Charmed Sunset

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Ray W
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Charmed Sunset

Post by Ray W » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:15 pm

Before the setting of feathery sun
there's scurrying to be done:
petals fold, nests refill,
shadows grow bold, trails slow-chill--
an audience races to viewing places all for one

crimson, velvet, tangerine
wend-and-weave evening scene
with quivering color seaming, bending
and after one last shiver gently sending
grass-root dreams into sigh-memory, silent and serene.

Closing eyes mirror sapphire sky; peer moon night-winged
pearls by...urging day-furled life to uncoil like Spring
and listen as light-toned heartbeats stone-strong
chorused by raw creek noise and love-linked birdsong
revue the dew-laced beauty of the big in small things.

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