What's the Most Important Thing in your Life?

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Re: What's the Most Important Thing in your Life?

Post by Cosmotheist » Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:55 pm

All of the most recent American Dissident Voices broadcasts
can be found here:

And some great quotes by the late Dr. William Luther Pierce
all found within this recent book:
http://www.amazon.com/Cosmotheism-Divin ... ewpoints=1

"...we should not think of the Universe as a creation, but itself, the Whole, as being the Creator." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.13)

"Life has a purpose, which is its own self-evolution. That is to say, no individual is complete in himself, but he is a part of a hierarchy of larger entities: his family, his nation, his race, the order Primates, and so on. The largest of these entities is the living universe of matter and spirit, of animate and inanimate Life. And the most fundamental process in the living universe is its evolution from the simple to the complex, from the inanimate to the animate, from the unconscious to the conscious, and from lower to higher levels of existence at each of these stages." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.28-29)

"Purpose in life is only for the few. The best that can be expected of most men and women is that they hold to personal goals which keep them socially responsible by giving them a stake in the future. As the disintegration of the society around them becomes more apparent, an increasing number of them are abandoning long-term goals and seeking immediate rather than deferred gratification - and this is accelerating the pace of disintegration. ... pain and pleasure are not the ultimate determinants of the value of their lives; that what is of immensely greater importance is meaning; and that the finite life of the individual man or woman can acquire true meaning only when it partakes in the infinite, only when it becomes a conscious part of the Whole.
Then for those growing few, purpose supplants purposelessness, and personal goals acquire an absolute significance by being coordinated with the everlasting goals of higher life and higher consciousness." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.32-33)

"The purpose of the Creator is Self-completion; the Path of the Creator toward Self-completion is the Path of Life; and man is a step on this Path.
The Creator existed before man, and the Creator will exist after man has surpassed himself. The step on the Path before man was sub-man, and the step on the Path after man is higher man. But man is now, for a time, a part of the Creator, of the ever-changing, ever-evolving Whole." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.47)

"And the People of the Rune are known by these four things: knowledge, consciousness, discipline, and service; they are the things for which the members of the Cosmotheist Community strive." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.52)

"In an age of immanent consciousness some living things served, through their very hostility, to advance our stock, as the wolf strengthens the stock of sheep by pruning away the slow and the infirm.
In an age of awakened consciousness, these things cease to serve; our stock will prune itself, and the pruning will better serve the One Purpose, because it will be done with foresight." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.63)

"Democracy, Communism, Capitalism, etc. Note one thing about all these different types of societies. None are defined with respect to any purpose. They are defined according to which members control them, defined according to the mechanics of their operation, but none have any purpose--other than the common purpose of all societies, of course--namely, the static, day-to-day purpose of providing a framework within which its members function, presumably with more efficiency and greater security than they could function without a society.
But we want to build a society; we must build a society from the beginning, according to principles determined by our Purpose--in other words, a purpose-oriented society." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.106)

"...we must, for some time in the future, remain a minority movement. Not forever, of course. There will come a time of fire and sword--an ax-time, a wolf-time, as the sagas say--and the great masses will come to see the error of their ways and will be persuaded to change their views and their allegiances." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.133)

"You know, most of the people today who profess liberal doctrines are not really liberals. They do not hate themselves or their race. They are not really salivating in anticipation of the Whites in Rhodesia being butchered and raped by Black terrorists, even if they do pay lip service to the Blacks. They aren't obsessed by a desire to pull down Western civilization and submerge themselves and their children in a rising tide of colored sub humanity. In fact, they seldom, if ever, even think about these things.
They just want to be fashionable. They just want to have the right opinions. They want to talk and behave the way their TV tells them to, the way the smart set they see on TV talks and behaves. If their TV has succeeded in instilling any feeling of guilt in them, it's a fairly superficial sort of guilt which will evaporate soon enough, after the news and entertainment media are in different hands." - William L. Pierce (Cosmotheism, Pg.163)

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