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Israel Remaining Backwards If Not For Theft Of US Technology

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 4:33 am
by N567
Israel Would Have Remained Backwards If Not For Theft Of US Technology

Because the US is the most innovative country in the world as discussed in this thread:

Israel and other countries have stolen its technology for their own benefit rather than making their own discoveries and inventions because they are too stupid to do that.

The following article written by the National Alliance discusses the Jewish theft of US technology: ... echnology/

Additionally, the following article, also written by the National Alliance, discusses the Chinese theft of US technology: ... se-threat/

Re: Israel Remaining Backwards If Not For Theft Of US Technology

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:03 am
by N567
A notorious example of the theft of US technology was when auto manufacturers from other countries copied Howard Hughes design for a streamlined automobile body with a sloping trunk that can increase the maximum speed of cars by 60%.

The Japanese airplane designer Jiro Horikoshi also stole Howard Hughes design for the world's 1st streamlined airplane, the H-1 Racer. This airplane used the following innovations:

Supercharged Multi-Row Radial Engine
Unbraced Wings
Stressed-Skin Metal Covering
Flush Rivets
Flush Joints
Butt Joined Aircraft Skins
Streamlined Engine Cowl
Wing Curve
Retractable Landing Gear
Retractable hydraulically actuated tail skid

Then, in 1970, Howard Hughes invented the Underwater Salvage Ship called the Glomar Explorer which used a claw to retrieve a sunken Soviet nuclear ballistic missile submarine and a Submersible Barge that was used to install the claw underneath the ship's hull. A few days after completing the vessel in 1974, burglars broke into Hughes' house to steal the blueprints of his inventions and give them to the Soviets, who, along with other countries, produced copies of his inventions.