Sweet Tedium

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Ray W
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Sweet Tedium

Post by Ray W » Mon Feb 15, 2021 9:49 pm

Each and every oh-so-wonderful day
a lumbering oaf waddles a woodsy way
past grassy paths trimmed by him two inches in height
(and twice-a-week inspected by bare eye and candlelight)

to a lime-green willow for shade and pillowy crop
of well-washed rock to hum and place toe and thumb on top.
Five unequal elbow-lengths pace to a chicken-wire pen
where siren blue pencils egg to be counted again and again

times ten, and only then does this not-old hat-fearing man
bloat back future the sad umbrella, grieving socks on hand,
peek up, left and down but never around--of this he's certain--
for bliss by door windowless, to sit and sew imaginary curtain.

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Re: Sweet Tedium

Post by Stephen » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:30 pm

Humorous indeed. What is not so funny us the way in which the power elites are turning us all into 3rd world savages. Here in Texas the power is on fir 30 minutes off for an hour. Texas! A place that very recently sold electricity to 15 states. They have blamed it on the windmills freezing up. My nephew informed me that windmills work fine in North Dakota in -60 degree temps. I suppose we are being punished by the Jew power structure for daring to speak words of seceding. Enough belly aching, it merely boggles my mind how our country is transmogrifying into an even worse cess pit.
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