Fundamental ideas
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Post by Ray W » Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:41 pm

A poem for the Cosmotheist volk:

Neither Whitman eyes nor driftwood ghosts,
idle sheep nor bridled host
nor worker bee--
we are White, superior to most
in our doings and done deeds,
spoken words and holy creeds,
not self-Chosen but naturally
possessing a something certain inside
expressed in restless verse or vision as White Pride
by a secret intensity never satisfied
surging, searching worlds-wide--
an Urge to seek out source and seed,
how high the height, why we breathe,
what Force implores Life to be more
and see in sky and sea and subcutaneous core
the same nameless Path to godhood, immortality
leading somethere new
where we and we alone
will awake to awe and awed by the dawning view
of naked unknown.

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