered the same night AU held a presentation introducing an initiative intended to work on issues involving racial inequality.

Earlier that year, bananas were hung from string “in the shape of nooses” and marked with “AKA,” the letters of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, whose membership is predominantly black. University police investigated the incident as a hate crime, but a suspect was never identified.

This story has been updated with new developments.

[After bananas and nooses on campus, here’s how a student body president copes]
I sense a lot of "tolerance" and "inclusion" by the students, faculty, administration (and their cops) towards those not like them at AU. :roll:

Re: Somebody from Moorestown has been in the news

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:06 am
by Jim Mathias ... 628b2861a6
Hate group fliers spark upset
On Sunday morning, hate group fliers were randomly thrown in driveways throughout the center section of town.

Kelly Flynn

On a recent Sunday morning, Andrea VanVreede was going home after dropping her daughter off at a friend’s house when she began to wonder why some of her neighbors had bags of corn in their driveways. When she arrived home, she saw one sitting in her driveway and was shocked to see the plastic bag of corn also contained a message from the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

“I picked it up and read it, and my initial reaction was complete and utter anger. I was very angry and upset,” VanVreede said.

VanVreede called the police, who came to her home and confirmed others had received the flier as well. Moorestown Police Chief Lee Lieber said they were informed fliers were randomly thrown in driveways throughout the center section of town that morning.

Lieber said detectives are processing the evidence and treating this as a bias incident. He said the department has been in contact with the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office and has broadcast the incident state-wide to see if there have been similar incidents in the area as they investigate the situation.

“We understand everyone has a right to free speech, but driving through neighborhoods and throwing these fliers on people’s lawns is cowardly,” Lieber said.

The message on the fliers read: “Proberbs (sic) 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” The paper also included a phone number and email address to contact the Confederate Knights of the KKK.

VanVreede said she hopes the police can find out who is responsible. She said she’s hopeful Moorestown can use this as an opportunity to show others Moorestown is not a place that tolerates hate.

Crystal Charley, president of the Southern Burlington County NAACP, said the incident is a sobering reminder of the bigotry, division and intolerance that still exist.

“It is just a very sad time in our nation, and now as evidenced in our own backyard, that the persistence of racism is still rearing its ugly head in 2019. There is much work to be done for a more unified society,” Charley said.

Moorestown Mayor Lisa Petriello expressed similar disappointment, saying even though it is 2019, there is still a long way to go in stamping out intolerance in Moorestown and other communities.

“We’re an inclusive, kind community; I would just encourage all of us to remain united in promoting that kind of community,” Petriello said.

In an effort to counteract the hateful message promoted on the fliers, local civic group MooreUnity is organizing a Moore Greet & Eat series of potluck dinners to encourage people to meet other members of the community and broaden their friendships.

MooreUnity was formed partly in reaction to a 2017 incident when KKK fliers were distributed in the neighboring town of Cinnaminson. Karen Reiner, one of MooreUnity’s founders, said when she saw this had happened again, she wanted to find a way to counterbalance that kind of hateful thinking with action that is pleasant, loving and kind.

“Our organization’s mission is to build bridges across divides in our community,” Reiner said. “We do that by celebrating diversity and facilitating unity.”

Since putting the word out about the series on Facebook, Reiner has already been contacted by 10 people who have offered to host a potluck. She said they’re still in the planning stages, and they’re working on an online sign-up mechanism for hosts and guests.

“I really think the more we get to know our neighbors and our community members — especially if we get to meet people who are different than us, whether it be ethnicity or immigrants status — the closer we can get to one another,” Reiner said.
Wasting police resources on a non-crime, methinks some Jews are pressuring the local "authorities" to harass White activists.

Re: Somebody from Carlisle PA has been in the news

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:12 am
by Jim Mathias ... df8c4.html
Carlisle Police investigate Ku Klux Klan fliers distributed in Carlisle
The Sentinel 15 hrs ago {3 February 2019}

Carlisle Police said they are investigating malicious unsolicited fliers distributed in the borough Saturday.

The police department tweeted out a request for information and tips Saturday evening.

Carlisle PD
Carlisle Police were made aware of malicious /unsolicited flyers being passed out today. We are attempting to identify those responsible but have received very little info. Anyone with helpful info please contact Carlisle Police at 717-243-5252 or our crimewatch tip line.

4:25 PM - Feb 2, 2019
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Carlisle police Sgt. Joshua Bucher told PennLive the fliers were printed with Ku Klux Klan “rhetoric.” Bucher said police recovered two fliers and both were found in the area of West South and Glendale streets.

Carlisle Borough Councilman Sean Crampsie identified the fliers as "hate filled racist/anti-Semitic flyer" distributed "by the KKK."

Sean Crampsie
(1/3) I have been made aware of a hate filled racist/anti-Semitic flyer that was distributed in our Carlisle community by the KKK. Let me be absolutely clear - hate has no place in our community and it is my hope that our local law enforcement will be able to catch those

6:34 PM - Feb 2, 2019 · Carlisle, PA
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Sean Crampsie
(2/2) responsible for these disgusting acts. It appears there has been a trend since the 2016 election in these type of bold hate filled actions. The modern day cowards who hide behind white hoods will not intimidate us or stop us from making our community one of

6:35 PM - Feb 2, 2019 · Carlisle, PA
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Sean Crampsie
(3/3) love and acceptance. Despite their best efforts we will continue to move forward each day and show by our words and actions that no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, no matter who you worship, and no matter who you love you are welcome in #CarlislePA

6:35 PM - Feb 2, 2019 · Carlisle, PA
If no matter who the White activists are they're welcome in Carlisle PA, then why sic the cops on them for legal Free Speech activities?

Re: Somebody from Jacksonville FL has been in the news

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:17 am
by Jim Mathias ... 8246286ee4
Police investigating reports of KKK flyers found in Jacksonville neighborhoods

<video embedded at website>

Many people living in Murray Hill woke up to Ku Klux Klan fliers in their driveways Monday morning.
Published: 12:00 AM EST January 22, 2019