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KAS confused about 9/11

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KAS confused about 9/11

PostSat Apr 15, 2017 4:49 pm

Listening to the most recent episode of American Dissident Voices, I noticed Kevin Alfred Strom said 9/11 was "in retaliation for the U.S. govt's support of Israel's aggression in the Middle East."

This is certainly NOT the case. Jews DID 9/11, as WLP in time found out and shared on American Dissident Voices.
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Re: KAS confused about 9/11

PostSat Apr 15, 2017 8:49 pm

Here is the relevant section of Dr. Pierce's broadcast.

"Unfortunately, that problem still is very much with us. One aspect of the problem recently came to light after the September 11 attack, when the FBI began rounding up and interrogating illegal aliens who came here from Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. What the FBI uncovered is the largest espionage ring ever to operate in America.

Actually, the investigation of Israeli spying began before September 11, and many Jewish spies already had been identified. According to a Fox News report two weeks ago, as many as 140 Jewish spies already had been arrested before September 11, but there had been very little publicity about these arrests. The Bush government and most of the media were hoping no one would notice. The post-September 11 roundup of Middle Easterners uncovered another 60 or so Israelis engaged in espionage inside the United States and brought the previously secret investigation of Israeli espionage into the open -- or at least, more nearly into the open than before. The lemmings still are so busy watching their ball games that they haven't noticed.

Several very disturbing revelations have come out of this roundup. One is a very strong hint that the Jews here, through their spying on other Middle Easterners in the United States, had gained prior knowledge of the September 11 attack but did not share their information with the U.S. government. I reported my own suspicions in this regard immediately after the attack, but since then Fox News has reported even stronger suspicions among FBI investigators. A Fox News report of December 12, by reporter Carl Cameron, says, and I quote: "There is no indication the Israelis were involved in the September 11 attacks, but investigators suspect that they may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it." -- end of quote --

Well, of course, we expect that sort of behavior on the part of the Jews. Once they had gathered their own information about the impending attack, which they anticipated with glee because it could only generate hostility between the United States and Israel's enemies in the Middle East, they saw no reason to warn Americans and thereby forestall the attack. So they waited quietly for the attack and then as soon as it happened began urging that the United States wage war against Israel's enemies.

This is the sort of thing that both the Israelis and the Israel-worshipping Bush government would like to keep quiet, and the FBI is being very tight-lipped about it now, but I will not be surprised to see the beans spilled about the Jewish foreknowledge of the attack as the investigation proceeds. The reason I say that is that the roundup of Jewish spies has revealed many other things about Israeli activities that are damaging to Americans, and it will be very difficult for the government and the media to keep everything covered up."

Dr Pierce believed that Israel had information on the attack before it happened, but kept quiet. This is well with in the character of the nation. They thrive on turmoil, and, as we know, almost always profit off of conflict.

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