Fundamental ideas
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Nine realms leaf-link sacred Eurocosmic chain
from sire Asgard's crown down to Hel's grave domain.
Nine days and nights vein-sight runic rain
siphoned from Mimir's tears to Midgard plain

by Wotan One-Eye, Geri, Freki and ravens two
who ponder life 'til death then begin anew.
Like the High One, fate-folk spear-seek sleep to stone know
threefold secrets so deep flesh spirits bone-grow.

In Ginnung's space futures interlace mapping Self-created will,
an up-striving Life Force symbolized by its source: Yggdrasil.
Urdar, Verdandi, Skuld nurture Nature's acorn worm-spelled;
how long the Norns fluidly perform only dew time will tell.

Nine whirling wheels merge real and unreal, living with dead
and aided by sejdr shape circling wyrds shade-helmeted.
Nine versions of one Mind's vision forest-guide soul infinity;
root godblind piece-belief and daily die into Whole divinity.

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