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The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

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The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostTue Aug 07, 2018 2:28 am

Did you know that the USA is the most technologically advanced country in the world? Many of the groundbreaking inventions that are used today were invented in the USA. The USA is a republic of science with astounding innovations but the USA is now being infested with leftists and may lose its position as the most innovative country in the world. Now corporations are harassed by the leftist police state, leftist human resources, and SJW’s. As leftism continues to be pushed and leftist agendas infect the workplace, the United States has started to fall behind while less leftist and diversity focused countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are catching up. Let us not allow this trend to continue and make America great again! Here is a list of groundbreaking innovations produced by the USA:

Agricultural Innovations:

Cotton Gin - invented by Eli Whitney.
Reaper - invented by Cyrus McCormick.
Winnowing Barn - invented in South Carolina.
Nitrogen Cycle Crop Rotation - invented by George Washington Carver.

Telegraph - invented by Samuel Morse.
Oil Pipeline - invented by John D. Rockefeller.
Oil-Futures - invented by John D. Rockefeller.
Telephone - invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
Power Plant - invented by Thomas Edison.

Electrical Appliances:
Electric Grill - invented by Thomas Edison.
2-Sided Grill - invented by Michael Boehm.
Toaster - invented by Thomas Edison.
Light Bulb - invented by Thomas Edison.
Electric Searchlight - invented by Thomas Edison.
Electric Fan - invented by Thomas Edison.
Air-Conditioning - invented by Willis De Havilland Carrier.
Electric Refrigerator - invented by Nathaniel B. Wales.
Electric Washing Machine - invented by Oliver B Woodrow.
Electric Dryer - invented by J. Ross Moore.
Blender - invented by Stephen J. Poplowski.
Ironing Board - invented by Elijah McCoy.
Quick Fryer - invented by Colonel Sanders.
Microwave Oven - invented by Percy Spencer.
2-Sided Grill - invented by Michael Boehm.

First Practical Electric Train - invented by Thomas Edison.
First Practical Dry Cell Battery - invented by Thomas Edison.
First Practical Wet Cell Battery - invented by Thomas Edison.
Record Players - invented by Thomas Edison.
Cinema - invented by Thomas Edison.
Steel Reinforced Skyscraper - built by William LeBaron Jenney.
Steel Reinforced Poured Concrete Structures - invented by Thomas Edison.
Airplane - invented by the Wright Brothers.
Moving Assembly Line and Affordable Cars and Trucks - invented by Henry Ford.
Diesel Powered Bulk Carrier Ship - the first bulkers with diesel propulsion began to appear in 1911 in the United States.
Diesel Train - invented by Thomas Edison.
Fax Machine - invented by Richard H. Ranger.
Radio Broadcasting - invented by David Sarnoff.
Electronic Television - invented by Philo Farnsworth.
Television Broadcasting - invented by David Sarnoff.
Helicopter - invented by Igor Sikorsky.
Nuclear Fission Reactor - invented by Enrico Fermi.
Atomic Bomb - invented by Robert Oppenheimer.
Hydrogen Bomb - invented by Edward Teller.
Transistor - invented by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley.
Industrial Robot - invented by George Devol.
Prosthetics - invented by George Devol.
Mining Mech Big Muskie - invented by Bucyrus-Erie.
Cable TV - invented by John Walson.
Satellite Communications - invented by Howard Hughes.
Moon Landing - Saturn V and Apollo rockets designed by Wernher Von Braun and the Lunar Lander designed by Tom Kelley.

Digital Technology:
Digital Alarm Clock - invented by D.E Protzmann.
GPS - invented by Roger L. Easton.
Handheld Calculator - invented by Jack Kilby.
CCD Digital Electronic Video Camera - invented by Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith.
Digital Wristwatch - invented by John Bergey.
Digital Electronic Still Camera - invented by Steven Sasson.
Universal Remote Control - invented by Steve Wozniak.
Digital TV - invented by General Instrument.

Cellphone - invented by Martin Cooper.
Smartphone - invented by Frank J. Canova.
Camera Phone - invented by Eric Fossum.
CMOS Image Sensor - invented by Eric Fossum.

Computer Technology:
Electromechanical Arcade Game - the first electromechanical arcade game, called Contact, was invented by Harry Williams.
Light Gun Arcade Game - the first light gun arcade game, called the Seeburg Ray-O-Lite, was invented in the US.
Monitor - invented by IBM.
Hard Drive - invented by IBM.
Computer Keyboard - invented by Thomas W. Slebodnik and Frank J. Rau.
Scanner - invented by Russell Kirsch.
Computer Stylus - invented by Tom Dimond.
Optical Video Disc - invented by David Paul Gregg.
Computer Mouse - invented by Douglas Engelbart.
Touch Screen - invented by EA Johnson.
Integrated Circuit - invented by Jack Kilby.
Video Games - invented by Ralph H. Baer.
Internet - invented by Robert Taylor and Lawrence Roberts.
Arcade Game - invented by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.
Wireless Internet - invented by Norman Abramson.
Microprocessor - invented by Marcian Hoff, Stanley Mazor, and Frederico Faggin.
Personal Computers - invented by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell.
PDA - the GridPad, the first touchscreen PDA computer was invented by Jeff Hawkins.
E-mail - invented by Jerry Yang and David Filo.
Search Engine - invented by Jerry Yang and David Filo.
WebTV - invented by Steve Perlman.
Social Networking - invented by Andrew Weinreich.
Online Video Hosting Service - invented by Chase Norlin.
Tablet PC - invented by Bill Gates.
Tablet/Laptop Hybrid PC - invented by Bill Gates.
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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 1:53 am

Any crypto-Jews on the list?


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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 3:25 am

Wade Hampton III wrote:Any crypto-Jews on the list?

I am not sure, but the famous Jewish scientist that I know of, Albert Einstein was a plagiarist who copied his ideas from Albert Michelson, Edward Morley, Olinto De Pretto, Hendrik Lorentz, Henri Poincare, and David Hilbert. These 6 scientists published the concepts and equations that would be found in General and Special Relativity before Einstein.


The other scientists who laid the foundations for Relativistic and Quantum Physics were John Dalton, William Crookes, Wilhelm Roentgen, Thomas Edison, and Joseph John Thomson. John Dalton for discovering atoms, William Crookes for discovering plasma, radioactivity, and radioactive elements, Wilhelm Roentgen for discovering x-rays, Thomas Edison for discovering thermionic emission, and Joseph John Thompson for discovering the electron. Note that all these scientists are not Jewish.


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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostSat Sep 15, 2018 3:46 pm

Here are some more American inventions:


Cotton Gin
Winnowing Barn
Revolving Hay Rake
Nitrogen Cycle Crop Rotation
Internal Combustion Powered Tractor
Automatic Sprinkler
Aerial Broadcast Seeding
Nutrient Solution
Animal Transport and Handling System
Combine Harvester
Genetically Modified Organisms
Method of rapidly extracting potassium from potash using a blue dye to lower the cost of making fertilizer

Safety Equipment:

Gas Mask

Office Equipment:

Electric Typewriter
Eyelet Machine
Paper Fastener
Wire Stapler
Hole Punch
Chad-Collecting Receptacle
Rectigraph Machine
Photostat Machine


Rotary Printing Press

Food Processing Technology:

Deep Fryer
Pressure Fryer
Drive Through
Food Assembly Line
Decentralized Expansion
Land Lease Franchising
Trademark Franchising
Food Processing Equipment Retailing
Microwavable Food
Instant Ice Cream
Instant Milkshake
Pizza Oven
Pizza Pan
Electric Deck Pizza Oven
Conveyor Belt Pizza Oven
Burger Making Robot

Exercise Equipment:

Smith Machine
Pulley Machine
Calf Machine
Leg Extension Machine
Weight Selector for Cable Machines
Resistance Band


Protein Powder
Protein Bar
Nutrition Bar


Digital Alarm Clock
Digital Wristwatch


Film Camera
Motion Picture Camera
Motion Picture Projector
Color Film
Vacuum Tube Electronic Video Camera
CCD Digital Electronic Video Camera
CCD Digital Electronic Still Camera
Laser Projector
CMOS Image Sensor


Motorized Mechanical Computer
Electromechanical Arcade Game
Light Gun Arcade Game
Vacuum Tube Computer
Computer Stylus
Hard Drive
Thermal Printer
Handheld Calculator
Video Game
Video Game Console
Arcade Game
Desktop PC
Laptop PC
Field-Programmable Gate Array
Digital Video Recorder
Tablet PC
Tablet/Laptop Hybrid PC


Word Processor
Digital Library
Media Player
Web TV
Speech-Text Converter
Text-Speech Converter
Web Browser
Search Engine
File Sharing
Peer-Peer File Sharing
Social Networking
File Streaming
Digital Globe
Digital World Map
Digital Street View


Electromechanical Relay
Electromagnetic Loudspeaker
Optical Audio Disc
Carbon Microphone
Foil Electret Microphone
Edison Effect Bulb
Printed Circuit Board
Cold Cathode Display
Integrated Circuit
Optical Video Disc
Checkout Counter
Barcode Scanner
Thick Film Resistor
Universal Remote Control
Hypersonic Sound


Printing Telegraph
Universal Stock Ticker
Public Broadcast System
Electric Megaphone
Telegraph Stylus
Magnetic Wire Recording
Motion Pictures
Photoelectric Paper Tape Recorder
Electronic Television
Television Broadcasting
Space Surveillance System
Satellite Communications
Wireless Internet
Fax Machine
Flatscreen Television
Cable TV
Digital Cellular Networks
Touchscreen Smartphone
Camera Phone
Digital Radio
Digital TV
Internet TV

Power Generation:

Combustion Power Station
3-Phase Power
Power Grid
Solar Thermal Power
Solar Photovoltaics
Geothermal Power
Hydrothermal Power
Nuclear Power
Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor
Fusion Power
Fuel Cells


Coal Stove
Gas Stove
Steam Powered Refrigerator
Steam Powered Icemaker
Electric Clothes Iron
Electric Stove
Charcoal Grill
Gas Grill
Electric Grill
2-Sided Grill
Carbonized Bamboo Incandescent Bulb
Tungsten Carbide Incandescent Bulb
Fluorescent Lamp
Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Electric Searchlight
Electric Fan
Evaporative Cooler
Electric Refrigerator
Electric Washing Machine
Electric Clothes Dryer
Ironing Board
Quick Fryer
Cool Box
Flatscreen Television

Crime Detection:

Lie Detector
Brain Fingerprinting

Oil Industry:

Oil Pipeline
Oil Futures
Rotary Cone Drill Bit
Tri-Cone Rotary Drill Bit
Mobile Offshore Drilling Platform

Water System:

Water Tower

Waste Management:

Motorized Street Sweeper
Automated Materials Recovery/Trash Sorting Facility
Wastewater Treatment Facility
Wastewater to Electricity Power Plant w/ Ash Fertilizer Collector
Waste to Electricity Power Plant w/ Ash Fertilizer Collector
Landfill Methane Gas Power Plant
Landfill Mining

Environmental Science:

Unleaded Gas
Catalytic Converter
Clean Coal Technology
Low Sulfur Diesel


Vault Lights
Steel Girders
Edison Cement
Poured Concrete
Steel Rebar
Concrete Blocks
Concrete Roads
Fly Ash Concrete Strengthener
Commuter Towns
Edge Cities

Commercial Buildings:

Food Market
Grocery Cart


Portage Carriage
Portage Gravity Railway
Portage Train
Continuous Track
Electric Trains w/ Multiple Unit Control
Battery Train
Aerodynamic Streamlining
Streamlined Internal Combustion Powered Train
Diesel Train
Switcher Drone
Electric Car
Electric Motorcycle
Automatic Oil Lubrication System
Mass Produced Cars, Trucks, and Buses
Pneumatic Tire
Stop Light
Diesel Powered Ship
Diesel Powered Bulk Carrier
Jet Ship
Self-Sealing Fuel Tank
Rocket Nozzle
Liquid Fuel Rocket
Roadable Airplane
Castable Composite Solid Rocket Propellant
Tilt-Rotor Helicopter
Tilt-Jet Airplane
Tilt-Wing Airplane
Lunar Lander
Space Plane
Fully Reusable Space Plane
Mobile Floating Launch and Landing Pad
VTVL Rocket

Mass Production:

Coal Breaker
Electrically Powered Factories
Moving Assembly Line
Industrial Robot
Industrial Server Computer


Weighted Roller
Construction Equipment with Rubber Tires
Motorized Scraper
Electric Wheel Drive for Construction Equipment
Haul Truck
Rear-Eject Haul Truck Body


Dragline Excavator
Walking Dragline Excavator Big Muskie


Boron Steel


Belton Flintlock Pistol
Belton Flintlock Musket
Pedal Powered Propeller Driven Attack Submarine
Steam Powered Warship
Steam Powered Ironclad Battleship
Cannon Turret
Armored Train
Anti-Railroad Mine
Railway Gun
AT Pepperbox
Ring Lever Action Repeater
Lever Action Repeater
Metallic Cartridge
Conical Bullet
Conical Shell
Firing Pin
Gatling Gun
Clockwork Automatic Revolver
Gatling Cannon
Motorized Gatling Gun
Motorized Gatling Cannon
Recoilless Cannon
Revolver Cannon
Air Cooled Machine Gun
Recoil Pad
Muzzle Brake
Electrically Fired Rockets
Electrically Detonated Mines
Mine Planter
Oil Fired Battleship
Oil Fired Turbo-Electric Battleship
Torpedo Bomber
All-Terrain Vehicles
Automatic Rifle
Flexible Ammunition Belt
Motorized Bullet Feed Chute
Tank Suspension
Convertible Tank Drive
Oxygen Scrubber
PT Boat
Landing Craft
Landing Craft Carrier
Computer Guided Artillery
Homing Torpedo
High Altitude Bomber
Atomic Bomb
Jet Bomber
Supersonic Fighter Jet
Hydrogen Bomb
Missile Cruiser
Missile Destroyer
Missile Boat
Nuclear Hunter-Killer Sub
Nuclear Missile Sub
Nuclear Missile Cruiser
Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
Anti-Submarine Missile
Nuclear Depth Bomb
Surface Effect Ship
Nuclear Recoilless Cannon
Armored Personnel Carrier
Transistor Electronic Missile Guidance Systems
Air-Air Missile
Radar Guided Missile
Laser Guided Missile
All Weather Interceptor Package
Thermal Imaging
Electronic Range Finder w/ Night Vision and Thermal Imaging
Hand Cranked Multiple Grenade Launcher
Automatic Multiple Grenade Launcher
Biocides (Agent Orange)
Thermobaric Bomb
Thermobaric Shell
Thermobaric Warhead
Attack Helicopter
Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle
Fin Guided Shell
Rocket Assisted Shell
Gas Turbine Powered Tank
Aegis Multiple Target Tracking System
Stealth Helicopter
Stealth Fighter
Stealth Bomber
Stealth Ship
Tilt Rotor Helicopter
Littoral Combat Jet Ship
Multirole Fighter
Strike Drone
Attack Gyrodyne


Liquid Soap
Liquid Soap Dispenser


Shipping Container


Calcium Tungstate Fluoroscope
Adjustable Hospital Bed
Electronic Hearing Aid
Rotational Radiation Therapy
Electronic Mind Control
Prosthetic Limbs
Bone Morphogenetic Protein
Speech Synthesizer
Microbial Dumbwaiter
Microbial Strain Improvement
Genetic Engineering
Computational Modeling of the Visual System
Brain–Computer Interface
Artificial Heart
Cochlear Implant
Prosthetic Vision
Turbine Artificial Heart
Head Transplant
Artificial Insemination
Artificial Bacteria
Artificial Virus

Weather Modification:

Dry Ice Cloud Seeding
Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding


Radio Telescope

Scientific/Measuring Instruments:

Radiocarbon Dating
Bubble Chamber

Forest Preservation Techniques:

Nature Reserves - pioneered by Theodore Roosevelt to prevent forests from being denuded after scientists found out that trees are necessary to convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

Tree Farms - a place for the logging industry to cut trees while simultaneously planting new ones to replenish the supply of wood.

Firefighting Airplane - airplane that drops water from a tank in its fuselage on forest fires in order to put it out.

Controlled Fires - the burning up of accumulated flammable organic matter in forests to prevent larger uncontrolled forest fires from spreading. Once the flame reaches a certain size, a firefighting airplane drops water onto that region of the forest to put the fire out.

21st Century American Inventions:

Fully Reusable Space Plane - invented by Burt Rutan.
Mobile Floating Launch and Landing Pad - invented by Elon Musk.
VTVL Rocket - invented by Jeff Bezos.
Artificial Bacteria - invented by J. Craig Venter.
Artificial Virus - invented by Eckard Wimmer.
Hypersonic Sound - invented by Elwood Norris.
Brain Fingerprinting - invented by Lawrence Farwell.
Prosthetic Vision - invented by William Dobelle.
Turbine Artificial Heart - invented by Dr. Billy Cohn.
Tablet PC - invented by Bill Gates.
Tablet/Laptop Hybrid PC - invented by Bill Gates.
Jet Ship
File Sharing
Peer-Peer File Sharing
Social Networking
File Streaming
Automatic Defrosting
Combo Washer/Dryer
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Robotic Floor Scrubber
Robotic Floor Mop
Robotic Swimming-Pool Cleaning Robot
Spin Scrubber
Mop Wringer
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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostSun Sep 16, 2018 2:12 am

According to the Jew-controlled media...American Negroes did many of these things.
Not to mention Mestizos, Mongoloids, mixed-breeds, and what-nots. Seems that if
it is on Television (upper-case "T"), then the dumbed-down Christian goyim are going
to follow into the abyss. American Bolshevists are running amok with their destroying
artifacts, statues, and even history itself. I am hoping for the best, but am beginning
to prepare for the worst: ... 0929408179

I hope I can get out in time, but I do see the Mud tide approaching.



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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostSun Sep 16, 2018 12:59 pm

Wade Hampton III wrote:According to the Jew-controlled media...American Negroes did many of these things.
Not to mention Mestizos, Mongoloids, mixed-breeds, and what-nots. Seems that if
it is on Television (upper-case "T"), then the dumbed-down Christian goyim are going
to follow into the abyss. American Bolshevists are running amok with their destroying
artifacts, statues, and even history itself. I am hoping for the best, but am beginning
to prepare for the worst: ... 0929408179

I hope I can get out in time, but I do see the Mud tide approaching.


Most of these inventions were produced by people of Anglo-Saxon Caucasian and Germanic Caucasian descent, just like the inventions of the British, French and Germans.

This graph illustrates these facts:



As you can observe in the above graph, the USA, UK, France, and Germany have the widest lines, making them the most innovative. It is also interesting to note that most of the inventions and discoveries in history were made by the Americans and British who are Anglo-Saxon Caucasians and the French and Germans who are Germanic Caucasians. Of course, the Russo Caucasians of Russia and the Sino Mongols of China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand have also produced some inventions but they pale in comparison to the immense number of inventions produced by the Anglo-Saxons and Germans. The other Caucasians such as the Mediterranean, Slavic, and Nordic Caucasians have produced few inventions and discoveries and the same applies to the other Mongols, such as the Central Asian Mongols, and Native American Mongols, the Indians, with their sub-races of Aryan Indians and Dravidian Indians, Arabs, and Africans. The statistics gathered on Nobel prize winners in science and technology and patents just proves the racial superiority of Anglo-Saxons and Germans over all the other races on Earth.

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