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What is Neomasculinity?

Fundamental ideas
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Re: What is Neomasculinity?

PostTue May 16, 2017 12:49 pm

Jim Mathias wrote:My take on "neomasculinity" was that they're listening to instinct and not developing any conscious and far-reaching purpose beyond just being. One of those "movements" that could easily become derailed by some clever jews as so many other ideas that attract a following have.

And IS being derailed. Anything THEY can do to water down or straight out Judaize natural feelings of European masculinity or femininity will be done. Just like the Alt-Lite with politics.

It should also be pointed out that while we identify with the way things were in the past Our Task isn't to bring about a neo-pagan spiritual revival, or to form a fight club or start a gang.

(BOLD emphasis added by me)

In the final chapter of The Turner Diaries Dr. Pierce states what we want from our men clearly:

"Knowing fully what was demanded in character and commitment of each man who stood before me, my chest swelled with pride. These were no soft bellied, conservative businessmen assembled for some Masonic mumbo-jumbo; no loudmouthed, beery red-necks letting off a little ritualized steam about "the goddam niggers"; no pious, frightened churchgoers whining for the guidance or protection of an anthropomorphic deity. There were real men, White men, men who were now one with me in spirit and consciousness as well as in blood.

"As the torchlight flickered over the coarse gray robes of the motionless throng, I thought to myself: These are the best my race has produced in this generation -- and they are as good as have been produced in any generation. In them are combined fiery passion and icy discipline, deep intelligence, and instant readiness for action, a strong sense of self worth and a total commitment to our common cause. On them hang the hopes of everything that will ever be. They are the vanguard of the coming New Era, the pioneers who will lead our race out of its present depths and toward the unexplored heights above.And I am one with them!"

That's what we're looking for in our men.

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