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Re: Commenting on TOO site

Post by Will Williams » Fri Jul 07, 2023 12:04 pm

It has been a couple of weeks since I checked in at TOO, but just caught this article there by mainstream conservative writer and personality, former Trumpster, Ann Coulter ... -legacies/

Will Williams says:
July 7, 2023
[Ms. Coulter:]
If Harvard didn’t discriminate on the basis of race, instead of a student body that is about 43% White, 19% Asian, 11% Black and 10% Hispanic, it would be 43% Asian, 38% White, 0.7% Black, and 2.4% Hispanic, a 2013 study by the university found…

Good try, Ann, honey. You know what they say about liars using statistics. This study is ten years old and doesn’t mention Jews. Though you don’t use the “J”-word, you at least mention Jared Kushner who was obviously counted among Harvard’s “White” students when he graduated in 2003.

Jews don’t count the Jareds and his Jew classmates as White:

Undergraduate Enrollment
700 Jewish Students (9.9%*) of 7,095 Students *Percent of population

Graduate Enrollment
2,500 Jewish Students (52.7%*) of 4,748 Students *Percent of population

The Jerusalem Posts claims that Jews are a whopping 25% of Harvard’s student body: ... ges-437701

Which Jews to believe? Regardless, what percentage of Harvard’s student body are actually “non-Hispanic” Whites?

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Re: Commenting on TOO site

Post by Will Williams » Sat Nov 11, 2023 4:13 pm

Douglas Mercer linked to this: ... gh-ground/ in his comment under John Massaro's latest essay on National Vanguard, here: ... ys-part-2/

So, I went to TOO to find that a Jew had insulted Dr. MacDonald in a comment under his essay:

Steve Weinstein says:
November 9, 2023 at 9:38 pm
“Psychological research shows that media messages are able to inhibit ethnocentrism among Whites” — citing your own “research” to prove your point LOL!

Kevin MacDonald says:
November 10, 2023 at 8:51 am
I am simply citing articles in psychology research journals in the most prominent journal in theoretical psychology.
I left the following comment, replying to KMac's, while linking to the excellent article by Massaro on NV.

Will W Williams says:
November 11, 2023 at 11:50 am
So, Mr. Weinstein doesn’t appreciate your citations. A growing number of racially conscious Whites certainly do, sir.

This essay by you is cited here, along with the excellent observations by a couple of outstanding Jew-conscious writers on our side, John Massaro and Douglas Mercer: ... ys-part-2/ You say:
“One of our biggest problems is that Western politicians are basically sociopaths interested only in power, money, and having a great career. It’s about time this becomes the mainstream view.”
Mr. Massaro tried to enlighten a few of the more conservative members of Congress by mailing them copies of his book, _Will Vaccines be the End of Us_, and found them all to be sociopaths.
expected a more mature reaction and a little statesmanship from other recipients of my book, namely Josh Hawley and especially Jim Jordan, and I was surprised when both expressed a deep concern for Israel’s plight. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Congress is just a wing of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, and unless you’re one of “The Squad” — the leftist four-woman decoy comedy team that conservatives love to hate — you dare not speak the truth about Israel and the root cause of all the problems in that part of the world. I had some respect for Jordan but I now know him to be just another hack who puts on a good show now and then, exposing this and that scandal with his congressional hearings, but at the end of the day accomplishing nothing. Congress is a wasteland.”

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Will Williams
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Re: Commenting on TOO site

Post by Will Williams » Wed Nov 15, 2023 8:24 pm

The comment I'd made to TOO a few days ago appeared, but another that I submitted today under "Weaver's" under the same article by Dr. Kevin MacDonald has not appeared, though I contacted KMac twice, telling him my comment was not appearing. He told me this:

On Wed, Nov 15, 2023 at 1:50 PM <> wrote:
I don't get it. I just looked at the comments and yours isn't there. All comments are moderated. Kevin

From: Will Williams <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 12:36 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: comment on TOO that did not appea

On Wed, Nov 15, 2023 at 11:52 AM <> wrote:
Please put it on there again. Kevin

Thank you. I just resubmitted it twice, slightly edited (below) and, again, it didn't show up. I hate being a pest, but feel you should know about a possible glitch.

Responding to Weaver I wrote:

Weaver says: [Jews] do run the media. But they’re limited in what they can do, and they’re not all Zionists...

Correct, some are communists, others capitalists. Some are libertarians, or conservatives, others Jews for Jesus or Episcopalians, etc., but they are all Jews and they stick together for Jewish interests, which is something individualistic non-Jewish Whites have difficulty doing.

Just how limited are Jews who control the "virtual monopoly" of mass media for their Tribe's agenda, Weaver, the widespread news and entertainment industry?

An excellent piece that answers that question is found on TOO by John Q. Publius a couple of years ago, archived here: ... r-reality/
"In a media-saturated society, with said media almost completely under Jewish control, the Jewish “way of seeing” retains not just its primacy but its virtual monopoly. In such an environment, what you see will be determined for you, and as one who is to be molded, the aim is for your very will to no longer be your own."
If you look at the Soviet Union, Lenin was only a quarter Jewish. He almost certainly didn’t see himself as Jewish. But his heritage might be significant when comparing how he’d behave were he fully ethnically Russian...

WikiJews claim Illyich aka Lenin was a "Russian revolutionary." Perhaps Lenin was only 1/4 Jew, but he and his fellow Bolsheviks were certainly not ethnic Russians when they murdered the entire imperial Romanov family, who were. This has been widely known at least since 1920: ... al-family/

There’s always a balance of power.

Not always. Think Jew when you look back at the so-called "Russian revolution" in the first part of Orwell's prescient quote, and at the present one-sided media coverage of the current Palestinian vs. Jew conflict in the second part:
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

Oh, well, I expect I'll still try to comment at TOO from time to time, but I am suspicious of its moderator, whoever that is. After KMac told he didn't get why my comment wasn't appearing he said "all comments are moderated." I emailed him a final time with:

Thanks. So, I expect your moderator simply doesn't like what I submitted, though it needed to be said following some of the disinformation Weaver had put there. My comment reinforces what you conclude in your article, and I even linked to the powerful TOO article by John Q. Publius that gives facts of Jewish media control.

We will simply put the rejected TOO comment here and have folks speculate as to why it was rejected.
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