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Ray W
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Post by Ray W » Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:39 pm

There are many tasks for bolshevik bastards to complete
such as renaming every American school, park and street
to honor nigger retards, jew perverts and butt-truffling queers
that grace White United States with rape, robbery, murder and fear.

Like illustrious history, we must revise the Statue of Liberty;
some witless rabbi can chisel on hook-nose and yamucky
to better reflect the ruling insect class grossly creeping
and crawling sea to shining sea, host Aryans deep-sleeping

seemingly unaware of the segmented semite and its evil quest
to make the creators of America feel like unwanted guests.
Next, Mount Rushmore improves with ADL-approved dynamite
so four fresh faces can shine bright--none of them White.

Last but not least, the term "America" has to go-go-go
as it refers to a person of non-color and rightly so
all fifty racist states will separate, then diversely reunite
as Jewtopia--new Chosen homeland of the homeless parasite.

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