Delenda Est Judaica

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Delenda Est Judaica

Post by Ray W » Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:46 pm

Ben Klassen was a farmer, teacher, sound legislator
and preacher and founder of the Church of the Creator.
He proposed salubrious living to shed christ-ian fleas
and to cleanse diagnosed minds of bedbug diversities.

Klassen exposed doctors as frauds and pill-peddling shills
who love patients to death with "cures" and endless bills.
His keen eye detected and dissected another fiendish foe
that most human beings need but don't bother to know:

the jew, a sick-sick-sick! parasite with six million fugly faces
used to trick victims of all creeds, colors and Races
into believing bloody tripe that black is good, White is not
and these buttwipes are entitled to swipe all that we have got.

Thanks to Ben, White women and men are uniting worldwide
to put an end to the jewish question: godsend genocide.
A Whiter and brighter earth will birth from this heavenly act,
land and sea breeding Creativity; a divine Race alive and intact.

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