Are Blacks the Spoiled Children of Mother Nature?

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Are Blacks the Spoiled Children of Mother Nature?

Post by natmanwhite » Mon Nov 06, 2023 1:24 am

After years of seeing black memes on and other politically-incorrect media,
I wonder if the reason that Black people are so inept at anything short of making third world garbage dumps is because the continent of Africa has never challenged them in any real civilizational scale.

I see similarites between this and the effects of spoiling childhren by constantly giving them anything or everything they want.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Are Blacks the Spoiled Children of Mother Nature?

Post by White Man 1 » Mon Nov 06, 2023 1:15 pm

Although the pressures of nature certainly bear heavily on humans and have a tendency to change them in one way or another, that is really only a part of the story. Dr. Pierce, Kevin Strom, Dr. Oliver, and many others have covered this topic far more extensively than I could possibly, so my advice is to enter "evolution" into the search bar at National Vanguard to get a fuller picture.

Some things change in direct response to the environment. Melanin content in skin is one such change, with Negros and others producing more to combat the effects of UV light exposure. Another change suggested by Dr. Duke is the thinner, longer nose shapes of White people in response to colder weather.

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