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Post by Ray W » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:55 pm

A Cosmotheist poem...

Mind, body and racial spirit
share one voice if you pause to hear it
when walking the Path nature intended
leading to Self-completion, holy trinity extended
as best expressed by a noble symbol kin to stone and tree
borne by best-of-the-best questing unknown destiny:
the rune of Life, fired from folkish forge burning eternal,
physical face of the Race-spark yearning core-internal
inflaming agents of the ageless to rise like suns
and guide inner sky, flint eye formations
of conscious celestial creations,
true blood-links in a luminous cosmic chain
urging the Awakened beyond static darkness and pain,
seeker and sought spiraling higher and higher
striving ever-on to the next threshold, kind-inspired
onward and upward again and again
surging past flesh and death to a soul moment when
whole Creator and created totally unite...
and emerge purely divine as living White light.

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