Bipartisan plans to criminalize speech as "terrorism"

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Bipartisan plans to criminalize speech as "terrorism"

Post by Jim Mathias » Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:26 am ... ailsignout
As Domestic Terrorists Outpace Jihadists, New U.S. Law Is Debated
Neil MacFarquhar
4 hrs ago {25 February 2020}

The threat level from violent, homegrown extremists, and specifically white supremacists, was marked in red as the top category: “High.” The threat from the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their ilk was demoted to third, in green: “Low.”

Terrorism experts believe that holds true for the entire United States.

“In the U.S., more people are killed by far-right extremists than by those who are adherents to Islamist extremism,” said Mary McCord, a Georgetown University law professor and a former senior Justice Department official for national security.


Opponents counter that a new law amounts to a worrisome expansion of government powers, and might face constitutional challenges on the grounds of impinging on free speech.


With both Democrats and Republicans proposing legislation, the issue is one of the few that does not divide strictly along partisan lines.


He pointed out that one domestic terrorism law proposed by a Republican congressman specified various prison sentences, including up to 25 years for destroying or damaging “any structure, conveyance or other real property. That means a protester who engaged in vandalism to make a political point could face 25 years in jail. “
Studiously ignoring the daily black, mestizo, and other non-White violent crimes, especially when committed against Whites, they're focusing on an extremely tiny number of Whites committing acts of ....vandalism for extreme punishments.

Still thinking of voting for your favorite "republican," White man?

Rest of article available at link posted above.
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The Federales weigh in

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:26 am
Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention

Nearly two decades after the 9/11 attacks, the threat of terrorism is increasingly complex and evolving. Foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) like al Qaeda and ISIL continue to plot against the United States, whether through directed attacks or by inspiring action by homegrown violent extremists (HVEs). At the same time, there is a growing threat from domestic actors-- such as racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists, including white supremacist violent extremists, anti-government and anti-authority violent extremists, and others—that drive terrorist violence.

The United States has also experienced multiple targeted violence events, which often lack a clearly discernible political or ideological motive. Though such attacks carry such severity and magnitude that suggest a clear intent to inflict a high degree of mass injury, destruction, or death commensurate with known terrorist tactics. Targeted violence may be a result of perceived grievances and includes attacks within schools, workplaces, large public gatherings, and other settings.

While the underlying rationales may differ, the threats of targeted violence and terrorism increasingly overlap, intersect, and interact with each other. Likewise, there is some alignment in the tools that can be applied to address them. Preventing targeted violence and terrorism necessitates using all tools in our toolbox: reactive measures, such as the traditional law enforcement tools of investigations and prosecutions and proactive measures that are aimed at building protective capabilities of individuals and groups. These proactive prevention activities focus on empowering communities and individuals to marginalize violent messaging while protecting and championing democratic responsibilities and values.

Last Published Date: February 24, 2020
Marginalize "violent" messaging??? Turning free speech into an act of violence is what they want to achieve, yes? How "democratic" is that?

Their hypocrisies aside, the writing on the wall is clear: both the Federals and state governments are beginning to target all pro-White speech by conflating it with violent crime committed by a tiny number of Whites. Getting "communities and individuals" to marginalize (what exactly does this mean?) Whites, then taking successive steps leading to....? In conjunction with the currently ongoing and widespread demonization of Whites in the Jewed mass media, academia, and other institutions, the aim is to outlaw anyone who wishes to assist their fellow Whites in organizing, conducting outreach, literature, community-building, and other activities thought to be protected by law.

As of yet, no legal community in the US has objected to this that I'm aware of.

As the system continues to create conditions favorable for catastrophe in various ways including financial, health (the coronavirus scare that's currently upon us), wars/"refugee resettlement" and other actions, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on government secret police announcements like this one and actions gearing up to take advantage of an "emergency" situation to conduct activities similar to what's happened in the past but on a larger scale. All in the name of "democratic values."
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DOJ wants new powers

Post by Jim Mathias » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:58 pm

Trump's lawyers are now seeking power to detain fine people from any side, indefinitely and without trial, for this brand new emergency. Check it out: ... s-pandemic
March 21, 2020 - 04:00 PM EDT
DOJ appeals to Congress for new emergency powers amid pandemic

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked Congress for a slew of new emergency powers, according to documents obtained and reviewed by Politico.

The requests come as the federal government tries to combat the coronavirus pandemic which has sickened over 24,000 people nationwide in the U.S. and claimed more than 280 lives, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Documents obtained by the publication revealed several different proposals.

One of the proposed changes would give the attorney general the power to ask top district judges to stop court proceedings "whenever the district court is fully or partially closed by virtue of any natural disaster, civil disobedience, or other emergency situation.”

These top judges would also gain the power to the stop court proceedings during a national emergency.

In addition, the DOJ has asked for the ability to ask chief judges to permanently detain an individual without trial during emergencies.

Another proposal would reportedly waive the statute of limitations for criminal investigations as well as civil trials during an emergency and could last up to "one year following the end of the national emergency."

Last week, President Trump declared the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. a national health emergency.

The Hill has reached out to the DOJ for comment.
There's a comment section at the website.
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Re: Bipartisan plans to criminalize speech as "terrorism"

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:33 pm

Now the US government is looking to create backdoor methods to destroy domestic pro-White organizations. ... -russia-as
Trump administration designates White supremacist group in Russia as terrorists
By Olivia Beavers - 04/06/20 03:31 PM EDT

The State Department announced Monday that it is classifying a foreign white supremacist organization as terrorists, marking the first time the U.S. government has made such a designation.

The State Department designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM), a Russian ultranationalist group, as specially designated global terrorist (SDGT), which comes amid growing concern by national security officials that such groups pose a potential violent threat to U.S. and global interests.

While Islamic extremist groups frequently receive such designations, Monday marked a new shift, with the U.S. government broadening the umbrella of groups it considers terrorists.

“These designations are unprecedented,” Ambassador Nathan Sales, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, said during a State Department teleconference.

“This is the first time the United States has ever designated foreign white supremacist terrorists, illustrating how seriously this administration takes the threat. We are taking actions that no previous administration has taken to counter this threat,” Sales added.

Sales also said three of the group’s leaders are going to be labeled as SDGTs as well: Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev, Denis Valliullovich Gariev and Nikolay Nikolayevich Trushchalov.

RIM has trained neo-Nazis and white supremacists to fight paramilitary-style at its training facilities in St. Petersburg, according to Sales. Two Swedish men who received 11 days of training with RIM in 2016 later went on to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in Gothenburg, Sweden, by placing bombs outside of places like a migrant center and a campsite used to house refugees.

While the two men were later arrested, the prosecutor overseeing their case argued that RIM helped radicalize and train them for the attack.

“This group has innocent blood on its hands,” said Sales.

With the SDGT designation, the U.S. government can begin taking action against the group and individuals — including blocking Americans from conducting business with the group and freezing any U.S. property or asset owned by RIM.

“Even if a foreign terrorist group doesn’t have a bank account at a U.S. bank, a designation still has a significant financial impact on them because it increases the difficulty of them moving money,” Sales said.

The U.S. first began expanding its designations of terrorist groups and individuals after the attacks on 9/11, and then-President George W. Bush issued an executive order to expand this authority.

President Trump subsequently issued an executive order in September to broaden this authority, which now allows the government to label groups as terrorists even if they have not been linked to an attack.

While some reports indicate RIM has reached out to Americans, the group is not believed to have strong ties to the U.S.

Sales noted that the agency lacks the authority to “designate groups with a substantial connection to the United States,” in large part because it would raise questions around freedom of speech.

“The United States does not have the authority to designate groups on the basis of constitutionally protected speech. So when we look at whether a group meets our standards for designation, we’re always looking at the presence of violent action. That’s the sort of conduct that is necessary to get a foreign group on our list,” the ambassador added.

And unlike a Foreign Terrorist Organization designation, the U.S. government cannot criminally charge a U.S. citizen for providing material support to a group under a SDGT designation. Sales noted that the FBI and the Department of Justice do have other tools they can use against people with ties to SDGTs.

While Sales also acknowledged that there are reports that indicate RIM helped the pro-separatist forces fight to annex Crimea, he declined to say whether Russia is cooperating with the U.S. government in cracking down on this group. Rather, he said they encourage the Kremlin to live up to its pledges to counter terrorism.

The announcement Monday was seen as a step towards addressing white supremacist terrorism, which has surged in recent years.

“Today’s designations send an unmistakable message that the United States will not hesitate to use our sanctions authorities aggressively, and that we are prepared to target any foreign terrorist group, regardless of ideology, that threatens our citizens, our interests abroad, or our allies,” said Sales.
For the "crime" of simply providing instruction to others, they're now labeled "terrorists." Note how the Federales have other tools for simply having ties to SDGT's. My take? Other pro-White groups overseas will be so labeled as SDGT's as well, and no violent actions will be necessary to get on this list. American pro-Whites who simply communicate with such groups will then be subject to the FBI's tools to be applied to them.

Front door, back door, through the windows, it doesn't matter. The handwriting on the wall is that this Jew-infested government is now taking actions to tighten the nooses on pro-Whites--including Cosmotheists.
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