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Re: Somebody from Missoula MT has been in the news

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:02 pm
by Jim Mathias
Calling out hypocrisy
Calling out hypocrisy
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Montana Human Rights Network sees hostility in Missoula fliers; some disagree

While much could be interpreted from the fliers left on doorsteps in the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys based on comments posted to social media, the Montana Human Rights network sees hostility toward the Jewish community, immigrants and men of color.

The Missoula Police Department on Wednesday confirmed that it had been notified that fliers depicting three tattooed Hispanic men below a fortified wall and the words “Why is the Israel border wall ‘moral’” had been left on the doorsteps of area homes.

Residents in the Lolo area reported the same.

The Montana Human Rights Network said it too received reports, and it labeled the fliers as hate material promoting hostility.

“This material is a stark reminder that anti-Semitism and xenophobia are collaborators in the current white nationalist agenda,” said Rachel Carroll Rivas, co-director of the Montana Human Right’s Network.

“When white nationalism threatens our communities, we must call it out, condemn it, and offer support to those targeted,” she added. “Collectively, we must say, ‘White nationalism is not a community value.’”

Rivas believes the fliers attempt to make a point on the debate over a wall on the southern U.S. border. The wall conjures strong opinions from both sides and has led to the longest government shutdown in American history.

But Rivas believes the wall has been used to vilify immigrants, and she blamed the Trump administration for holding the government hostage while refusing to negotiate a solution. One Montana legislator is looking to offer $8 million in state taxpayer money to help fund the wall.

The Montana Human Rights Network on Thursday said it would sponsor a sign-on letter in response to the fliers.

“The letter calls on Montanans to stand with friends and neighbors who are Jewish, people of color, and/or immigrants in condemning white nationalism’s attempt to divide our communities,” the network said. “It also calls on the leadership of the Montana Legislature to make it clear that white nationalism in its various forms is not welcome in the state.”

Comments posted to social media have been sharply divided.

“It is always sad and disturbing when a group of people are stereotyped into one negative image,” one reader wrote of the fliers. “These pictures are attempting to stereotype all people from below our southern border as gang members. Putting any group in a box and stereotyping them is always wrong and produces hateful attitudes.”

Calling the fliers “hate speech” was a stretch, said another, while one reader said the fliers were little more than a “racist-inspired dog whistle for white nationalism.”

Another defended them as free speech.

“We should be happy that free speech is alive and well!” one reader said. “It took a revolution for the US to secure that right.”

The Missoula Police Department said the fliers alone don’t constitute a hate crime, though their method of distribution has raised concerns. Doorbell surveillance caught a hooded individual dressed in black placing the fliers on private property in the dark hours of early morning.

“If we start getting reports or people complaining that they’re coming on their property and depositing these things, we’d try to follow any leads to identify who might be responsible, not so much for the content of the flier, but for the affront that it causes and them going onto property where they’re not necessary invited,” Sgt. Travis Welsh said Wednesday afternoon.
More selective enforcement of laws being contemplated here. At least Montana has people with a sense of ideals as noted in the "We should be happy that free speech is alive and well!" comment.

Re: Somebody from Gainesville has been in the news

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:16 am
by Jim Mathias ... -driveways
Hate flyers found in county residents’ driveways

By Sarah Nelson / Staff writer
Posted Jan 21, 2019 at 1:42 PM
Updated Jan 21, 2019 at 5:56 PM

Sheriff’s deputies were investigating the reports Monday.

A handful of Gainesville area residents say they awoke Monday to hateful flyers in their driveways.

The notes were found in zipped bags, accompanied by peppermints or loose change to weigh them down.

The letters purport to be penned by “Loyal White Knights KKK” and take aim at civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday Monday was a national holiday. Another letter in the packet complains about the cost of illegal immigration, with a headline that reads “The Cost of the Jew’s (sic) Open Border Policy.”

The Alachua County sheriff’s deputies investigated the notes, which were mainly distributed in a few neighborhoods near Santa Fe College, but not targeted to any specific group.

Lt. Brett Rhodenizer said the letters are protected free speech, however unsavory the message.

“There’s nothing in the content of the notes that constitutes a crime, as is,” he said.

He added that the content of the notes could be considered a hate crime in the future should other crimes occur.

Mick Marino, who lives on Northwest 23rd Avenue, said his wife Suzy went out to retrieve their copy of The Sun when she came back inside with the letter and tears in her eyes.

“I just put it down right away,” he said. “It’s a hate message.”

The Marinos reported the incident to the sheriff’s office. Mick said his neighbor went around the neighborhood to pick up the letters, and estimated there were about 15 of them.

“I have never, in the 45 years I’ve lived here, ever been confronted with this type of thing,” he said. “It’s very, very alarming and upsetting.”

Geraldine Nichols reported a similar packet in her driveway after her husband found the note around 8:30 a.m. Nichols said the other two driveways in her Northwest 63rd Terrace neighborhood had baggies as well.

Another resident of Northwest 59th Terrace said her daughter left their house around 11 a.m. and returned a couple hours later to find a note on their driveway.

Rhodenizer said sheriff’s officials don’t know how many letters were distributed because not every letter was reported. He added that anyone who has received a note can simply throw it away.

The Loyal White Knights is the largest and most active group in the KKK, according to the Anti-Defamation League website. The group is based in Pelham, North Carolina.

Published reports have noted that the Klan have used the candy bag flyers to try to remind people of their existence. But the ADL says the message from the flyers, that the KKK is a growing and powerful entity, are false. The group has actually decreased in size.

By distributing flyers, the KKK intends to stir up enough controversy and publicity to draw interest, or, at the least, spread its message.

The ADL maintains a list of some 70 such similar candy-bag incidents nationwide in 2014, including drops in Union and Volusia counties.

There are a number of similar reports from the past couple years, including Texas and Virginia in 2017 and New York in 2018.
Grow a pair, Mick. They're just flyers. Better yet, retrieve them from your "wife."

Tears in Suzy's eyes? Oh. My. Gawd! :roll: I can see the Gainesville Sun has exposed the presence of some degenerate Whites unworthy of our race.

Re: Somebody has been in the news

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:24 am
by White Man 1
“If we start getting reports or people complaining that they’re coming on their property and depositing these things, we’d try to follow any leads to identify who might be responsible, not so much for the content of the flier, but for the affront that it causes and them going onto property where they’re not necessary invited,” Sgt. Travis Welsh said Wednesday afternoon.
Flyer distribution allows an activist to put the flyer either on the front stoop or between a storm door, that it may not blow away in the wind, a right secured by the first amendment. Don't let the Jehovah's Witnesses have all the fun!

Re: Somebody has been in the news

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:22 am
by Jim Mathias
White Man 1 wrote:
“If we start getting reports or people complaining that they’re coming on their property and depositing these things, we’d try to follow any leads to identify who might be responsible, not so much for the content of the flier, but for the affront that it causes and them going onto property where they’re not necessary invited,” Sgt. Travis Welsh said Wednesday afternoon.
Flyer distribution allows an activist to put the flyer either on the front stoop or between a storm door, that it may not blow away in the wind, a right secured by the first amendment. Don't let the Jehovah's Witnesses have all the fun!
That quote above, where the cops want to police "affronts," seems like typical cop thinking around America these days. No crime is being investigated here, but "wrong thinking" is. Hmm!

Too many cops don't know anything about the first amendment, but do know who signs their paychecks. Their political masters in turn take their cues from the Jewish media---and a noisy Jewish fifth column infesting the nearby community. That the Jewish ADL sends cops to Israel "for training" should tell you something too. I believe this is what weights their decisions to harass activists, after all, who sends them to constitution school these days?

In any event, stories like this are a reminder that each and every one of us must strive for governmental power by building up our media and educational institutions as a beginning. Preferably on a daily basis. It's what Higher Man would do!

Re: Somebody from Olympia has been in the news

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:29 am
by Jim Mathias ... activists/
White nationalists target Olympia public figures
Patriot Front targets flyers at mayor, Puget Sound activists
By Marta Tahja-Syrett

During the first week of 2019, white nationalist group Patriot Front littered the Puget Sound with flyers.

Olympia mayor Sheryl Selby was one of the South Capitol residents who received a leaflet outside their home, and she describes her initial reaction to the incident as one filled with both dismay and hope. “It took me kind of back to when Trump first got elected and our community really rose up and decided to just make some really powerful statements around compassion and diversity and against hate,” Selby said.

The flyers referenced a right-wing slogan, “Better Dead than Red,” below an image of an arrow shooting through a sickle and hammer. As described in reporting by the Olympian, these flyers were secured in plastic bags and weighed down by rocks, awaiting discovery outside of residential homes.

The Anti-Defamation League describes Patriot Front as “American fascists or American nationalists who are focused on preserving America’s identity as a European-American identity. The leaflets were spread throughout Olympia’s South Capitol neighborhood and in Tacoma, Bellevue, Edmonds, Redmond, Kirkland, and West Seattle.

In response to the campaign, the YWCA of Olympia posted a statement on their Facebook page condemning Patriot Front’s actions. Also in response, Olympia’s Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) organized an event they titled “Olympia Says NO to White Nationalism,” a canvassing event aimed at opening up the dialogue surrounding local acts of bigotry.

The Tacoma City Council responded to the leaflet distribution in Resolution No. 40206.“The City Council shares the concerns community members have raised in the aftermath of this disturbing incident, and WHEREAS the City is an inclusive, international city that is far tougher than those who would seek to divide it.”

South Capitol is a unique district of Olympia due to the fact that it has strong ties to the political sector of Washington. After reviewing public records The Seattle Times found that almost one-third of all houses in this area belong to lobbyists, who work to impact legislative decisions.

The neighborhood’s voting trends may provide additional information in connection with their selection for flyer distribution, as the district (Legislative District 22) is known for its association with the Democratic party. During the 2018 midterms, the majority (nearly 70% in both races) of the district voted for Democrats. West Seattle districts—another location targeted by Patriot Front during the same time period—are also overwhelmingly Democratic. 84.74% of Congressional District 7 voted for a Democratic U.S. representative, while the race for senator in Legislative District 34 was composed solely of Democratic candidates.

The mayor of Olympia, Cheryl Selby, agrees with the idea that South Capitol was politically targeted.

Selby said Olympia’s progressive image has an effect on the city’s susceptibility to incidents such as the flyers.“We’re known for all of this compassion for folks that have different beliefs and different orientations, and I mean it’s one of the nice things about this community but I think it makes us a target, too sometimes.”

Patriot Front’s presence in Olympia is certainly not the first time hate groups have visited the city and surrounding areas. Selby recalls when the Westboro Baptist Church protested at Olympia High School in 2012, to showcase their opposition to the proposal of marriage equality. A more recent example of hate groups in Thurston county occurred in March 2018 when an unknown arsonist burned Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls in Tumwater and Olympia. “The arsons that have happened at those facilities are people trying to instill fear,” said Mayor Selby.

Selby voiced concerns regarding the federal government’s lack of hate group monitoring in recent years. She recalled how the Oklahoma City bombing elevated the stature of white supremacist groups and other hate groups within the United States.

The government’s waning hate group investigation is addressed within a ProPublica article from 2017 which states that “some government insiders say the intelligence services and federal law enforcement agencies have largely shifted their attention away from far-right threats in the years since 9/11, choosing instead to focus heavily on Islamic radicals, who are seen by [conservatives] to pose a more immediate danger.”

Selby argues that the proper response is to not “engage with the rhetoric that they’re espousing.”

“Keep the mindfulness around what they’re doing because you run the risk if you don’t pay attention that you’ll miss them becoming more powerful in your community,” said Selby.

In an article published by the Harvard Gazette, Associate Professor Bart Bonikowski said, “With white supremacists and other extremist movements, much like with radical terrorism of all forms, one of the primary objectives is media attention.” He says that this causes a dilemma, as ignoring these groups completely in the media just leads to a lack of documentation and consequence. As Selby said, “Seek out ways to engage with more diverse parts of our community, to build those relationships, put that energy there.”
That is to say, ignore the concerns of organized Whites and build relationships with non-Whites and other degenerates. Thank you, Mayor Selby, for expressing who you really care about and who you don't.

Re: Somebody from Bedford NY has been in the news

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:35 am
by Jim Mathias ... rd/747248/
Police On Alert After Discovery Of New White Supremacist Flyers In Bedford
Zak Failla

Police and local law enforcement agencies in Northern Westchester are on high alert as a white supremacist group continues posting rhetoric in the area.

Identity Evropa first made news in Westchester in July last year, when recruitment posters were hung in Croton-on-Hudson, including several near the Croton-Harmon High School and area middle schools. In November, they were back, posting stickers outside a post office in Montrose, near the popular Montrose Deli.

The white supremacy group made its first showing of the New Year this week, posting stickers on signs in Katonah, pinning a flier on a “local community board” and putting a poster reading “Identity Evropa European Roots American Greatness” at the Katonah Metro-North station. The stickers and posters have since been removed.

In response, Town of Bedford Supervisor Chris Burdick said he and the town board are working with county officials to fight the “hideous and despicable,” Identity Evropa.

“We, too, have been alerted to the postings of Identity Evropa,” he said. “This white supremacist hate group is hideous and despicable. We have been coordinating our response with our County Legislator Kitley Covill who has alerted the Westchester County Human Rights Commission and is issuing her own statement in response.

“Our police department is on alert to ensure that their provocative postings do not lead to disruption or violence. The Town Board unites with Legislator Covill and so many others who abhor and denounce the group’s message of hate. We reject it and know in our hearts that our community rejects it. It has no home here.”

According to Identity Evropa, they are “an American Identitarian organization. As such, our main objective is to create a better world for people of European heritage – particularly in America – by peacefully effecting cultural change. Identity Evropa is thus an explicitly non-violent organization.

“As Identitarians, we believe that identity matters, inequality is a fact of life, and ethnic diversity, as demonstrated by substantial historical and sociological evidence, is an impediment to societal harmony. Unfortunately, the fetishization of diversity has resulted in a paradigm wherein ‘less White people’ – in academia, employment, and countries overall – is accepted as a moral imperative.

"We categorically reject this ‘progressive’ morality and instead demand that we, people of European heritage, retain demographic supermajorities in our homelands.”

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Fighting the hideous and despicable Identity Evropa, eh? That's some fairly violent rhetoric, I'd say!

Re: Somebody from West Hamilton Ontario has been in the news

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:16 am
by Jim Mathias ... -hamilton/

January 16, 2019 12:21 pm
Alt-right posters plastered on transit shelters in West Hamilton
By Paul Tipple
News Anchor 900 CHML

New posters being plastered on numerous bus shelters in West Hamilton and Dundas are being called the latest example of the “hard right” on the rise in Canada.

That’s the word from Bernie Farber, the chairman of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

The posters read, “Defend Canada, Join the fight.” They are sponsored by a group called ID Canada.

The group’s website says “ID Canada was created as a response to Canada’s decaying identity, increased third-world immigration and the prevalence of anti-European sentiments in this country.”

It says, “Canada was never meant to be a melting pot of third-world migration. Diversity is in fact, our greatest weakness.”

Farber says, “Let nobody be fooled, this is a white nationalist group and their rhetoric alone should be enough to warn everybody.

“It’s all part of the fear-mongering that has been stoked by Donald Trump as president of the United States and it’s spilling into Canada,” says Farber.

He says Trump has given “a breath of fresh air to white supremacists and neo-Nazis” that can lead to “hardcore violent extremists.”

READ MORE: Canada is facing a growing threat from right-wing white supremacists and neo-Nazis: minister

Canada’s minister for public safety says extreme groups such as white supremacists and neo-Nazis are an increasing concern and threat.

Ralph Goodale says the groups promote hate, which manifests itself in violent anti-Semitism or in other crimes.

Speaking in Regina, Goodale used the van attack along Yonge Street in Toronto last year in which 10 people died as an example.

He also cited the six people who were murdered inside a Quebec City mosque in 2017 because they were at prayer.

Goodale says these evil deeds were inspired by what the perpetrators saw on the internet.

He says the federal government is working with internet providers to eliminate problem content.

Goodale says internet providers have an obligation to make sure they don’t provide a platform for spreading fear and hate.
Where there's anti-White propaganda, there's usually a Jew at the diseased heart of it for presstitutes to quote. Once again, this is the case here.

Re: Somebody from Pittsburgh has been in the news

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:23 am
by Jim Mathias ... /911167448
FBI: 10 hate-related incidents in Lawrenceville in past six months
Updated: Jan 28, 2019 - 11:27 PM

PITTSBURGH - The Federal Bureau of Investigation and concerned residents met Monday night to talk about messages of hate popping up in one of Pittsburgh's most popular neighborhoods.

According to the FBI, there have been 10 hate-related incidents in Lawrenceville in the past six months, things like flyers advertising hate groups and incidents of vandalism.

The meeting was packed with people from all over the Pittsburgh area, concerned about the increase in hate speech and incidents.

Several people reported seeing hateful flyers posted on telephone poles.

"I’m really afraid things are going to get worse," said Gladys Gines who has lived in Pittsburgh for the last nine years. "I saw my Puerto Rican flag on the floor and was full of feces and my porch full of feces and feces thrown next to the wall of my house. I was really upset, that flag was from my father. He’s a soldier."

Lawrenceville United co-hosted the meeting with the FBI, where they were briefed on the increase of white supremacy activity in the city.

Hear more from the FBI's special agent in charge.

“That’s an increase in one community that gives us the idea that we need to increase our community outreach in places like Lawrenceville," said Robert Jones, FBI special agent in charge. "That way the public is aware and can recognize those signs and report them to us.”

The FBI also informed the community of the difference between hate crimes and free speech and how every sign of hate needs to be reported. At this point, the FBI doesn't know who spread the flyers in Lawrenceville.

On a national level, the FBI said this is the most white supremacy they have seen since the 1990's.
The country's Secret Police are getting involved in fliers and posters being distributed? Who is pressuring them into tracking legal activity?

Re: Somebody from Somers NY has been in the news

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:44 pm
by Jim Mathias ... rs-katonah
White Nationalist Posters Show Up in Somers, Katonah
January 23, 2019 at 12:35 PM

Posters from White Nationalist organization Identity Evropa have been spotted in Somers and Katonah in recent weeks.

In Somers, posters near the traffic light by the Baldwin Place shopping center read "Is diversity really our strength?"

The Anti-Defamation League categorizes Identity Evropa as a white supremacist group and a hate group.

On its website, Identity Evropa counters that claim saying "We are not supremacists because we do not believe that White people should rule over non-White people. Rather, we are ethno-pluralists: We believe that all ethnic and racial groups should have somewhere in the world to call home – a place wherein they can fully express themselves and enjoy self-determination."

The Daily Voice reported spotting Identity Evropa stickers and posters in Katonah on community boards and at the Katonah Metro-North station.
It seems as though Identity Evropa are making the ADL look like they smear White people, to judge by this article. Oh wait, they didn't need any help there. Smart Whites already know. ;)

Re: Somebody from Toronto has been in the news

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:49 pm
by Jim Mathias ... ound-utsg/
White nationalist posters found around UTSG
White nationalist group Students for Western Civilization advocates against “multiculturalism” in poster campaign

By Andy Takagi

Published: 8:53 pm, 21 January 2019

Modified: 10:17 pm, 23 January 2019

Posters that read “If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing” were found along St. George Street and Bloor Street on Monday night, in promotion of a group called “Students for Western Civilization” (SWC). SWC is a white nationalist group that was founded on claims that universities have fostered “extreme antagonism and hostility towards white people.”

According to a blog post on the group’s website about the campaign’s intent, “Multiculturalism and a Canadian National Identity are mutually exclusive.”

The post then goes on to argue against multiculturalism and calls for “European-Canadians” to “enlist” with SWC.

A similar poster campaign from SWC occurred in 2015, advertising a “White Students’ Union,” and again in 2017 at UTM.

According to the SWC website, one of the organization’s goals is to “organize for and advance the interests of European peoples.”

The front page of the group’s website links to a video from white nationalist Faith Goldy’s YouTube channel and a tweet from its Twitter feed reads, “Terms like ‘Racist’ and ‘White supremacist’ are weapons of oppression.”

In response to the presence of the posters on campus, University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) President Anne Boucher wrote to The Varsity, “Being Canadian is not defined by whiteness. Being Canadian is defined by our shared values, traditions, and our embrace of multiculturalism.”

Boucher also questioned SWC’s intentions, calling its actions “malicious and unCanadian [sic],” and encourages students who feel unsafe to reach out to the university’s Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office.

UTSU Vice-President, University Affairs Joshua Grondin echoed Boucher’s sentiments, writing that the union condemns “racism, xenophobia, and white supremacy.”

“Unless you are Indigenous, you came to this country as a settler or an immigrant. If you are not Indigenous, it is hypocritical to condemn multiculturalism in Canada,” Grondin said. “Toronto is a place where people from all countries call home.”
Comments are allowed, but, sadly, only if you're a fakebook account holder.

Nice looking poster.