The Cantillon Effect

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The Cantillon Effect

Post by Wade Hampton III » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:34 pm

The Cantillon Effect refers to the change
in relative prices resulting from a change
in money supply. The change in relative
prices occurs because the change in money
supply has a specific injection point and
therefore a specific flow path through
the economy. A rising price of gold and
silver in US dollars, euros, Chinese
renminbi, Japanese yen, etc. means this:
the higher the price of these precious
metals, the lower the exchange value of
"official" currencies. With trillions of
dollars being printed and digitized around
the world, it is time for a good look into
how money is created.

After having done so, one finds a problem.
If there is money for the entire economy,
why is that Caucasian people and small
businesses cannot access unemployment
insurance and lending programs? Put another
way - why is money meant for everyone - only
showing up for Jews gambling in the stock
market? The reason is because money has
to travel through institutions. The
institutions for powerful Jews function
well, and those for the rest of us are
rickety and broken. Money gets to the rich
Jews first. Eventually, some money will
get to the rest of us, but in the interim
period before that money fully circulates,
the Jews can use their access to this money -
buying up physical and/or other financial
assets - just as they did in Wiemar Germany!
Caused By Powerful Jews
Caused By Powerful Jews
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