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About Face

Post by Ray W » Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:42 am

Fiery red siren, curly-cute brunette, goddess-glow blonde:
women of color pale like thin scum frothing a pond
compared with fair-skinned daughters of Aryan stock,
Third World turd-girls wear bags or wag tails for slop.

The fugliest hunchback heart attack European doe
looks like a million bucks next to any black afro:
bone in nose, leaves for clothes, flies as pets--
nigga chix are literally the shit yet not as bad as it gets

for what couldn't be sexier than a fur-faced mexican't pest
lurking in dirty clay huts doubling as nappy nest
where papito cucaracha learn blah-tino cultural norms:
spray-paint nicknames, pick fruit, loiter in swarms.

With the head of a mosquito, scent of a sow,
manners to blush ten goats and rump of a pregnant cow,
the jewish girl should naturally adapt to life on a farm
and for the good of humanity graze there so as not to harm

dazed victims of cosmetic holocaust--minds clammed shut
from blinding whinny, bleat and moo out snout-mouth or butt
drowning in kosher chorus cursing mirror, well and pool
wishing for death rather than reflect one more hook-nosed ghoul.

For safety and fashion sense, jew goils then must be fenced
in coiled barbed-wire pens like chick or hen so never again
will virgin eyes be traumatized by a first-time glimpse
of hymie ho hatched ass-backward--matching egghead izzy pimps.

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