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Christianity and survival of the White Race are incompatible

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Re: Christianity and survival of the White Race are incompat

PostFri May 18, 2018 11:26 am

Wade Hampton III wrote:Wow! Eons have passed since then! :!:

Just thirty years, that's all. You'd think we'd be a little farther down the revolutionary path toward a new consciousness by now. :?

An eon is a really, really, super-long, impossible-to-measure length of time. ... Four hours ago is not an eon. Eon goes back to the Greek aiōn, "age." An age is not easy to measure, and neither is an eon. Both are just really long periods of time, but in science an eon is about a billion years.

That's Mr. Klassen's School For Gifted White Boys in the background, sold to Dr. Pierce four years later, along with everything else on the 22-acre Church of the Creator property.

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