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Roosting Chickens

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Roosting Chickens

PostTue Feb 20, 2018 1:17 am

Posted by Floyd Ndlovu, Partner
Answered Mon · Upvoted by Erik Van der Velde, M.S. Economics, Maastricht University (1994)

The US is under a lot of pressure from all angles both internal and external, and there seems
to be no workable solution to her inevitable fall from grace.


The sanctity of the US Dollar is being challenged heavily by a very serious contender from the
far East. China is moving with lightning speed in their effort to unseat the dollar from the
global reserve currency throne, offering Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) as a better and recession-proof
store of value. The US economy relies heavily on international oil trades transacting in USD,
or Petrodollars as it were. When president Nixon decided to abandon the Gold Standard in 1971,
it was the cunning brilliance of (Jew) Henry Kissinger (after betraying troops in Vietnam) in
the early 1970s that kept the status of the USD virtually unshakeable, when he offered military
protection to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (along with the promise not to invade) and subsequently
all oil producing countries, under the banner of The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC) of that time, in return for these countries transacting all oil sales globally in dollars.
This meant that all countries wishing to provide petrol to their citizens had to have US Dollars
in their possession, thereby skyrocketing the demand of that currency globally. The humongous
confidence in the sanctity of the dollar meant that the US Treasury could simply print money out
of thin air, and use it to buy something of value such as; military hardware, foreign governments,
fund space programs and so on, which in turn marked the death of the Bretton Woods Agreement where
the dollar was backed by gold and all western European currencies backed by the dollar. This is why
the US can afford to have, and maintain hundreds of military bases around the world. They can
print money out of thin air, backed by nothing of value. Unlike the olden days where if you needed
to print a billion dollars, you'd first had to have mined gold worth a billion. Now because the US
economy heavily depends on the criminal behavior of printing worthless pieces of paper and call
them money, and the global confidence that the dollar is indeed worth something, any formidable
country that can present a successful rebellion by convincing OPEC countries to sell oil to it,
in its own currency, would mark the destruction of the dollar. The bad news is, the former is
already happening, China is already buying 1,2 million barrels of oil daily from Russia in
Chinese Yuan (Renminbi). Iran is also collecting the renminbi for oil, and China is still in
seemingly successful negotiations with other oil producing countries. Ever wondered why the US
is hell-bent on having regime change in Iran? Well it is because Iran decided to sell its oil
in any currency that suits the buyer. Libya and Saddam's Iraq also wanted to do away with the
dollar, and we all know what happened to them. Now the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed
Bin Salman, who (according to my analysis) is not pro-west, is going to agree to sell the
Kingdom's oil to China in renminbi. The jury is still out on whether the US will put plans
together, to attack China as well. Though it may seem unlikely to some, but because the US
is fighting for its own survival, a war with China is almost a certainty, given the fact that
the renminbi is very attractive in light of the fact that oil producing countries can change
their Chinese Yuan that are the proceeds of oil sales into gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange
(which is, by the way, the BIGGEST gold exchange on the planet). The Renminbi is the only
currency that can do that. When that happens expect to see all countries (holders of US
Sovereign Bonds) dumping all their dollars in the market, when the veneer of it's sanctity
is removed.
Gold Is Money And Nothing Else
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In the US there's a generation called “The Baby-Boomers”(people born from 1946 after the second
World War ). This generation's pension fund was put in the Stork Market by the US government,
and the baby-boomers could only qualify to acquire it when they've reached the age of seventy
years and a half. Now the Stock Market works exactly like a Ponzi Scheme, appreciating in
value when more money comes in, and depreciating when more of it goes out. From July of 2016
baby-boomers have been coming of age, and taking their money from the stock market, since they
no longer trust the markets, courtesy of the 2008 recession. So every month from July 2016,
more and more baby-boomers have been coming of age, milking the Bourse ceaselessly.

Even though the new tax laws passed by president Trump have had positive sentiments, and a
shallow analysis that suggests that people will have more money in their pockets to spend in
the economy, boosting it further up. But the questions to be asked are: since the US government
is going to be collecting less in taxes, where is the money gonna come from, to settle their
$20 trillion plus debt that's growing by tens of billions every year? How are they going to
fund their insatiable thirst for war? The US education system is already sub-standard, how is
it going to improve when the government collects less tax? These questions are endless, but
the answer to all of them is that the US will be borrowing the money from the Federal Reserve,
that they do not collect in taxes. And what would be the result of that? Inflation. Inflation
will offset the “more money in people's pocket” theory . Overprinting of any currency depreciates
the value of that currency, so people will have “more money in their pockets” that will continue
to be worth less every year leading ultimately to another Great Depression which will be more
severe than the last one (1929 - 1932). Politicians always pass laws that they'll later use as
a re-election tool, and decide to cross the bridge of consequences when they get to it. The
future is BLEAK for the USA, I'm sorry. ... 219-bbd-b#

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Re: Roosting Chickens

PostTue Feb 20, 2018 4:05 am

Interesting video, I watched all of it. Some thoughts that came to mind while watching:
1. Have useful skills with which to barter with as it seems barter could become a lot more useful in the near future;
2. When "speculation" was mentioned, what came to mind was to think of highly useful commodities that could easily become strictly controlled in the future;
3. Food/seeds, water purification systems, and ammunition/firearms could become a likely controlled commodities and is a necessity for life;
4. For $150, you too can learn some valuable details in all this!

In other words, the video reiterated the same things being said in 'prepper' circles. The only difference is predicted timetables.
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Re: Roosting Chickens

PostFri Apr 13, 2018 4:18 pm

An Economic War!


by Tyler Durden

Wed, 04/11/2018 – 19:25

Authored by Brandon Smith via

THERE IS A MASS DELUSION in the mainstream created I think in large part by
too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction. It is an immediate
assumption; one that I believe is far more dangerous than many people give
it credit for. The ASSUMPTION IS that THE NEXT GREAT WAR, should it occur,
WILL inevitably BE A NUCLEAR ONE, and the doom surrounding it will end everything
as we know it. Many people even get excited at the idea of World War III and
the notion that it will “wipe the slate clean,” SETTING the STAGE for a positive
human reformation from the ashes. I’m here to say that THI$ I$ LIKELY NOT HOW
THINGS WILL ….PLAY…..OUT. There are much MORE precise and EFFECTIVE WEAPON$
than NUKE$ in the AR$Enal of the eSTABlishment GLO-BAAL-I$T$ …THAT MANIPULATE…
Starve Yids!
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