Invest in real estate loans for 6% to 12% interest

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Invest in real estate loans for 6% to 12% interest

Post by IndianaCreator » Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:45 am

Use this referal link to get free ten dollars, twenty during June & July 2021, when you sign up and fund your account with at least ten dollars to invest.

The website explains how everything works of course but basically Groundfloor lends money to house flippers and also homebuilders. The risk is actually next to none and even if there is a temporary default they work with the borrower to get the loan paid back which is how investors are given principal plus interest varying from 6% to 12%.

I personally have invested a lot of money in these and am using it as a way to gain higher interest because bank accounts and CDs have been very low for decades. I cannot legally give financial advise but I obviously think it is safe and was referred by a friend that is a millionaire business owner that has made money on these for the past year by investing in over fifty loans that have paid him back plus the interest averaging ten percent.

We use Zillow to research the property values to make better choices when selecting. I also use a formula of purchase price to loan to make a safer pick. A default is very rare and even then they work it out to be paid back.

I highly recommend this to others frustrated with not being able to get much interest on your bank account or CDs and those who also lost a bunch of money on the stock market and don't trust that jewish casino.

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Re: Invest in real estate loans for 6% to 12% interest

Post by Will Williams » Fri Jun 18, 2021 6:30 pm

Invest in the National Alliance and watch your money count.

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