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Must Life Perish Unless Mongoloids Conquer the World?

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Must Life Perish Unless Mongoloids Conquer the World?

PostTue Jul 11, 2017 9:30 pm

Permela posted a response similar to the edited version below, in the National Vanguard forum at on July 11, 2017 .

Why Can't A Domesticated Species Compete With Undomesticated Members of the Same Species?

CHERYL D. UZAMERE claims to be a mulatto, and seems to think that Whites are as capable of hatred as non-Whites are.

The descendants of Aryan farmers in Europe, America, etc. can not survive unless they quickly learn how to behave as savagely and hatefully as the Semites and Negroes who are replacing them.

Why Were Aryans Domesticated?

Civilization can not exist without domesticated animals, and above all, a domesticated species/race of mankind. The Aryan farmers of the Fertile Crescent began to create the security that makes civilization possible about twenty thousand years ago, by breeding some of the dangerous survival instincts out of their own race, e.g., via law enforcement, and out of the domesticated animals and plants that make the existence of civilization possible.

Have Aryans become too civilized, i.e., compassionate, to compete with the savage Semites and Negroes who have been invading, terrorizing and exploiting Aryan homelands and civilization for thousands of years in order to steal, murder, rape and exploit the Aryan race, i.e, to seek a "better life"? See

Why Must The Exploiters of the Aryan Race Lie?

Jews must lie in order to exploit the Aryan race, e.g., via propaganda that claims that Jews have been the "crucified" victims and slaves of the Aryan race rather than vice versa, e.g., via the fraudulent holocaust story. Christians have been indoctrinated so strongly with this lie that they would be shocked by and wary of anyone who suggested otherwise.

Although the Jews enslaved the Egyptian farmers, they claim in the "sacred scriptures" referred to as the Bible that their Semitic ancestors were enslaved by the ancient Egyptians, even though the concept that immobile farmers can enslave nomadic herdsmen is as ridiculous as the rest of the nonsense that European Christians were forced to accept as being the "WORD" of God over a thousand years ago.

Shepherds have to follow their flocks so they must be nomadic. Their mobility allows herdsmen to raid, rob, rape, terrorize, etc. the farmers with impunity. The farmers of the Fertile Crescent were tied to their farms, and had to live in permanent homes, so they were easily terrorized, conquered and enslaved.

Why Have Aryan Nations Become So Powerful?

The Aryan race became the most domesticated and powerful species of mankind in the world because it invented farming in the Fertile Crescent, and thereby the first civilization. Civilization made food more plentiful and allowed the Aryan population to eventually become numerous and technologically advanced enough to conquer Europe and the rest of the world. The Jews who control Aryan governments and their soldiers have been the main beneficiaries of this imperialism.

Why Parasitized Aryans?

The savage Semitic herdsmen from which all Jews and Arabs descend first began to conquer and enslave Aryan farmers of Mesopotamia about eight thousand years ago because they wanted what the farmers produced, e.g., a permanent food supply, and to have a "better life".

The enslavement of the Aryan race made it possible for the Semitic population to become large enough to conquer the rest of the Fertile Crescent, e.g., ancient Egypt, by 2000 BC (during the lifetime of the nomadic herdsman known as Abraham from "Ur of the Chaldees", a part of Mesopotamia that was enslaved by the Semitic Chaldeans, from whom Jews and Arabs claim they descend).

The ancient Egyptians called Abraham and other Semites "HYKSOS" (an Egyptian word which meant "rulers of foreign lands", or imperialists in plain English). See (Wikipedia's articles about the Hyksos, etc. include whatever lies Wikipedia's Jewish censors want Wikipedia's readers to believe).

Slave Rebellions

The Aryan farmers of the Fertile Crescent could not survive unless they allowed the herdsmen who terrorized them to become their rulers and masters, i.e., to enslave them either directly or via their government (all Aryan taxpayers and politicians are in reality the slaves of the Jews who control the media and therefore the governments of Aryan nations).

After centuries of slavery Amosis I united the Egyptian clans, and drove their Semitic exploiters and parasites out of ancient Egypt (in the same way that Hitler tried to rid Germany of its exploiters (a.k.a. "the shoah") according to the "Transfer Agreement" by Jew Edwin BLACK. See or download a .pdf version for free via a Google Search ( ).

Fugitive Slaves

The Aryan clans and nations of the Fertile Crescent who refused to be ruled by Jews fled from the Fertile Crescent to the forests of Europe, since cattle starve in a forest. Mongoloid herdsmen drove Aryans who tried to farm the rich plains of Central Russia into the forests of northern Europe. The Aryans of northern Europe had to resume the harsh life of a hunter-gatherer until northern Europe warmed up enough for farming about five thousand years ago.

The Aryan farmers who settled in southern Europe created the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome by taking the land of the cold-adapted Cro-Magnon hunter gatherers who survived the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in southern Europe.

Why Are The Aryan Civilizations of Northern Europe the Most Powerful?

The Aryan race of northern Europe remained pure because the LGM drove all of the Cro-Magnon hunter gatherers out of northern Europe about 20 thousand years ago. Miscegenation between Aryans and Cro-Magnon hunter gatherers caused the Aryan civilizations of southern Europe to eventually become less secure and prosperous, i.e., to "fall" in the same way that civilization in northern Europe is now falling apart because it is being invaded by Negroes and Semites.

The Aryan farmers who fled to northern Europe from the Fertile Crescent during the Holocene became hunter-gatherers because northern Europe did not warm enough for farming until about five thousand years ago.

Why Were Aryans Christianized?

Jews Christianized the Aryans of southern Europe, gained control of the government of the Roman Empire, and used its military might to eventually force the Aryans of the rest of Europe to worship a Jew. Most northern Europeans probably inherited some Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal genes from their hybrid Roman conquistadores.

The civilizations that the Aryans of northern Europe created became the most powerful in the world despite Christianity because they were secure and became prosperous enough to create the powerful technology that made it possible for them to conquer America and other continents.

Aryans tried to civilized the savage races that they conquered because they wrongly believed that teaching savage races to worship a Jew would civilize them too.

Aryans domesticated their race via thousands of years of selective breeding, i.e., law enforcement. Aryans eliminated from their gene pool the survival instincts that make it possible for people to survive in the homelands of savage races. To expect a man to become civilized because he worships a Jew, i.e., says that "Jesus is Lord", is as nonsensical as anything else that Christians have been taught to believe.

Can Aryan Civilization Survive?

The more savages immigrate to the homelands of Europeans, the sooner they will become as insecure, chaotic, crime infested and technologically primitive and impoverished as the homelands of Negroes and Semites are today.

Politically correct (pro-immigration) Elon Musk may think that genetic engineering can civilize a savage race, in the same way that Aryans began to civilize their own race and their domesticated plants and animals the old fashioned way almost twenty thousand years ago. If not, miscegenation will eventually doom any colony that Chistianized Aryan hybrids manage to create on Mars.

Can Mongoloid Civilization Help Life Outlast Planet Earth?

If the Mongoloid race can maintain its purity and avoid becoming Christianized, i.e., Jew-worshipers, its civilization may eventually become the most powerful in the world, and have the opportunity to conquer and colonize the rest of the world and even Mars, and thereby help life to outlast planet earth even if the Aryan race and Elon Musk fail to do so.
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Re: Must Life Perish Unless Mongoloids Conquer the World?

PostWed Jul 12, 2017 6:27 am

Dr. William Pierce wrote:In man — in our race in particular — this upward urge, this divine spark, has brought us to a new threshold. A threshold as important as that which separated the non-living matter of three billion years ago from the living matter into which it evolved. Today’s threshold is a threshold in self-consciousness. We stand now on the verge of a full understanding of the fact that we are a manifestation of the creator, that we are the means and the substance by which the creator, by which the whole of which we are a part, can continue its self-evolution.

This is the reason our race will not perish. We are on the edge of a new consciousness - a new order, a new people. The struggle in which we are engaged cannot be fought by any other race, since no other race has been shaped in the creator's image, in harmony with the universe. We aren't interested in simply preserving life. We are in the business of transcending life.

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