Cosmotheism in rituals.

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Re: Cosmotheism in rituals.

Post by Jim Mathias » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:33 pm

Volker Zorn wrote:Will Williams and Kevin Strom, both of whom I know personally, are nice enough folks, but neither holds the NA/CC membership in thrall by the force of charismatic leadership.
Did you see that Will? You're not charismatic! No cult for you! :lol:

Instead, you lead through excellent service and do instead of just talk. Other NA members (and supporters who could elevate themselves to becoming members) can take note of this and do similarly. As Volker Zorn mentioned, we conduct outreach activities and do so in the service of the creator's purpose. I believe the future Higher Man will live and breathe what we members are just beginning to do now, and that the Chairman of the National Alliance does more than most shows he's where he should be.
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Re: Cosmotheism in rituals.

Post by Estwing » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:37 pm

I believe we can and should celebrate the turning of the seasons, as Cosmotheist.
I believe in blood memory, our ancestors gave reverence to nature, why can't we
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed
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