How To Be a Good Goy

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Ray W
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How To Be a Good Goy

Post by Ray W » Fri May 13, 2022 7:16 pm

We Honkies sure have progressed in modern times. Thanks to healthy doses of homosexuality, race-mixing, useless vaccines and six million-or-so holocaust fables, the White race has gone from being intelligent, productive, self-sufficient and physically fit to fat, lazy, butt-smooching, incompetent retard faster than a nigger kid can fail a spelling bee. Alas, Whitey hasn't been diversified fast enough, and this is not safe for semitick, bolshevik or genetically pathetic. To remedy this injustice, israeli idiots have compiled a set of life guidelines for goyim to follow to eventually achieve the noble goal of becoming perfect multicultureless morons in the new (and improved!) America. The adl has certified these commands as kosher and, since they are beacons of morality, we can definitely trust them. The adl will print at taxpayer expense millions of copies of the guidelines for every person of non-color to memorize and implement upon penalty of death, so America can smoothly transition from the White paradise it was originally created to be to Third World turd farm as quickly as possible.
The first and most obvious step is to not look White. Faster than a rabbi can loot a Gentile's savings account, White non-people need to report to the nearest tanning center to rectify external Whiteness. As everyone knows, brown, smelly, peeling, cracking, cancerous skin is sexy skin!
Next, internal White racism must be obliterated. For example, a black african of color was arrested and charged with the bloody beating and savage sexual assault of a melanin-deficient woman. Luckily, rabbi Goldie Silverbergstein of the adl investigated and found that the "victim" resisted the rape. This was proof without a shred of doubt that, somewhere in her body--perhaps at the molecular level--she was racist. All charges against the knuckle-dragging nigger were dropped and the non-black woman convicted sans trial of a Hate Crime and sentenced immediately to life in federal prison. Ah, sweet justice!
We must never forgive and never forget White haters. Once internal and external racism have been resolved, that takes care of the problem of living racism; now posthumous racism can be addressed. White corpses are hogging up all the prime real estate in cemeteries, forcing the black man into necrotic ghettos. Thus, White corpses shall be exhumed and charged with Hate Crimes for which living relatives can pay the penalties. If there are no living relatives, the nearest honky cracka will suffice.
Another category that mustn't elude revision is historical racism. Great black achievers like Galileo, Edison, Shakespeare, Bach and Ford have all been smeared as White. All genius came and still comes from Africa, and all textbooks--hell, all printed anything--will reflect this basic truth or it will be burned in the spirit of democracy and freedom.
Good goy will read the newspaper and watch t.v. every day; this way they will know whom to love or hate. There will be hourly articles and stories about how evil Germans were (and are) and how innocent israeli parasemites are being harassed by haters. Every jewnews outlet will feature a fable from the simple Simon Weaselballs Center, a famous home of domestic terrorism and a haven of lies masquerading as moral truth. The Center's rabbi, Moneybags Wolfson, penned an award-winning article that said the evil Nazis ruthlessly murdered sixty trillion jews every day in gas cookie jars, which weren't really cookie jars (they didn't have any yummy cookies, either) but gas canisters loaded with an endless supply of anti-semitick racist poison that was trained to drift into the nostrils of unsuspecting jews. Elie Wiesandees witnessed the process many times in his booze-boosted imagination and, fortunately for hook-nosed insects and their greedy eggs, uploaded his critical information to the Internet before Adolf Hitler disintegrated him with a hate-filled Nazi phaser.
All goyim will work menial service jobs for the barest pittance and they will like it. From this gracious pittance a small tax equivalent to eighty percent of the net total will be voluntarily and automatically donated to the bandit colony of israel so they can use it to combat freedom and enslave any goy they don't accidentally murder. Goy pigs will sweat blood and fart flames in order to barely feed their families, so jews can happily live in the lap of luxury. If the Gentile swine happen to die at some point, a tax will be assessed to living relatives and friends, the amount to be determined by a local sober rabbi. A tax for what? Why, for the cost of disposing of the stinking cracker carcass, that's what. Garbage bags ain't cheap, ya know.
If these ambiguous steps are meticulously followed, America's populace can be quickly and quietly hocus-pocused from Euros to afros. At this point, Utopia is finally achieved: da jews in penthouses, niggers in outhouses, and the White man in the grave.

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Re: How To Be a Good Goy

Post by RCavallius » Sat May 14, 2022 2:15 am

This is a powerful piece of writing, Ray. It really hits hard.

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