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National Alliance fliers pop up in Quad Cities

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Will Williams

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National Alliance fliers pop up in Quad Cities

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 5:06 pm

Racially-charged fliers popping
up in Davenport neighborhoods


DAVENPORT-- Hate speech, in the form of fliers, is popping up in Davenport neighborhoods and parking lots. And one local group is taking a stand.

Mom Jacenia Snyder and her little boy Collin take a playground breather to learn how to tie shoes.

After Collin runs off to play, mom learns something far more troubling than untied laces.

"Kind of like stuff you see on the news, but you don't ever really think it would happen about here," says Snyder.

It was just last weekend when the fliers started showing up on drivers' windshields.

The title reading, 'missing: a future for white children'. The fliers condemn things like 'racial mixing'. Another flier appearing from the same source says the group believes things like 'no multi racial society is a healthy society' adding 'the time to begin is now'.

The group responsible for the fliers is the National Alliance, a white supremacist group that's been around the country since the 1970s.

QC Rabbi Henry Karp won't stand for this message, but he recognizes it is free speech.

"With this flier, there is no question that hate is here in our community," says Rabbi Karp.

He's spreading a message for people to stand up and act before the racial tensions escalate.

"Let the person know who is saying these cruel things, no, that you don't share those views, and you find their views to be obnoxious and hateful," says Rabbi Karp.

Meanwhile, Snyder preaches love and respect instead.

"We're all people, we're all human. We all make the same mistakes. We might have different places we come from, different beliefs, but that doesn't mean we can't coexist," says Snyder.

It's a message this mom hopes her son never forgets.

"I hope he definitely keeps that as he gets older," says Snyder.

The local group One Human Love QCA is holding a "No Hate" rally directly in response to the fliers next Wednesday. It will start at 12:15 at Davenport's Vander Veer Park. Everyone is invited.

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White Man 1

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Re: National Alliance fliers pop up in Quad Cities

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 5:38 pm

Rabbi Jewboy wrote:OY VEY it's annuda shoah! Shut it down before the goyim know!

Jim Mathias

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Re: National Alliance fliers pop up in Quad Cities

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 11:36 pm

Great story, let's hope other communities get to report the same thing.


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How exploiters keep people from hearing the truth.

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 11:45 pm

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth Wadas' anti-white article at Her article is full of lies and hate speech, the very things of which she falsely accuses the authors of the NA pamphlets. It is a good example of how dishonest and corrupt Jews have caused our mass media to be.

Why have our Jewish exploiters and other criminals always accused their innocent victims of being the criminals? E.g., Jews falsely accused the ancient Egyptians of enslaving them even though the contrary was true. The highly mobile Semitic herdsmen easily enslaved and terrorized the farm bound Egyptians into submission. The Germans were accused of holocausting the Jews even though it was the Jews who holocausted Europeans by manipulating them into fighting each other during both World Wars.

False accusations are a form of terrorism. Jewish propaganda is effective because it intimidates people, in order to keep them from telling and hearing the truth. Ordinary citizens and politicians do not want to be maligned by the powerful Jews who own the media.

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