Like BK used to ask, 'Who needs niggers?"

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Re: Like BK used to ask, 'Who needs niggers?"

Post by Will Williams » Tue Jan 09, 2024 5:44 pm

White_Vengeance wrote:
Mon Jan 08, 2024 1:33 pm
Jim Mathias wrote:
Sun Jan 07, 2024 2:40 am

I see you've put 5 more "niggers" to your daily goal of 25/day right here in this one post. In those other settings, how successful are you at changing minds/hearts of those "cowardly, pusillanimous, leftist, liberal Marxist Whites?"
As for the use of the word "niggers," it is used in the title of this Thread, and it has also been freely used on the White Biocentrism Site by others besides me. So, if you are trying to make an example of me, take your best shot; I am more-than-able to handle being singled out from others who are also evidently violating this somewhat murky, ill-defined precept....
WV, it was I who quoted Ben Klassen's "Who Needs Niggers" in the opening post and later povided further explanation. You may have noticed that it is in Mr. Klassen's Provenance section. His was an appropriate question to ask, considering the content of that video. Klassen's quoted question came from his first book, Nature's Eternal Religion, published in 1972. I can only imagine what he would say today with such video material available that he had never seen or even imagined 52 years ago, decades prior to the Internet era.

We in the Alliance are not prudes, nor do we fear using currently Politically Incorrect words such as "nigger," but we do try to use the word sparingly for effect. Jim Mathias, one of WB's mods, had asked you privately to cut back on your generous use of the "n"-word, which I believe you did for a while, but apparently you cannot help yourself and are back at, as Jim notes, even if for the personal reasons you give.

WB is a publicly-viewed site that the National Alliance uses to guide its members and recruit new ones. You should use our recruiting document ... -alliance/ when enlightening people about NA, whether here or over at Stormfront where you promote NA.

It was carefully crafted by Dr. Pierce and current NA leadership to attract new people who are not looking for the typical, lowbrow group of nigger-haters, though they and we can relate to having the widespread and growing TNB (Typical Negro Behavior) in our living space as portrayed in that video. You'll notice that the "n"-word is not written even once in the positive "What is the National Alliance" recruiting tool -- not even once. That is for good reason.

So, please respect Jim's guidance and restrict your use of the word nigger here at WB to perhaps just once in the 25 times that you use it per day. Don't feel singled out. Others who are immoderate in the use of the word nigger should also take notice. Thanks.

More about TNB from around 15 years ago: ... or-part-1/
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