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If only Google were owned by men like James DAMORE.

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If only Google were owned by men like James DAMORE.

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 11:36 pm

I recommend the video named "2017/08/08: James Damore and his Google Memo on Diversity (complete)" at Jew-owned Google fired James DAMORE for telling the truth about some of Google's anti-white policies. This video is worth watching if only because the interviewer, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and Damore are extremely intelligent and well spoken. Men like them have been persecuted for the same reason that men like David Irving and Kevin STROM have been persecuted, i.e., for telling the TRUTH, so they are on our side. Their intelligence, communications skills and courage have been a great service to our cause. They already understand our enemies' tactics, and are probably intelligent enough to realize that the main culprits are evil Jews. The Aryan race/civilization and all of mankind would benefit far more if Google were owned by a man like James DAMORE instead of by Jews.

Jared Taylor interviewed a young black man who describes how he discovered the truth about race and what it means to him in the video named "Race Realism | A Black Man Discovers The Truth About Race & IQ" at If Whites are more intelligent and superior to Negroes, why are Whites being replaced by non-Whites?

Jim Mathias

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Re: If only Google were owned by men like James DAMORE.

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 11:48 pm

It seems that Jewish behavior in response to any deviation from their point of view is being punished more severely with time. How stupid of them! Jews might think of the rest of us as "cattle" (goyim) but we're not as stupid as those bovine creatures and the next time of removing Jews from our lands comes closer as a result. Jews don't suffer from "anti-semitism," ---they cause it! This James Damore case illustrates this well.

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