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God and then some...

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God and then some...

PostSun Oct 22, 2017 1:27 am

I grew up believing in God. It was second nature, like believing in gravity. As I grew, my God became increasingly cruel. The thing was, I make him in my own image, and I hated myself at the time, so obviously he was cruel. Look maybe God is real, but even if he is, humans make him in their own image.

In my early twenties, not by design, but by accident, I realised that I didn't believe in God anymore.

Simple you would think. It was not. I spent the next several years in depression and anxiety. I really believed in God. I believed that he had a plan for my life. So when I found out he wasn't real, my whole universe fell apart. Suddenly it was up to me to find my path, meaning, way. I am a better person now, but man that was a few years of absolute torment.
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Re: God and then some...

PostSun Oct 22, 2017 1:29 pm

Having spent about 5 years in parochial schools, I myself sometime I guess in my early 40's became an agnostic.
How can there be this "all loving god" when there's so many just awful things in this world?
I remember one of the students asking one of the nuns something like, "Sister, why does god allow babies to be born with birth defects?".
The answer was, "That's god's way of testing them."
Think that one over - there is so much wrong with the main religions in this world.
What was it? A day or so ago a Sunni blew himself up in a Shiite mosque.
Because they were Sunnis of course.
I can't say, "There isn't a god." but it sure as hell doesn't look like he's all loving if he is up there.
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Re: God and then some...

PostSun Oct 22, 2017 3:21 pm

What is the universe, what is life, apart from formed energy moving in a perpetual graceful dance?

I can’t dance very well. At all. I have trodden on a fair few toes in my time. My physical body just does not have the grace or coordination to execute the skill properly. However, when it comes to my spirit dancing, I fair a little better. When I remember to do so that is. Sometimes I don’t feel like dancing, because my spirit feels heavy. Those are the times when it is most urgent for me to try.

It is easy, in this life, to forget that we are spiritual beings. I don’t mean whether or not we believe in God. I mean taking care of our spirit and the spirits of those around us. There is a lot of despondence surrounding us at the moment. Which is understandable, because things are looking a little dark. Like they are approaching critical mass. It is crucial at that this 11th hour that we remember to dance.

I do not know whether or not God exists. If he does, I believe that He dances. Why else would He create a universe that has never stopped dancing? I am not alone in this thought.

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