Heavenly Dilemma

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Ray W
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Heavenly Dilemma

Post by Ray W » Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:31 pm

Could the divine ever dwell inside of man?
It would, if not for a smelly swine from an unholy land,
a rotten, coal-hearted, scrawny leech, thief and parasite
pawning angelic song and preaching wrong is really right.

A deity dare not lair with human good and true
for pure evil truth-tumored gets to share him, too.
Here on Earth this poison assumes one clear form and face:
the devil lines and chimp-level mind defining the jewish Race.

Celestial beings simply could not rest one day
seeing jester reflections of limp-wristed yids, moral decay
clowning culture of victim goy crawling around
twisted sick by this boorish vulture wearing a false crown.

Indeed, subjected to bear a swarthy kike skin,
swear allegiance to bitch-tits, hook-nose and turd-slurping grin,
any infected immortal would defect to an infernal six-foot grave
or project to a lower plane as an insane demon's eternal slave.

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