Recognizing Jewish Names

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Wade Hampton III
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Recognizing Jewish Names

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:31 pm

While this list may never be complete, it will cover most of the
Jewish names one is likely to encounter in everyday Western life.
Unlike many Gentile names, there is such a thing as a 'Jewish name.'
Many Jewish persons can be recognized as being Jewish by their surname
[last name], although not always--some Jews are adopted, or their
forebears changed the family surname, or their surname simply does not
appear Jewish.

Here are the most common Jewish names likely to be encountered by

-Names ending in "-berg" (Goldberg, Weinberg, etc.)

-Names ending in "-man" (Goldman, Lightman, etc.)

-Names ending in "-stein" (Einstein, Perlstein, etc.)

-Names that sound "precious" (Gold, Silver, Diamond, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ler" (Adler, Midler, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ner" (Asner, Lardner, etc.)

-Names ending in "-lin" (Gitlin, Sheindlin, etc.)

-Names ending in "-witz" (Horowitz, Rabinowitz, etc.) or "-
itz" (Kravitz, etc.)

-Names ending in "-baum" (Teitelbaum, Metzenbaum, etc.)

-Names ending in "-off" (Chartoff, Berkhoff, etc.)

-Names ending in "-nik" (Resnik, Mitnik, etc.)

-Names ending in "-thal" (Blumenthal, Rosenthal, etc.)

-Names ending in "-ling" (Spelling, Sperling, etc.)

-Names ending in "-sky" (Barshefsky, Linsky, etc.)

-Names ending in "-farb" (Himmelfarb, Goldfarb, etc.)

-Names ending in "-feld" (Seinfeld, Rosenfeld, etc.)

-Names ending in "-stone" (Wellstone, Firestone, etc.)

-Some, but certainly not all, names ending in "-son" (Abelson,
Josephson, etc.)

-Surnames that sound "Biblical," e.g., David, Joseph, Abram or
Abraham, Moses, Benjamin, Isaac, etc.

Some other common Jewish names:


The Eternal Jew
The Eternal Jew
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Will Williams
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Re: Recognizing Jewish Names

Post by Will Williams » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:26 pm

All of those hints of Jewishness by their names are a good indicator, except that so many try to hide their Jewishness by changing their names. Identifying the individual's parents and grandparents by names, or association to Jewry helps. For example, 2.6 million Polish Jews changed their names after WWII:

The image you display, showing Jew physiognomy is also good, until they change their facial features to hide their Jewishness.
Andy Warhol's Before & After

Perhaps the best indicator is if Jews claim them as one of their own, as in reference books like Who's Who in World Jewry: A Biographical Dictionary of Outstanding Jews Also, to some extent, DNA will identify certain Jewish identifying markers. This science will advance to identify percentages of racial admixture -- not geographical origins as some of the Jew-owned DNA testers do today.

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