Poem: A Future White

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Poem: A Future White

Post by mr_morgan » Tue Apr 04, 2023 8:38 pm

this ground is where our people stand
we tend our fields, we stake our land

our land is where we hunt our game
for some are meat and some are tame

to tame this world, we have no wish
we live with rocks and deer and fish

the fish, they swim, the beavers build
our idols gold, our wheat is milled

to mill that wheat, to gaze at stars
we'll leave this place, we'll go to Mars

to Mars and then to further still
to reach up high, us White men will

we will to life, we work with steel
those parasites nip at our heel

our heels are raw, but that's not new
of course I'm speaking of the jew

the jews, they spread themselves within
our population, life is grim

grim times give way to harder men
who will not let our people end

their end will come, a future White
without a single jew in sight

this sight weave gained, Creator's whim
this Upward Path, the road is slim

slim it is, but we won't waver
the Overman our only savior

a savior if we bring him in
to future years, but even then

upper more and beyond our sun
eternity has just begun

- Mr. Morgan

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