Did Time Have A Beginning?

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Did Time Have A Beginning?

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:31 am

Wade says, "This is an interesting item for mental expansion, if
a Caucasian reader can overlook the Jewish references to the
plagiaristic Jew Einstein and a host of many other Jews hoping
to capitalize on the Caucasian experience!"
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A visual history of the expanding Universe includes the hot, dense
state known as the Big Bang and the growth and formation of
structure subsequently. The full suite of data, including the
observations of the light elements and the cosmic microwave
background, leaves only the Big Bang as a valid explanation
for all we see. As the Universe expands, it also cools,
enabling ions, neutral atoms, and eventually molecules,
gas clouds, stars, and finally galaxies to form.
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The quantum fluctuations that occur during inflation get
stretched across the Universe, and when inflation ends,
they become density fluctuations. This leads, over time,
to the large-scale structure in the Universe today, as
well as the fluctuations in temperature observed in the
CMB. These new predictions are essential for demonstrating
the validity of a fine-tuning mechanism, and have validated
inflation as our new, leading theory of how our Big Bang
got its start.
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The different ways dark energy could evolve into the future.
Remaining constant or increasing in strength (into a Big Rip)
could potentially rejuvenate the Universe, while reversing
sign could lead to a Big Crunch. Under either of those two
scenarios, time may be cyclical, while if neither comes true,
time could either be finite or infinite in duration to the past.

Wade concludes, "Don't leave it to the Jews! It is OUR
Universe! All we need is to muster the collective will
and take what is rightfully OURS!"

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