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The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

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The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostTue Aug 07, 2018 2:28 am

Did you know that the USA is the most technologically advanced country in the world? Many of the groundbreaking inventions that are used today were invented in the USA. The USA is a republic of science with astounding innovations but the USA is now being infested with leftists and may lose its position as the most innovative country in the world. Now corporations are harassed by the leftist police state, leftist human resources, and SJW’s. As leftism continues to be pushed and leftist agendas infect the workplace, the United States has started to fall behind while less leftist and diversity focused countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are catching up. Let us not allow this trend to continue and make America great again! Here is a list of groundbreaking innovations produced by the USA:

Agricultural Innovations:

Cotton Gin - invented by Eli Whitney.
Reaper - invented by Cyrus McCormick.
Winnowing Barn - invented in South Carolina.
Nitrogen Cycle Crop Rotation - invented by George Washington Carver.

Telegraph - invented by Samuel Morse.
Oil Pipeline - invented by John D. Rockefeller.
Oil-Futures - invented by John D. Rockefeller.
Telephone - invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
Power Plant - invented by Thomas Edison.

Electrical Appliances:
Electric Grill - invented by Thomas Edison.
2-Sided Grill - invented by Michael Boehm.
Toaster - invented by Thomas Edison.
Light Bulb - invented by Thomas Edison.
Electric Searchlight - invented by Thomas Edison.
Electric Fan - invented by Thomas Edison.
Air-Conditioning - invented by Willis De Havilland Carrier.
Electric Refrigerator - invented by Nathaniel B. Wales.
Electric Washing Machine - invented by Oliver B Woodrow.
Electric Dryer - invented by J. Ross Moore.
Blender - invented by Stephen J. Poplowski.
Ironing Board - invented by Elijah McCoy.
Quick Fryer - invented by Colonel Sanders.
Microwave Oven - invented by Percy Spencer.
2-Sided Grill - invented by Michael Boehm.

First Practical Electric Train - invented by Thomas Edison.
First Practical Dry Cell Battery - invented by Thomas Edison.
First Practical Wet Cell Battery - invented by Thomas Edison.
Record Players - invented by Thomas Edison.
Cinema - invented by Thomas Edison.
Steel Reinforced Skyscraper - built by William LeBaron Jenney.
Steel Reinforced Poured Concrete Structures - invented by Thomas Edison.
Airplane - invented by the Wright Brothers.
Moving Assembly Line and Affordable Cars and Trucks - invented by Henry Ford.
Diesel Powered Bulk Carrier Ship - the first bulkers with diesel propulsion began to appear in 1911 in the United States.
Diesel Train - invented by Thomas Edison.
Fax Machine - invented by Richard H. Ranger.
Radio Broadcasting - invented by David Sarnoff.
Electronic Television - invented by Philo Farnsworth.
Television Broadcasting - invented by David Sarnoff.
Helicopter - invented by Igor Sikorsky.
Nuclear Fission Reactor - invented by Enrico Fermi.
Atomic Bomb - invented by Robert Oppenheimer.
Hydrogen Bomb - invented by Edward Teller.
Transistor - invented by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley.
Industrial Robot - invented by George Devol.
Prosthetics - invented by George Devol.
Mining Mech Big Muskie - invented by Bucyrus-Erie.
Cable TV - invented by John Walson.
Satellite Communications - invented by Howard Hughes.
Moon Landing - Saturn V and Apollo rockets designed by Wernher Von Braun and the Lunar Lander designed by Tom Kelley.

Digital Technology:
Digital Alarm Clock - invented by D.E Protzmann.
GPS - invented by Roger L. Easton.
Handheld Calculator - invented by Jack Kilby.
CCD Digital Electronic Video Camera - invented by Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith.
Digital Wristwatch - invented by John Bergey.
Digital Electronic Still Camera - invented by Steven Sasson.
Universal Remote Control - invented by Steve Wozniak.
Digital TV - invented by General Instrument.

Cellphone - invented by Martin Cooper.
Smartphone - invented by Frank J. Canova.
Camera Phone - invented by Eric Fossum.
CMOS Image Sensor - invented by Eric Fossum.

Computer Technology:
Electromechanical Arcade Game - the first electromechanical arcade game, called Contact, was invented by Harry Williams.
Light Gun Arcade Game - the first light gun arcade game, called the Seeburg Ray-O-Lite, was invented in the US.
Monitor - invented by IBM.
Hard Drive - invented by IBM.
Computer Keyboard - invented by Thomas W. Slebodnik and Frank J. Rau.
Scanner - invented by Russell Kirsch.
Computer Stylus - invented by Tom Dimond.
Optical Video Disc - invented by David Paul Gregg.
Computer Mouse - invented by Douglas Engelbart.
Touch Screen - invented by EA Johnson.
Integrated Circuit - invented by Jack Kilby.
Video Games - invented by Ralph H. Baer.
Internet - invented by Robert Taylor and Lawrence Roberts.
Arcade Game - invented by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.
Wireless Internet - invented by Norman Abramson.
Microprocessor - invented by Marcian Hoff, Stanley Mazor, and Frederico Faggin.
Personal Computers - invented by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell.
PDA - the GridPad, the first touchscreen PDA computer was invented by Jeff Hawkins.
E-mail - invented by Jerry Yang and David Filo.
Search Engine - invented by Jerry Yang and David Filo.
WebTV - invented by Steve Perlman.
Social Networking - invented by Andrew Weinreich.
Online Video Hosting Service - invented by Chase Norlin.
Tablet PC - invented by Bill Gates.
Tablet/Laptop Hybrid PC - invented by Bill Gates.
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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 1:53 am

Any crypto-Jews on the list?


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Re: The USA, The Most Innovative Country In The World

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 3:25 am

Wade Hampton III wrote:Any crypto-Jews on the list?

I am not sure, but the famous Jewish scientist that I know of, Albert Einstein was a plagiarist who copied his ideas from Albert Michelson, Edward Morley, Olinto De Pretto, Hendrik Lorentz, Henri Poincare, and David Hilbert. These 6 scientists published the concepts and equations that would be found in General and Special Relativity before Einstein.


The other scientists who laid the foundations for Relativistic and Quantum Physics were John Dalton, William Crookes, Wilhelm Roentgen, Thomas Edison, and Joseph John Thomson. John Dalton for discovering atoms, William Crookes for discovering plasma, radioactivity, and radioactive elements, Wilhelm Roentgen for discovering x-rays, Thomas Edison for discovering thermionic emission, and Joseph John Thompson for discovering the electron. Note that all these scientists are not Jewish.

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