White activism in the news Apr-Oct 2019

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Re: White activism at Madison WI in the news

Post by Colin » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:37 am

Jim Mathias wrote:https://madison365.com/ten-reports-of-k ... r-madison/
Ten Reports of Klan Propaganda In and Near Madison
By Robert Chappell -
Aug 15, 2019

At least 10 households around Dane County have reported racist propaganda being left in their driveways this week, law enforcement sources have confirmed.

Madison Police Department spokesman Joel Despain said the seven flyers found on Madison’s East Side Monday are all the same recruiting flier for the “White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney confirmed three more reports of similar flyers: one found on County Road N between Cottage Grove and Stoughton, another in the Town of Blooming Grove and another in the Town of Albion.

“This doesn’t surprise me,” said Christian Foust, who found one of the fliers in his driveway, in a Facebook message to Madison365. “I’ve been surrounded by white supremacists in Wisconsin my whole life. They can just say it without whispering now.”

The fliers contain a litany of false crime statistics and rail against interracial marriage. They contain a North Carolina-based phone number for a “National Hotline.” A message left at that number was not immediately returned.

Mahoney said distributing flyers is not illegal in itself but this kind of propaganda “causes a disruption in public safety, so we have to look at the circumstances.”

Despain said Madison Police turned the fliers over to the state Department of Justice, who advised that they do not contain a “specific or implied threat,” and therefore are protected speech.

“Disgusting, distasteful, abhorrent speech,” Despain said. “I think we can all agree on that.”

Despain and Mahoney both said people who find racist propaganda fliers should inform authorities, even though the fliers themselves might not be illegal.

Despain said if fliers are left at the homes of African American, Jewish or other minority families, or if other behavior makes a family feel as if they’re being targeted, “That can change the equation.”
Mahoney said his office is keeping the fliers as evidence and will continue to investigate, because he fears fliers like these could be a first step toward something much worse.

“I personally am concerned about it because if somebody goes to the measure of acting out like this, it shows a clear pattern of hatred and prejudice,” Mahoney said. “It’s that kind of behavior that could rise to the level of what occurred in El Paso or Dayton, Ohio, or many other incidents across their country, all dependent upon the level of hatred that this individual possesses.”

Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio left nearly 30 people dead earlier this month. The El Paso shooting appears to have been racially motivated and targeted Latino immigrants and citizens.

“Everybody (who finds KKK propaganda) should call us,” Mahoney said. “We’re going to collect it and we’re going to treat it as an incident that we’re going to follow up on. It makes our community less safe.”

Anyone else who’s found similar fliers may contact Madison police, Dane County Sheriff or their local police, especially if you feel specifically targeted. Those who find any racist propaganda may also email tips to news@madison365.org.
Facts are racist and must be called "racist propaganda!" If the truth is racist, then it must be ok to be racist.
They say the crime statistics are false, but with a little research you find they come from the department of Justice website.

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Re: White activism at Madison WI in the news

Post by Will Williams » Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:40 am

Colin wrote:...They say the crime statistics are false, but with a little research you find they come from the department of Justice website.
Transparent Lies and Word-Tricks Used
to Demonize and Criminalize Whites

7 AUGUST, 2019
by David Sims

FBI Director Christopher Wray awards Anita Gray, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League of Cleveland with the FBI’s 2018 “Community Leadership Award,” saying, “She is a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism and is an unyielding force in the battle against all forms of racism and discrimination.”

PUBLIC officials have sneaky ways to phrase their statements so that they are technically true, but functionally misleading. Here’s an example that I just now found on Yahoo News:
[FBI Director Christopher] Wray told lawmakers the FBI had done away with separate categories for black identity extremists and white supremacists, and said the bureau was instead now focusing on “racially motivated” violence. But he added, “I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence.”
That statement would have been a lie, if Wray had not included the phrase “that we’ve investigated.” What this statement actually means is that the FBI cherry-picks acts of domestic terrorism that are committed by White criminals. While it does acknowledge the possibility of non-White terrorist attacks, it places a political premium on investigating those suspected of having White perpetrators.

The ADL has engaged in similar sophistries in its own statements about racially motivated crimes. Listen for that phrase “that we’ve investigated” or “that we analyzed” or something similar. It’s a widely used technical dodge for a possible charge of perjury, while still speaking with intent to deceive the hearer.
https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/08/tr ... ze-whites/

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Re: White activism at Cheektowaga NY in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:20 pm

https://www.cheektowagabee.com/articles ... ghborhood/
White nationalist leaflets appear in town neighborhood

August 14, 2019
Facebook Messenger
Copy Link

Several residents in a Cheektowaga neighborhood woke up to small red and green cardboard tubes containing white nationalist leaflets in their driveways, yards and front sidewalks late last week.

The flyers, bearing the name of a Lockport-based Racial Nationalist Party of America, showed up on Standard Parkway, St. Felix Avenue and Starlite Avenue during the overnight and early morning hours of Aug. 8 and Aug. 9. The handful of papers in the mailing tubes advertised for a whites-only toy drive, advocated for racial segregation, espoused debunked, decades-old racist studies and railed against the Democratic Party.

The Racial Nationalist Party of America is classified as a white nationalist hate group by the {discredited} Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization that has for years {smeared a wide variety of people and groups} brought legal cases against hate groups {but not their own} across the county. According to the SPLC, white nationalist groups “espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged {clearly demonstrated} inferiority of nonwhites.”

The Cheektowaga Police Department is aware of at least one of the leaflet packages on Standard Parkway.

The Bee is continuing to investigate the flyers.
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Re: White activism at Madison WI in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:28 pm

https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/raci ... 11be9.html
Racist flyers turn up in Madison, surrounding areas

CHRIS RICKERT crickert@madison.com Aug 16, 2019

A handful of racist flyers allegedly from the Ku Klux Klan have been showing up in driveways in Madison and surrounding areas, according to Dane County and Madison law enforcement.

Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said seven of the flyers had been found Monday along Fair Oaks Avenue on the city’s East Side. Sheriff Dave Mahoney said three of the flyers — placed into clear plastic bags and weighted down with pebbles — were found at three residences over the last week in the towns of Albion, Pleasant Springs and Blooming Grove. In one case, the flyer appeared at the same time the residence was burglarized, he said.

DeSpain said Madison police sent the flyers to the state Department of Justice’s Statewide Intelligence Center, which determined that they did not pose a direct threat or represent other criminal activity, and that absent specific people being targeted with the flyers based on their race, the flyers are protected free speech.

“Our subject matter experts have told me whoever distributes this type of material is seeking attention and publicity and the best thing to do is not give it to them,” he said.

The flyers from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are headlined “liberals have no tolerance for the truth” and “shocking crime facts that could save your life,” and then go on to list several alleged statistics on crime and people of color, without providing any supportive documentation.

A call placed to a North Carolina number listed for the group on the flyer was not immediately returned. A call to a number listed on the flyer for “LWK Radio Mondays” was answered by conferencing call service freeconferencecall.com. Phone attempts to reach the company’s press contact were disconnected. A woman who said she was working in the “Russian office” of the company’s third-party customer service provider said she could not provide contact information for anyone with the company.

The website listed for the group on the flyer was registered in 1998 by a person or group in Florida, according to the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. No contact information for the registrant is provided.

Mahoney said he thinks that ignoring disseminators of racist flyers is counter-productive.

“Who knows what’s in the mind of a person?” he said, referencing the reportedly racially motivated mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3. Those putting out the flyers could be children looking for a reaction, or they could be motivated by hate, he said.

He said county detectives are attempting to determine who distributed the flyers.
If the flyers are "protected free speech" then why do county detectives need to determine who distributed the flyers??
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Re: White activism at Houston TX in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:34 pm

https://abc13.com/racially-charged-flye ... s/5473157/
Racist flyers posted on the campus of Rice University

By Miya Shay
Saturday, August 17, 2019 11:47AM
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Several flyers with hateful messages were posted on the picturesque Rice University campus Thursday.

The flyers, which purport to be from the hate group Daily Stormer, portrays four Democratic women of color in a demeaning and cartoonish manner.

The flyer shows unflattering caricatures of congresswomen, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, sometimes referred to as "The Squad", biting down on an arm.

Scrawled above their caricatures, is the term "Send them back!" Below the image, the flyer said "Deport the Commie brown infestation."

Two flyers were taped at the Rice Entrance 20, off Kent Street. A third was found near a residence hall.

"Yesterday, we got a call from a staff member that said they saw an offensive posting at one of our signs entrance 20 to campus," said Rice University Police Captain Clemente Rodriguez.

"We don't want to see anyone spreading hate speech
so we're definitely concerned, and we follow these trends. We want to be on top of it, and in case this foreshadows something else more serious we want to prevent that."

The flyers were quickly removed, though at least one student was able to snap a photo. The image was shared widely on social media, where Rice President David Leebron promptly responded.

"This is indeed disgusting. It would be so at any time and any place, but especially offensive just before our new students arrive. We're investigating and here's what we know so far: One person did observe a person tacking the flyer to entrance 20 and reported it to RUPD.

So far as we know, two additional such flyers have been posted on the campus and removed.

RUPD officers will be canvassing the campus to see if any others have been posted. If you see someone posting such an offensive item on Rice property, please call RUPD.

The flyer posted appears to be the same as one posted at several Seattle synagogues & churches a few days ago. These particular posters appear to originate with a neo-Nazi org.

Dena Marks, the Associate Director of the Southwest Regional Office of the {organized crime} Anti-Defamation League, says it's important for people to speak out when confronted with these hate messages.

"Fight bad speech with good speech," she said. "We need to expose how vile and hateful this is, and we need to tell people to speak out against it and join together to speak out against it."
There is no such legal term called "hate speech" and cops are asking for lawsuits for infringing on rights protected under the 1st Amendment. While any judges still respect it. They do exist, right?
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Re: White activism at Virginia Beach VA in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:30 am

https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/ ... 462953c60c
Virginia Beach councilman denounces white nationalist group's stickers at Oceanfront
After a white nationalist group posted stickers around the Oceanfront, Virginia Beach Councilman Michael Berlucchi spoke out.
Author: 13News Now Staff
Published: 11:05 AM EDT August 15, 2019
Updated: 11:56 AM EDT August 15, 2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — "Hate has no place in Virginia Beach."

Those words are a part of a larger statement from Virginia Beach Councilman Michael Berlucchi after stickers were found around the Oceanfront promoting white nationalism.

The American Identity Movement describes itself as a fraternal organization that creates visual displays of public defiance against a hostile ruling class, according to their website.

They are also believed to have been created by one of the chief organizers of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

The group posted a number of posters promoting the organization and nationalist beliefs.

According to Berlucchi's statement, crews were in the process of removing the posters as of Wednesday afternoon.

You can read the rest of the councilman's statement below:
<windbag's statement snipped, if you really want to read it then visit the web link posted above>
Linking the posting of posters, flyers, stickers and so on with violence--the usual false equivalence propaganda technique practiced by trained presstitutes. However, if we were to be fair, we could say this pro-multiculti screed is linked to the continual deadly violence visited every day upon White Americans by non-White invaders and other racial aliens. Fair is fair, right?
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Re: White activism at Appleton WI in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:36 am

https://fox11online.com/news/local/appl ... up-in-city
Appleton alderperson concerned after vandalism with hate messages pop up in city

by Amanda Becker, FOX 11 News Friday, August 16th 2019

APPLETON (WLUK) -- A national organization is spreading what many are calling an unwanted message of hate in Appleton.

Appleton District 2 alderperson Vered Meltzer is angry.

"They said very hurtful things which I will not repeat or refer to because I will not give that message a platform," said Meltzer.

He says fascist propaganda has been spotted in his city.

"They were material of a white supremacist nature, promoting an organization that promotes a hate fueled ideology," he said.

A Twitter account that appears connected to the group "Patriot Front" claims it posted the stickers last month.

Although they've since been removed the vandalism showed up in different places throughout the city of Appleton, including light poles and street signs.

According to {discredited} Southern Poverty Law Center, Patriot Front is a white nationalist hate group.

It says the group is an off-shoot of the one behind 2017's deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Patriot Front Twitter account claims stickers similar to those in Appleton have been put up in cities across the country.

"I saw the pictures of them of where they were," said Nate Wolf, an Appleton resident.

He doesn't like giving these groups attention.

"They just want exactly this kind of coverage and the more coverage they get the more they go out and do," said Wolf.

Meltzer agrees. But he also believes white nationalism has to be called out.

"I feel it's my responsibility as a leader and as a Jewish-American I can never be silent in the face of this type of rhetoric," said Meltzer.

He wants everyone in the community to feel safe.

“This isn't about that message. This is about healing the community about comforting the people who feel pain from it right now," said Meltzer.

The stickers were removed right away.

FOX 11 was in Appleton Friday and didn't see any of them.
Angry Jew projects his hate on Whites yet another day at yet another place. When does it ever end?
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Re: White activism at Winnipeg Man in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:07 am

https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as ... -1.5253800
How an undercover reporter exposed an alleged neo-Nazi in the Canadian military

Army reservist accused of involvement with The Base under police and military investigation
CBC Radio · Posted: Aug 20, 2019 6:17 PM ET | Last Updated: August 21

The Canadian military is assessing whether it has a neo-Nazi within its ranks — thanks in part to an undercover investigation by Winnipeg Free Press reporter Ryan Thorpe.

Army reservist Master Cpl. Patrik Mathews, 26, a trained combat engineer, is suspected of recruiting members for a global neo-Nazi group called The Base. Both the military and the RCMP are investigating.

Mounties executed a public safety warrant and took a man into custody Monday night at a house in Beausejour, Man., which neighbours told CBC News belongs to Mathews.

RCMP said they searched a house in Beausejour and seized a number of firearms, but no one is in custody at this time.

Thorpe, who exposed Mathews' alleged links to The Base, told As It Happens guest host Helen Mann what it was like to infiltrate the extremist group. Here is part of their conversation.

What sparked your interest in this group initially?

Probably about maybe a month ago now, we got a news tip here at the Winnipeg Free Press about a white nationalist recruitment poster that had popped up in our city.

There was a couple of different ways that we could go about it, but ultimately we decided the only real way to get a sense of what this group is up to in Winnipeg and around Canada was for me to reach out as someone posing as a white nationalist interested in joining.

How did you make the first contact?

It began with some email exchanges back and forth. Eventually, I was invited to download the encrypted messaging app Wire and communicate with them on that. And then, eventually, I was invited to meet the Winnipeg member in person.

Just to be clear, what was on the posters that was causing such alarm?

There was a number of different designs, but the imagery was quite fascistic in nature. There was, you know, a slogan that read "Save your race, join The Base." There was words like, you know, "train, fight" — things like that.
Posters for The Base have been put up in various locations around Winnipeg. (Facebook/FF1)

So you make this initial contact and then at some point you meet this reservist Patrik Mathews? How did that happen?

This was the final hurdle I had to jump through in order to be named a member of this group.

We picked a location in Winnipeg, which was at Whittier Park, and a time of 8 p.m., and I provided a description of myself so he would be able to pick me out of the crowd.

And how did the meeting go?

I walked away considering it successful. He, you know, very quickly after we established a rapport, offered to drop his online pseudonyms and told me his real first name was Patrik.

And over the next hour and a half, I tried to learn as many biographical details about him so that I could later use that to identify him.

He told me that he was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, trained as a combat engineer, which was obviously very concerning.

What did you think when you heard that?

I had suspicions leading up to that meeting that this was, indeed, a member of the military, but that was the first time he had said it outright.

At the same meeting, he was, you know, using homophobic and racist epithets. He openly mulled over the possibility of, like, sabotaging a rail line and things. So, you know, this was clearly an individual with ... a potential propensity for violence.

How did the things he say fit with what you know about The Base and its objectives?

Patrik, in that first meeting, you know, said ... he wanted to engage in paramilitary training. He didn't use those terms, but that's what it was. And that's consistent with what The Base is up to right now across North America. They're hosting paramilitary training events called Hate Camps.

And you say that they revere serial killers in your article?

They're really influenced by this very obscure neo-Nazi from the United States named James Mason who kind of pioneered this bizarre blend of, like, the world views of Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. They idolize serial killers and mass murderers.

What else can you tell us about his role in the Canadian military?

I was able to confirm through a source in the Canadian Armed Forces that Patrik Mathews had been a longtime member of the Canadian Army Reserves. He was, indeed, trained as a combat engineer and that he had, you know, a fair amount of significant experience with explosives.

And what does that mean to The Base to have someone like him as a member?

That's exactly the people that are they are looking for. I mean, obviously they're open to folks who don't come from a military background, but they do actively push their members to join the military or seek to recruit folks who already have military experience, as well as experience or backgrounds in chemistry and engineering. And then these individuals become trainers, and they pass on those skill sets to the rest of the membership.

Given what you knew about The Base going into this meeting with Patrik in the park, and given the things that he was saying during your conversation, I mean, what were you thinking and feeling at the time? Were you nervous, perhaps?

I was quite nervous going into the meeting. I think I would've been a fool, you know, not to be worried. There was obvious risks involved with what I was doing and I wasn't cavalier about that.

But after meeting him in person, I would say within the first few minutes I wasn't really too worried about my personal safety. I didn't get the sense that this was someone that was about to hurt me or had any idea that I wasn't who I said I was.

Do you have any concerns that you might be a target now that this has all become public?

Once again, I don't want to be cavalier about the risks involved with this. There is a number of safety precautions I implemented in the lead up to publication. They're safety precautions that I'm still following.

We've also learned he's being investigated by the military and also the RCMP, which may not have happened without your reporting.

Ultimately, I don't think this would have come to light had we not done what we did.

One option at the beginning of all this would have been to just write a story saying flyers are popping up around the city. Here's, you know, an extremist expert. But then we wouldn't have got this information.

The media relations office at the Department of National Defence said [Tuesday], and I'm quoting: "Hateful conduct, be it through words or actions, is completely incompatible with Canadian Armed Forces values and culture." Do you believe the military has a problem on its hands when it comes to harbouring members of hate groups?

I feel like I should preface these comments by saying obviously this stuff doesn't reflect on the vast, vast majority of the members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Having said that, the military produced a report in November 2018 that said there had been 53 individuals, members of the Armed Forces, that had either been a member of a hate group or had undergone a process of radicalization.

Those are only the ones that we know about.

As we've just seen here in Winnipeg, there are folks flying under the radar. So the reality is we don't even know the scope of this problem.

Written by Sheena Goodyear with files from CBC News. Produced by Jeanne Armstrong. Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.
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Re: White activism at San Jose CA in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:30 am

https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/08/20/ ... niversity/

White supremacist group claims it put up racist fliers found at San Jose State University
In blog post, President Mary A. Papazian vows that hatred will not be tolerated

By Jason Green | jason.green@bayareanewsgroup.com and Ethan Baron | ebaron@bayareanewsgroup.com | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: August 20, 2019 at 11:52 pm | UPDATED: August 22, 2019 at 5:56 am

SAN JOSE – The white supremacist group that helped organize the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a woman was fatally struck by a neo-Nazi participant’s car has claimed responsibility for racist flyers put up at San Jose State University.

The American Identity Movement, formerly Identity Evropa, tweeted out photos it said were from San Jose, showing two posted flyers, one saying “Nationalism Not Globalism” and the other featuring an apocalypse scene and saying, “Diversity Destroys Nations.”

San Jose State officials said nine racist and anti-immigrant fliers were found posted throughout the university, after being put up in the early hours of Aug. 12.

“These items were removed immediately because they violated our time, place and manner regulations,” said SJSU President Dr. Mary A. Papazian in a blog post Tuesday.

Asked whether cameras may have caught video of whomever put up the flyers, the school’s chief diversity officer, Kathleen Wong, said university police were investigating {so as to harass or otherwise use the law to make them pay dearly for their activism}.

The racist group posted the San Jose photos on Saturday, and on the same day tweeted a reference to “having a great time in Dallas.” On Wednesday, the group posted photos of its flyers up at locations it said were Cincinnati and the Nashville, Tennessee public library. In an online statement of its principles, the group rails {rails? biased much?} against “the demonization of and discrimination against America’s white majority.”

San Jose State officials said they were aware of the flyers also being posted at Rice University in Houston, Yale University in Connecticut, Northern Kentucky University and the University of Southern Indiana.

Papazian warned that SJSU could see similar activity that is “inconsistent {in their opinion} with our core values of diversity, inclusion, respect and understanding” as the academic year unfolds.

“And, while we will not suppress freedom of speech {obligatory lie to cover their true actions} – to do so would negate those same core values and our mandates as a public institution of higher learning – we will continue to review and enforce all appropriate policies and procedures governing such activity on campus {to shut down speech and thoughts we don't like},” she said.

Papazian said the university is working to facilitate “respectful and meaningful” discussions about “challenging issues.” {But what Papazian will not do is invite American Identity Movement to put up any posters in "approved" places nor invite them to participate in any discussions.}

“Even as we engage in dialogue {but only the kind we agree with} and review our relevant policies and practices {in order to shut down opposing viewpoints},” Papazian said, “San Jose State University also will denounce the actions of white supremacist and white nationalist hate groups. Our community will not tolerate {free speech we don't agree with that we like to call} bigotry, hatred, discrimination and other forms of social violence {what is that?} against individuals or groups on the basis of their race, ethnicity, immigrant status, religion or other identities.”

The Anti-Defamation League, a {criminal} group {of Jews} opposing {actually they're promoting} hate {towards Whites} and anti-Semitism {a paranoid view they project on others having}, said in a June statement that white supremacists “have been actively targeting U.S. college campuses since January 2016” in propaganda efforts. In the most recent school year, the league counted 313 cases of white supremacist propaganda on U.S. campuses – a 7 percent increase from the 292 it recorded the previous school year.

“The 2019 spring semester saw more extremist {more biased language to demonize Whites} campus propaganda than any preceding semester,” according to the league.
This article needed a lot of work, so I tweaked it a bit! Comments available at this website.
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Re: White activism at Tucson AZ in the news

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:24 am

https://azjewishpost.com/2019/tucson-is ... iers-show/
So Jews don't have an outsized influence over media, banks, and government??
So Jews don't have an outsized influence over media, banks, and government??
Tucson flyer has bite!.jpg (115.19 KiB) Viewed 952 times
Tucson is not immune to hate messaging, fliers show

Posted August 16, 2019 / Debe Campbell, AJP Assistant Editor

At least one anti-Semitic flier recently was sighted, posted on a pole in downtown Tucson. Tucson Police Department Sgt. Ben Frie told the AJP on Aug. 7 that “they started showing up about a week ago … at a couple of different locations.”

Paul Patterson, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona’s security consultant, brought the initial sighting to TPD’s attention. Frie, a special investigator with Street Crimes Interdiction, which handles hate and bias crimes, said that TPD opened a case on the instance. “We are aware of what it is and have documented it,” he said, adding that the postings are removed after that.

“This image has made the rounds on social media,” said Lt. Colin King, TPD chief of staff, of the photo at right. “And our Hate/Bias Crimes investigative unit has been evaluating the circumstances. There was, unfortunately, no video of the area or any available suspect information.” TPD canvassed the downtown area on Aug. 7 and noted that all of the city poles in the area had been cleared of handbills and stickers.

Patterson said that when he initially received an email photo of the sticker, he notified TPD. He went to the location the next morning, discovering the sticker was removed. “The problem is, one sticker on one signpost was shared over 4,000 times on Facebook,” he said, explaining that single sticker got more people seeing it over social media than it ever would have on the street, adding that nevertheless it was a good thing it was shared because that enabled law enforcement to do something about it.

“This is the kind of vile hate speech that must be brought to an end,” said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. “I’m confident that TPD will give this matter the attention it deserves, and any perpetrators will qualify for enhanced hate crime penalties at sentencing.”

“It seems the guy has an ax to grind against Jews. It is a hate-filled message that walks a fine line with the First Amendment,” Frie said. While the incidents are not hate crimes, the perpetrator can be charged with criminal damage as a misdemeanor, since the fliers were posted on public property. “Any time you see these, let us know. They have no right to post on city property,” he said.

In March 2017, Tucson passed a code to heighten penalties for the commission of hate crimes, adding health care facilities to the list of places like houses of worship, schools, and cemeteries, and adjacent properties, as targets of institutional vandalism. Posting these fliers at such facilities would become a hate crime, Frie explained.

“One likes to think things like this wouldn’t happen in Tucson,” said Tony Zinman of Tucson Jews for Justice. “It’s not much of a surprise. It is consistent with the national rhetoric and what they’re saying about left-wing radicals buying Congress. Like what happened in El Paso, people are following up on what they hear. Tucson being what it is, I think we’ll get community support on this when it gets out there.”

“At a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and abroad, this flyer is promoting the ugly, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews have an outsized influence over the media, banks, and government,” Carlos Galindo-Elvira, ADL Arizona regional director, told the AJP. “These notions are well-worn, anti-Semitic tropes, and pillars of modern anti-Semitism that perpetuate dangerous stereotypes.”
Typical smear job on Whites that Jews take direct credit for. Comments available at this site.
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