Discovering the anti-White 'culture' and ideology

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Discovering the anti-White 'culture' and ideology

Post by Jim Mathias » Thu Dec 01, 2022 11:38 am

One woman on Youtube offers her own thoughts on the sickness permeating all of Western society these days. With time, the Jews' poison is becoming more apparent, but only to a few at this time.

Her own brief description of the video is as follows:
"Social Justice" is a process of deconstructing, dismantling, and replacing Western cultural norms and values with a process of perpetual comparison for the purposes of establishing social hierarchies. It is a philosophy of anti-resilience where resentments are encouraged and rewarded. Existing and historical cultural systems and structures are considered hopelessly flawed and deeply offensive (akin to the "four olds" of the Chinese cultural revolution). "Social Justice" is an overt attempt at Western cultural revolution and it is being disseminated primarily through education programs (K-12 via SEL and higher ed).
I could elaborate much more on this but tried to keep this video short. Thank you for watching!
A few excerpts in the comments section following the video:
Jim Moses
2 weeks ago (edited)
I spent the past four days in Idaho. I, my wife and two children (13 and 15) were visiting my wife's sister (36). She is a SJW, and sees the world in exactly the way you describe. For the first two days I listened to her drop a constant stream of garden variety criticisms about "Old White Conservative Men" and their "oppressive" ways. (she is, btw, white, raised in a two-parent household, very much middle class, and has gone to the 'best' schools including NYU and the Sorbonne in Paris, among others). Finally, she made another comment about how "racist" America is, and how it is racism, and this alone, that causes minorities to be poor and disenfranchised. I finally said "You know, speaking of this, if racism is THE one and only cause, then why is it that Asian Americans are so successful...considering how oppressed and beaten down they were?". BOOM! Her body started shaking, and she attacked me, and my 15 year old son, and became so distraught I thought she was going to start hyperventilating. It was so weird to witness, but glad my two children DID see her reaction. I hold conservative views on some things, but am solidly liberal on social issues (I was in the damn Peace Corps for S sakes!). She said that "anyone who votes for the GOP is an evil racist!". I asked her "All 100,000,000 of them?". "Yes!". She basically called me an evil racist in front of my son, daughter, and wife (her sister). She is a nice person who wants to do well but has been emotionally manipulated to such a degree that she threw me and my son into her trash can of "racists". This was three days ago, and I am still processing this conversation. She is 36, lives alone with her dog, rents a small house, and her parents still buy her cars and plane tickets. She is always commenting on how "rich" people are, or how expensive "that" house is, and expects the government to "make my life better". She is so used to throwing out hateful comments about "The Conservative Voter" with no pushback as she lives, works, and hangs out with the same Social Justic Warrior people. I pushed back, and she fell to pieces, started to shake, and damn near had a heart attack. It was surreal. These people VOTE, which is the really scary thing. They have been 100% brainwashed by the REAL "evil people": those who play with people's emotions for political gain and power. It is sick, and we must PUSH BACK every single time we here someone utter such bigoted and hateful language!
Clearly a defensive 'anti-racist' response itself, typical of a conservative, but illustrates how unhinged a family member has become.

Another comment below:
Ave Hagen
3 weeks ago
It’s been a punch to the gut, & a kick in the head to realize how socially engineered I was to reject my own cultural heritage (Irish/European). Respect was to be given to all other cultures, other than my own when I was a Leftist. I was already growing disillusioned, when I had a front row seat to my Seattle neighborhood being overrun during the Covid lockdowns, with what was dubbed as Chaz/Chop/Wtf. Suddenly the chorus of “Stay home, save G-ma!” about-faced to “Take to the streets in protest! Racism is the real pandemic.” Unquote. While just a month prior those same people screamed that those opposing Lockdowns in protest — “Would get us all killed”. Wtf?!

While a prominent mantra was “Say their name’s!” No one said Antonia Mays, Jr., or Lorenzo Anderson’s names — two (Black) youth’s that were killed in the infamous Chop/Chaz/Wtf “Autonomous Zone”. Nor do most people even know about their tragic ends. Media silence!
During the 2020 “Summer of love” (as dubbed by Seattle’s Mayor) in the “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests” 40 or more (sorry I don’t have the stats) people were killed across the US, & billions of dollars in property damage happened in inner cities causing real life hardships to area residents.

The upside-down & backwards hypocrisy, & seemingly endless projections are not in our best interests, our for best outcomes. -Take care all, & stay aware.
Media silence and the endless projections, indeed. Our message outreach activities have yet to reach these people, and it's important to remember that getting through to them is a task that will take generations to accomplish. Our task now is find those who can and will put together our own Cosmotheist system to do so. This former Leftist thinks more racially than the conservative above and may be more receptive to our message.
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