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A Proclamation

Post by Richart » Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:45 am

A Proclamation

We carry the flame of truth
to all future generations,


we shall fight for our Aryan nation.
No matter how many miles apart
we may be from one another,

we are all brothers.

Our ethnicity is of the same likeness,
all draped in a skin of whiteness.

So kinsmen
let us pick up our sword,

marching onward toward

the paper battleground by pen
and with words we will send,
a message that is heard loud and clear.

No longer will we fear
this darkened endless night.
For we are guided by Cosmotheist light
rescuing us from Zionistic plans,

communistic enslavement in our homelands.

Now we will sound the victory bell,
and from our voices we will yell.
Time to gather and storm the gate,
deliver ourselves from this cursed fate.
Be the men we need to be,
protect and love our families.

Only then will the white race live on…


Written by Richart

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Ancestral Winds

Post by Richart » Fri Feb 05, 2021 6:43 am

Ancestral Winds

Ancestral winds
I hear thee whisper sweetly,
words of life
that prances upon my soul.

Soaring free
I am your posterity,
ancestral winds
my survival is your goal.

Upon thy wings
I’ll reach the outer heavens,
upon thy strength
I shall cross the seas.
So blow ye strong
that I may give reverence,
to my ancestral fathers
who died for me.

Northern gale
a tempest thou hast come,
icy winds
they blow against my face.

A world so cold
it’s bitter and I am numb,
O ancestral winds
help me find my place.

(Chorus 2x)

to my ancestral fathers…

who died for me.

Written by Richart

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A White World Of Hope

Post by Richart » Tue Feb 09, 2021 9:09 pm

A White World Of Hope

As I look at the world around me,
a world filled with so much racial strife.
Where do I run to escape from this scene?
Is there any place left to live a white life?

Staring at the stars and dreaming,
an Aryan man just gazing into the night.
When will there be,
a white world out there for me?
Maybe it’s time to put up a fight.

It's a world of hope
a world of truth,
segregated by natural laws
to my soul it soothes.
A place to call home
where all Aryans can cope,
it's a world of dreams
a white world of hope.

As interracial invasion abounds,
my heart tells me what needs to be done.
I can't fade away, waste another day,
our race needs a leader, not a man on the run.



Written by Richart

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Sapphire Dreams

Post by Richart » Thu Feb 11, 2021 12:20 am

Sapphire Dreams

Sapphire dreams
a jewel in the night
enraptured by thy beauty
goddess starlight.

Visions of thee
set the heart ablaze
a sun in my darkness
gracious life-giving rays.

The warmth of thy touch
I’m in heaven on earth
I feel so alive
a soul comes to birth.

So as I tire to bed
on a sea of moonlight beams
I’ll forever drift upon thy love
in sapphire dreams.

Written by Richart

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Aryan Bride

Post by Richart » Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:24 am

Aryan Bride

Sweet meadow fragrance
majestic sky of blue,
golden promises from the sun
absorbed in thoughts of you.

Candied-colored memories
are all of you my hon,
cherished years of love so strong
my mind begins to run.

Gentle whispers in the wind
calling out to me,
look inside yourself real deep
tell me what you see.

There within my bosom
a woman I adore,
whenever I am near her
my heart begins to soar.

For in her arms I want to stay
never leave that place,
to feel her heartbeat all night long
to gaze upon her face.

To always remember and never forget
my beautiful Aryan bride,
for nineteen years ago I vowed
to never leave your side.

Written by Richart

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Aryan Woman

Post by Richart » Fri Feb 12, 2021 6:31 am

Aryan Woman

Aryan woman I love thee forevermore,
my wife, my sweetheart whom I adore.
As a part of the cosmos natural beauty,
I am sworn to protect thee, for it is my duty.
No treasure exists that closely compares,
to the soft gentle touch of your skin so fair.
A Queen among Queens of our race thou art,
giving birth to our future, a love from thy heart.
So my Aryan woman hold onto the faith,
and know it’s all about love and never about hate.

Written by Richart

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My Sweet Valentine

Post by Richart » Sun Feb 14, 2021 11:28 am

My Sweet Valentine

Many years have come and gone
and yet my love for you is true,
no one else is on my mind
for my thoughts are only on you.

I may not believe in angels
nor goddesses from above,
but a life with you by my side
has taught me how to love.

Don’t know where I’d be right now
if you had never been mine,
but what matters most
is you’re still my wife
and today like everyday
my sweet Valentine.

Written by Richart

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A Voice Of Truth

Post by Richart » Fri Feb 19, 2021 6:25 am

A Voice Of Truth

I will take this tongue of mine,
speak with courage, no more whine.
And let this fire that burns inside,
guide my tongue against all lies.

A voice of truth I shall be,
words of righteousness, pure honesty.
Anything less will not do,
for all that matters is what is true.

Now our media speaks with guile,
lack in character, for that’s their style.
Truth is not what they’re all about,
only lies come from their open mouths.


Reporting on public opinion is your job,
not to create it for unruly mobs.
Like a true communist you wield and you plot,
speak only lies, for the truth you have not.

And now my tongue shall not hold back,
as I expose your evil hearts of black.
For a voice of truth shall always prevail,
over a lying tongue destined to fail.


Written by Richart

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Awaken White Man

Post by Richart » Sat Feb 20, 2021 2:04 pm

Awaken White Man

Break forth O tempest winds.
Gale against the bow of prenatal dawn.
Shriek with fury upon the deck of hope.
Cast thy strength into our fortified sails.

We shalt not be moved,
for we are anchored within the depths of solitude.

Ally thy self with the raging seas if thou mayest.
Join forces to capsize this mighty ship in your feeble attempts.

We shall not fear.
For thou art but a mere thorn found upon a dead bough
that pricks unsuspectingly,
as one passes through the thistles of their life.
But what great victory lies ahead
when the white man finally awakens from his slumber.
Thou art then only like a fading whisper
that goes by unnoticed, a peace
which passeth all worldly chaos,
while others remain prisoners
in their deluded state of diversity.

So in full assurance we shall set our course
across the charted sea of trials and tribulations.
Our compass of survival
ever guiding us safely to the shores of racial purity
where we shall bask in the splendor of holy separation,
isolated from the dregs of society.

And once there
we shall ever be at one,
never to be poisoned again
from treacherous traitors


to extinguish the very survival of

our people.

Written by Richart

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Re: The Written Works of Richart

Post by Jim Mathias » Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:20 pm

Nice one there.
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