The Revolutionary Model of Dr. Pierce

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The Revolutionary Model of Dr. Pierce

Post by Jim Mathias » Sun May 10, 2020 11:29 pm

The following link, written from a purported "academic" point of view but containing subtly hostile views, provides an interesting condensation of Dr. Pierce's work over the decades from the 1960's to the early 2000s. ... m_L_Pierce

An excerpt from this essay, reproduced with Fair Use standards in mind, is as follows:
According to Pierce, the individual only attains meaning within the
context of the group to which he belongs. In his novel Hunter, Pierce
expressed the notion that whites, unlike other racial and ethnic groups, were
not really fully aware of the dynamics of racial competition as one character
in the novel explained:
Progress comes when all the competitors in the game struggle for
survival, and the most fit wins. Our race isn't struggling. It's lying
down and dying. Our job is to wake it up
. When it's trying to survive,
it'll whip all the other races with its hands tied behind its back.
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