The White Man's Bible: CREATIVE CREDO No. 38 (The Mossad)

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The White Man's Bible: CREATIVE CREDO No. 38 (The Mossad)

Post by JohnUbele » Sat Mar 19, 2022 2:05 am

The following is from: CREATIVE CREDO No. 38 (The Mossad)

"...The Mossad, super Spy network. The other Jew spy organization that is of major world-wide importance is the one headquartered in Israel. It is known as the Mossad. It is the central Jewish intelligence gathering apparatus for the entire world. It is the super-supra spy network of all history. Anything the American C.I.A. knows that is useful to the Jews (just about everything) is funneled to the Mossad. Everything the Russian K.G.B. knows that is useful is funneled to the Mossad. Likewise with the intelligence gathering apparatus in Germany, France, Italy and throughout the world, it is all funneled to the Mossad. There is hardly anything of significance that happens anywhere in the world but what it is shortly catalogued in the massive computers of the Mossad in Israel.

Deadly criminals. But the Mossad goes much further than just spying and gathering intelligence from all over the world. Like the A.D.L., it is virulently aggressive and continually on the offensive. It has well trained assassination squads that run rampant in most of the countries of the world, especially the United States. It sets up para-military organizations like the Jewish Defense League, or Jewish gun clubs trained to skillfully kill Gentiles. The members of Mossad have the run of the United States with little or no opposition from "our own" law enforcement agencies while they tap telephones, bug embassies, foreign diplomats, even the White House and any and every branch of the United States government. In short, not only the United States but the whole world is their undisputed territory, and the White Man, (their main victim) not only gives them no opposition, but pays the bill and hardly knows they exist.

Runs Rampant over World Governments. Undoubtedly the Mossad is the most dangerous, cruel and blood-thirsty gang of international criminals the world has ever known, running rampant and roughshod over all laws and governments throughout the world, with little or no opposition. Like the C.I.A., it is world-wide and parallels many of its operations with this difference: Whereas the C.I.A. is headquartered in the United States, the Mossad is headquartered in Israel; whereas the C.I.A. is manned by a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, the Mossad is all Jewish; whereas the C.I.A. freely shares its information with Mossad, the latter gives nothing to the C.I.A. It is strictly a one-way street, all leading to exclusive Jewish supremacy and tyranny over the "goy" of the world..."
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