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Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:21 pm
by Wade Hampton III
David Stockman posted....

The Donald is winging it...His economic team isn’t even in place yet
— but he'll still have a "phenomenal" tax plan in a couple of weeks.
His own Department of Homeland Security did a first crunch of the
Mexican Wall costs at $21.6 billion, but he waved off the number,
insisting it will "come way down." He's also got a giant fiscal freight
train coming at him in the form of a $20 trillion debt ceiling that
freezes into place on March 15, but apparently no one has informed him
he will run out of cash a few months thereafter. And he's picking fights
with everybody — Sen. McCain, who deserves it, and Nordstrom, whose only
offense, apparently, was that it dumped Ivanka's fashion line owing to
punk sales. I haven’t even mentioned, of course, the demolition derby
that is arising from his travel ban fiasco and last week's sudden eruption
of mass deportations of illegal aliens. In both cases, there are plausible
reasons for carefully prepared action.
What A Reaganomics Mess!
What A Reaganomics Mess!
us-economy.JPG (67.4 KiB) Viewed 6159 times
But the crisis-mentality embodied in the White House's haphazard forays
on border controls are warranted less by facts than the various alternate
realities lodged under The Donald's combover. Still, this emerging White
House train wreck is entirely welcome. As I have said all along, Trump's
job is not to enact phony cures. We've had those for decades. He has been
chosen by the fates to be the Great Disrupter and to bring the system to
a crashing halt and America's fantasy-land dwellers to a rude awakening.

To be sure, a large faction of the establishment remains clueless about
Trump's true mission. Even as the political left is on the verge of
mobilizing Vietnam-era scale protests against his new presidency, much
of Wall Street is still stuck on the infantile delusion that Trump is
an economic magician. No, he is an incendiary bubble-buster, and I am not
referring merely to the 8% stock market gain since Nov. 8. What's actually
in the cross hairs of the whirling dervish in the Oval Office is the entire
Bubble Finance regime of the last 30 years. Trump will bring on the mother
of all fiscal crises within a few months, not some Trump Reflation.
When that causes a heart-stopping plunge in the casino, the C-suites of
Corporate America will panic like never before as their stock prices and
option packages evaporate. This will trigger, in turn, another violent
liquidation of the inventories that have been built up during the last years
of this illusory "recovery." Then the rubber will meet the road. If you
haven’t gotten out of the casino yet, now’s the time.

Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:05 am
by Jim Mathias
If I might venture an opinion or two...

All this talk of paper wealth is a dazzling display if one attempts to read it critically. It seems rather a distraction though!

Well think about it. What's real wealth to us cosmotheists? The quality of our children. How well each of us strives to achieve our goals--both short term and long. The investment in our own abilities to go after those goals. And more.

Money? No. Blood and Will to Power, yes!

Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:52 am
by Wade Hampton III
Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is on the line to dissect today's
breaking news about the collapse of the US economy as illustrated
by today's GDP report. The REAL numbers which now fully reveal how
sick the economy is, despite artificially low interest rates and
TRILLIONS in Fed "stimulus", are absolutely frightening.

Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:47 pm
by Wade Hampton III
Slap On Wrist For This Minor Player?

Washington, DC — The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
(CFTC) today issued an Order filing and settling charges against David
Liew for engaging in numerous acts of spoofing, attempted manipulation,
and at times, manipulation of the gold and silver futures markets. Liew
engaged in this unlawful conduct for more than two years while he was
employed as a junior trader on the precious metals desk for a large financial
institution (Financial Institution 1). The CFTC Order finds that Liew
acted individually and in coordination with traders at Financial Institution 1
and with a trader at another large financial institution. ... 7#prrowmbl

Ted Butler comments:

How does the Commission get around the secret and illegal agreement
made between (mega-crook swindler Jamie Dimon's) JPMorgan and the
US Government when the bank rescued Bear Stearns in 2008? The simple
answer is by an end-run. Whatever that agreement entailed, it was never
intended to last in perpetuity. Nine years of looking the other way is long
enough. Perhaps the only way to demonstrate to the big COMEX commercial
crooks that enough is enough is to do what the CFTC just announced -
a deepening investigation into the COMEX silver manipulation as fair
warning to end the scam.

Wade says, "Others are not so optimistic. F16Hoser shares my sentiments..."

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f16hoser says:
June 6, 2017 at 12:36 PM posted...

IMHO, nothing will come from this. So they throw one little piss-ant
under the bus. So what? When Jamie Dimon walks the Green Mile, then
I’ll start to believe. Not before.
Jamie-Dimon.jpg (14.73 KiB) Viewed 5908 times ... s-shocked/

Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:37 am
by Wade Hampton III
How Jamie Does It!

JPMorgan is holding $1 billion of other peoples’ property, but it is allowed to
“lend” a total of $10 billion. Where does the other $9 billion come from? It is
conjured out of thin air via fractional-reserve fraud. Thus, for many readers,
this represents their first actual glimpse of the full scope of fraudulence of
our current monetary system. In the original form of our “fractional-reserve”
monetary system, for every $1 that our central banks officially printed, the
banking system created an additional $9 out of thin air via fractional-reserve
fraud. Simply put: 90% of all the actual “money” in our monetary system and our
economy was conjured out of thin air by private banks via fractional-reserve fraud.

This is fractional-reserve banking presented as the naked fraud that it is:
bankers “lending” not only more than what they possess, but lending out “money”
which grossly exceeds the amount of capital in existence. Conjuring oceans of
paper out of thin air. It is inherently criminal. It is inherently fraudulent.
It automatically transforms our monetary system into an institutionalized Ponzi
scheme. By definition, all “fractional-reserve banking systems” would automatically
collapse if all depositors simply claim a tiny portion of their deposits at any
one time.

Depositors claiming their deposits is euphemistically known as a “run on a bank.”
Here, however, the euphemism is intended to insinuate that the mere act of
depositors taking possession of their own property is somehow a “crime” against
the financial system. Indeed, directly implying as much, our own governments (and
banks) will institute “bank holidays.” This is yet another banking euphemism
where depositors are legally prohibited from taking possession of their own
property. The most recent example of such financial oppression was in Greece.
Nobody Does It Better
Nobody Does It Better
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:41 pm
by White Man 1
The Jews practicing usery on money that doesn't even exist? Never!

Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:29 pm
by Wade Hampton III
Tim Wensil, 6 days ago, posted....

All of this analysis about gold and silver is useless. All of the
technical and fundamental information is of no use when both metals
are manipulated and controlled. Each commentator should just make
the following statement:

"Gold and silver, and especially silver, are still being controlled
everyday by the Exchange Stabilization Fund created under Ronald
Reagan to manipulate the markets. Those who work these trading
desks got out of bed this morning and went to work. They will
also most likely get out of bed and report to work tomorrow as
well. We will let you know if and when this situation changes.
Until that time, the gold and silver markets will continue to be
controlled and manipulated as they have been for decades. The
fed (along with Jamie) has an unlimited amount of digits in their
computers they can create with nothing more than a few volts of
electricity to short the markets."
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Rich Simmons, 6 days ago,posted...

Jewish control of the mass media is America's no. 1 problem. AIPAC
is destroying the U.S. like a swarm of locusts. These Jews must be
smashed if America is to survive. "We are not at war with Israel but
Israel is at war with us..." The Jews are totally insane and must
be stopped...

[youtube] ...[/youtube]

If Jews are totally insane, why have they been winning?

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:44 pm
by permela
Wade Hampton III wrote:The Jews are totally insane and must be stopped...
If Aryans were sane, would so many have worshiped a Jew for so many generations?

Re: If Jews are totally insane, why have they been winning?

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:01 pm
by Wade Hampton III
permela wrote:If Aryans were sane, would so many have worshiped a Jew for so many generations?
Thru hundreds of generations and thousands of years of evolution in the
highlands of ice-age Europe, Aryans collectively evolved a division
of labor necessary for survival under those harsh conditions. Women
tended homes and men were warriors, toolmakers, and there was always
a leader (chief..medicine man...whatever...) This system worked well
in an all inclusive Aryan homeland, but proved to be a fatal flaw when
interacting with other racial groups (multiculturalism), which made
Aryans easy pickings for the wayward and conniving Jew, who makes his
living off the labor of others. As "leader," the Jew is the perfect
agent of destruction.

If Aryan man continues to be hell-bent on self-destruction, perhaps
in many thousands of years, he will be replaced by a better type of
human. I have explored this topic in the past, and still find it
relevant today....

Did Aryans evolve in Ice-Age Europe?

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:56 am
by permela
I hope that everyone who participates in this forum has the patience and intelligence to understand my comments below about this issue once and for all.
Wade Hampton III wrote:Thru hundreds of generations and thousands of years of evolution in the highlands of ice-age Europe, Aryans collectively evolved . . .
Has Wade Hampton III or anyone else who participates in this forum any evidence that Aryans evolved for "hundreds of generations and thousands of years . . . in the highlands of ice-age Europe? There is NONE. I wrote about plenty of evidence to the contrary below.

Jews have told this ridiculous lie about the origins of the Aryan race because they benefit from Christianity, and do not want the stupid and insane Aryans whom they exploit to know that Jews descend from the Semitic herdsmen (e.g., Abraham and other HYKSOS who savagely HOLOCAUSTED ... #The_enemy the Hamitic farmers (e.g., Canaanites) from whom ALL Aryans descend, and who created the Kebaran and Natufian civilization from which the ancient Egyptian and all of the other civilizations of the Fertile Crescent and Europe descend.

The paragraph below refers to HG R1b1b2 (R-M269). ISOGG changed the name of HG R1b1b2 (R-M269) to HG R1b1a2 (R-M269).

Balaresque et al. ... io.1000285 stated: "The relative contributions to modern European populations of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers from the Near East have been intensely debated. Haplogroup R1b1b2 (R-M269) is the commonest European Y-chromosomal lineage, increasing in frequency from east to west, and carried by 110 million European men... The distribution of this lineage, the diversity within it, and estimates of its age all suggest that it spread with farming from the Near East. Taken with evidence on the origins of other lineages, this indicates that most European Y chromosomes descend from Near Eastern farmers... Previous studies suggested a Paleolithic origin, but here we show that the geographical distribution of its microsatellite diversity is best explained by spread from a single source in the Near East via Anatolia during the Neolithic ... in contrast, most maternal lineages descend from hunter-gatherers ..." Most Europeans have Crô-Magnon mitochondrial DNA because Neolithic farmers took the land and women of the hunter-gatherers.

According to this Wikipedia article about HG R1b1a2 (a.k.a. R-M269), "the distribution of R1b STR variance in Europe forms a cline from east to west, which is more consistent with an entry into Europe from Western Asia with the spread of farming... "The frequency is about 71% in Scotland, 70% in Spain and 60% in France. In south-eastern England the frequency of this clade is about 70%; in parts of the rest of north and western England, Spain, Portugal, Wales and Ireland, it is as high as 90%; and in parts of north-western Ireland it reaches 98%."

According to Swiss scientists who work at iGENEA (FTDNA's European affiliate), Pharaoh Tutankhamun (~1333 BC) and King James I of England belong to the same patriline, Celtic haplogroup R-M269 (R1b1a1a2, known previously as R1b1a2).

The Hg R1b1a2 Ouldémé hunter-gatherer cousins of Aryans never left the Sahel. The Ouldémé speak Wuzlam, a branch of the Chadic branch of the Hamitic language that was spoken in the Sahel by all R1b and I patrilines before the LGM. They still live in the part of the African Sahel near Lake Chad from which the Hamitic ancestors of the Hittites, Canaanites, Kassites, ancient Egyptians, etc. and ALL Indo-European, a.k.a., Indo-Hittite, speaking nations migrated because of the desiccation caused by the Last Glacial Maximum, which lasted from 26,500 to 19,000 years ago according to ... leistocene. The Last Common Ancestor of the Ouldémé and the Celts of Europe lived in the Sahel about 18700 years ago.
Wade Hampton III wrote:If Aryan man continues to be hell-bent on self-destruction, perhaps in many thousands of years, he will be replaced by a better type of human. I have explored this topic in the past, and still find it relevant today....
An established race that can not defend its territory must accept refugees who will replace it if possible. The history of China shows that savages can terrorize and take the territories of weaker races, and quickly exterminate farmers and the civilizations they create. Farmers can not compete with their savage cousins because they need more security, and have become as domesticated as their farm animals due to law enforcement, etc. The stronger and more racist and savage a race is, the more likely it will be able to defend and to expand its own territory. Evolution is more likely to create savages like Tyrannosaurus rex than a civilized species that can outlast planet Earth.