Happy Birthday Dr. William Luther Pierce

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Happy Birthday Dr. William Luther Pierce

Post by goyim123 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:42 pm

Happy Birthday Dr. William Luther Pierce!!! He was born on September 11th 1933 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a descendant of Confederate Governor Thomas H. Watts and has some rank in file soldiers in his lineage. He was born into a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian family and started out as a member of the John Birch Society. He was a physics professor who then started to write for George Lincoln Rockwell's National Socialist World and started working for the Youth for Wallace. He met David Duke in 1967 and became a life long influence on Duke.

Pierce then founded the National Youth Alliance with Willis Carto in the 70s but due to differences, they parted. Pierce then founded the National Alliance and wrote the Turner Diaries and Hunter.

Pierce also founded the religion of Cosmotheism which is an alternative to Christianity which is designed to help man evolve and build a successful pro-White community with guidelines and plans for every aspect to ensure a healthy community.

Pierce died on July 23rd 2002 due to cancer, he was 69 years old. His death was a great loss for our people.

Dr. William Luther Pierce is a man who will live in all of our hearts forever. I was born after he died but I listen to him and his voice is clear to me. He is one of my heroes and I hope wherever he is, he is peaceful. He was a man who lived his life with respect, dignity, courage and a true role model to all White people out there. I wrote a poem about him which I will display here.

Ode to William Luther Pierce

William Luther Pierce, born with eyes so blue

When he spoke, he spoke his mind and his honor was true

During the 20th century when times for our people were tough

He told us exactly what to do without any fluff

He was a man ahead of his time

Fighting for his people was his only crime

On July 23rd 2002, he unfortunately died

Even though he is dead we fight by his side

Now he is in the grave put to rest

He is in our hearts as we fight to preserve the West

William Luther Pierce we miss you and remember you

But we now must fight on and power through



Here is the website to Dr. Pierce's organization.


Here is a great resource for learning about Cosmotheism and other concepts that are important to Pierce and the Alliance.


Here is a place to view posts by those subscribed to Pierce's ideology.

Dr. Pierce's words were timeless and always relevant to our time. Especially nowadays.

Let us celebrate Dr. Pierce!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dr. William Luther Pierce

Post by Grimork » Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:07 am

Lovely words and poem, Goy. I'm glad to know of a good thing that happened on 9/11. I know that year my aunt had drowned in a pond on her property (she had an ill-timed seizure, while feeding her beloved catfish same as she did every day); it was 9/3, only a week earlier than the NY attacks and I remember being angsty and mad that kids from North Carolina who didn't even know any victims were crying and I had just lost a very close family member in a pretty horrific way. I was eleven. :roll:

Dr. Pierce even now, is the shining beacon for all of us to cross the dark chasm of our times into a brighter and Whiter future. I hope that when I leave this world, I have even a fraction of his good deeds under my belt for people to remember me by. His service to our race cannot be overstated. One day I hope to live in the society he envisioned for us, as brought about by our own hands as members of the National Alliance. What better way to celebrate his life than to further his cause?

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Re: Happy Birthday Dr. William Luther Pierce

Post by Jim Mathias » Sat Sep 11, 2021 3:13 am

In remembrance of Dr. Pierce's 88th birthday, salute!
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