More Evidence of Physiological Differences Between Races

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More Evidence of Physiological Differences Between Races

Post by RCavallius » Thu Jul 14, 2022 11:58 am

I got into weightlifting a few months ago, so I've been reading up on various subjects related to it and to men's health in general. I came across this short piece on the suppression of spermatogenesis in men of different races, and I thought it was really interesting, since I love race science.

They're saying that Asian men have an inherently lower spermatogenic potential than White men. No Blacks were tested, unfortunately, and the sample was really small here, so I don't know how conclusive we should consider these results, but reason would suggest that this is true.

It reads, in part:

"Spermatogenesis in Asian men appears to be more susceptible to suppression by steroidal contraceptives administered in clinical trials than spermatogenesis in Caucasian men. The objective of this study was to determine whether ethnic differences exist in testicular structure and spermatogenic potential that might predispose Asians to a high sensitivity to steroidal contraceptives. Testes from 12 Chinese men were compared to those from 8 Hispanic men and 12 non-Hispanic Caucasian men of ages 29+/-3, 30+/-2, and 29+/-3 years, respectively.

"The histologic appearance, volume density, and length per man of seminiferous tubules were the same across ethnic groups, but the volume of seminiferous tubules per man was significantly lower in Chinese men. The number of Sertoli cells per gram was significantly higher in Chinese and Caucasian men than in Hispanic men, but the number of Sertoli cells per man and Sertoli cell function were significantly lower in Chinese men than the other two groups. The volume density of Leydig cell cytoplasm was greater in Chinese men, but the number of Leydig cells was similar across groups. It is postulated that smaller testes, coupled with the reduced number and function of Sertoli cells and reduced daily sperm production, contribute to an inherently lower spermatogenic potential in Asian men, which predisposes them to a heightened negative spermatogenic response to steroidal contraceptives."

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