White Man's Bible: Credo 2 Extract

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Re: White Man's Bible: Credo 2 Extract

Post by Rev.Cambeul » Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:24 pm

No worries.

Both of our examples were of Africa, but that's exactly how it would have been had Australia been colonised just fifty years later. In 1788 the total population of Abos covering the entire Australian continent was just over half a million. Today it's just under half a million.
https://www.sidmartinbio.org/what-was-t ... on-in-1788

When White colonists arrived on South Victory Day, January 26, 1788, the Abo population was already in decline. Smallpox and other diseases originating from Indonesian fishermen from North of Australia was rapidly killing off the population ... until the kind hearted White Man used his knowledge of science to cure them of their ills. However, instead of thanking the White Man for saving their race from ultimate extinction, the common myth is that Whitey was to blame for the disease in an attempt at genocide.

Further, there was already a trend at the time for natives from the North of Australia moving into Australia and continuing South, displacing/conquering/murdering/spreading disease/exterminating Abos as they moved South. It's only the arrival of the White Man that put a stop to that.

If Whites had only arrived fifty years later in perhaps 1850, it's safe to guess that Abos would have been yet another extinct species of man. They would have been considered to be more closely related to the extinct Homo Erectus than to modern Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. However, Whites did show up, Whites did save the Abo Race, and Libtard Whites today consider these zoological specimens from prehistoric man to be as human as you or I.

The irony is that Abos left to their own devices in the outback in their shanty towns, living in the dirt and the mud - yes, that's why we Creators call them Muds - really are not a problem for Whites. Stop the government/taxpayer assistance today, and they will stop breeding and die out in a single generation. The real problem for Whites is the Abo that lives in the city. It's the standard Black on White Crime that we all know all too well. Today it's considered that the worst crime that can possibly be committed by a White Man, is to successfully defend himself against marauding Abos. Even if you don't fight back, you are likely to cop charges and be threatened with Hate Crime charges if you dare to report anything to the anti-White police - the Political Police.

As for the massive protests of Abos throughout the cities, there's bugger all Abos involved there. If the truth be told, those mostly peaceful Aboriginal protesters are as Aboriginal as you and I are Neanderthal.

And yet, the fact is, if Nature had been left to take its course, there would be no Abo problem today.
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