The True Dark Ages Occurred Outside of Eurasia

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Re: The True Dark Ages Occurred Outside of Eurasia

Post by N567 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:33 am

Grimork wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2020 9:46 am
Understood. Yes, the effeminate are a lost cause. We don't need those types anyways. We need strong men and fathers, not sissies. :/
I would also like to add that the practice of witchcraft was not common in the industrialized empires of Europe and Asia because it was forbidden, even during pagan times, to do so, with the penalty being death for violating the ban, while witchcraft is so common in the tribal societies of the Jews, Africans, and Native Americans that they even have witch doctors.

Even today superstitious practices like beheading bald men and trying to extract gold from their heads along with drying live babies to death in a magic ritual, that would supposedly grant wealth, are still practiced by Africans while Jewish Rabbis still suck the penises of circumcised newborn boys.

The practice of witchcraft itself is effeminate because it gives weak, stupid, and inferior people a false sense of power and the false hope that it would give them the ability to rise up against the elite, especially the powerful high testosterone men from the technologically advanced industrial empires of Eurasia that subjugated the tribal people.

This is why witchcraft is especially popular amongst women who want to feel powerful because they are inherently inferior due to their lack of testosterone and will never have the superior creativity, intelligence, and physical strength possessed by the great geniuses of the empires of Eurasia, and especially the White American polymaths of the modern times such as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, Philo Farnsworth, Howard Hughes, George Devol, Homer Hickam, Smokey Yunnick, Nolan Bushnell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lowell Wood, Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk who made the modern world, with all of its scientific and technological wonders, a reality.

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Re: The True Dark Ages Occurred Outside of Eurasia

Post by DannyPavlovsky » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:21 pm

N567 wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2020 9:04 am
The men with tattoos are not the ones I am calling fags, it is the hipsters and metrosexuals because they look effeminate. Some even take it to the extreme by getting their genitals chopped off, dressing in women's clothes, taking anti-androgens, taking estrogen, and calling themselves female. The hipsters and metrosexuals call themselves genderqueers while the ones that think they are literally female refer to themselves as transexuals.
This hyper-individualism (aka hipsterism) is a sign of cultural dissolution brought about by Jews. Culture is that unity of style that expresses itself in the art, architecture, language, cuisine, spirituality, etc. of a people. Culture is a product of race, and those racial idiosyncrasies are shaped and tempered by a people’s history, longsuffering, environment, etc.

Culture gives a warm atmosphere in which people can settle into and feel comfortable being around like-minded people.

Like with most things natural, the Jews invert it, 180 degrees. All these Jew-confected ideologies, these -isms, do the opposite of what they purport. For example, "multiculturalism" is promoted by the Jews as being an ideology whereby everyone, regardless of their ethnicity and in the midst of this racial chaos/milieu, would be able to preserve their own cultural identity. This is, of course, false. What you have instead is cultural dissolution.

And this has been going on for quite some time; I would say, at least since the end of WW2, where social engineering thinktanks like Tavistock began to appear. At that point, the plan was to replace culture with social engineering -the former being organic, while the latter, synthetic.

"Individuality" is IMO, simultaneously both the white people's greatest strength and their greatest weakness. It's what compels great men to transcend these somewhat superficial constructs, even if temporarily, crossing into the metaphysical realm and bringing back something with them that they can then communicate to us via art, music, poetry, invention, etc.

This is what gives the white race it's creative spark, that pilot light, which no other race has, at least to the degree that whites possess.

The antithesis would be the Jews, and even the Chinese; these purely cerebral creatures who may achieve a certain virtuosity in their respective fields, yet are never (or rarely ever) able to contribute anything new. Their "strengths" lie in taking the inventions of the white race and, at best, improving on them, or at worst, using our technology against us, creating some Orwellian nightmare. (The latter is unfortunately what we see today.)

But this individualism is also our greatest weakness as well, and it's one that the Jews know how to exploit, which is why they destroy cultures and replace them with social engineering, and promote, especially among the white races, this hyper-individuality, where people now find themselves outside that warm atmosphere of organic culture, and consequently feel compelled to express themselves in these extremely superficial ways via odd dress, piercings, tattoos, etc.

The final culmination of this hyper-individuality, the ultimate perversion of Nature, expresses itself in this transgender movement, where, for example, a man thinks he's a woman, and would have major surgery and go through hormone replacement therapy in order for Nature to bend and warp itself until its as bent and warped as their degenerate mind.

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