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Jamie Dimon's Casino

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Wade Hampton III

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Jamie Dimon's Casino

PostTue Feb 14, 2017 7:21 pm

David Stockman posted....

The Donald is winging it...His economic team isn’t even in place yet
— but he'll still have a "phenomenal" tax plan in a couple of weeks.
His own Department of Homeland Security did a first crunch of the
Mexican Wall costs at $21.6 billion, but he waved off the number,
insisting it will "come way down." He's also got a giant fiscal freight
train coming at him in the form of a $20 trillion debt ceiling that
freezes into place on March 15, but apparently no one has informed him
he will run out of cash a few months thereafter. And he's picking fights
with everybody — Sen. McCain, who deserves it, and Nordstrom, whose only
offense, apparently, was that it dumped Ivanka's fashion line owing to
punk sales. I haven’t even mentioned, of course, the demolition derby
that is arising from his travel ban fiasco and last week's sudden eruption
of mass deportations of illegal aliens. In both cases, there are plausible
reasons for carefully prepared action.

What A Reaganomics Mess!
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But the crisis-mentality embodied in the White House's haphazard forays
on border controls are warranted less by facts than the various alternate
realities lodged under The Donald's combover. Still, this emerging White
House train wreck is entirely welcome. As I have said all along, Trump's
job is not to enact phony cures. We've had those for decades. He has been
chosen by the fates to be the Great Disrupter and to bring the system to
a crashing halt and America's fantasy-land dwellers to a rude awakening.

To be sure, a large faction of the establishment remains clueless about
Trump's true mission. Even as the political left is on the verge of
mobilizing Vietnam-era scale protests against his new presidency, much
of Wall Street is still stuck on the infantile delusion that Trump is
an economic magician. No, he is an incendiary bubble-buster, and I am not
referring merely to the 8% stock market gain since Nov. 8. What's actually
in the cross hairs of the whirling dervish in the Oval Office is the entire
Bubble Finance regime of the last 30 years. Trump will bring on the mother
of all fiscal crises within a few months, not some Trump Reflation.
When that causes a heart-stopping plunge in the casino, the C-suites of
Corporate America will panic like never before as their stock prices and
option packages evaporate. This will trigger, in turn, another violent
liquidation of the inventories that have been built up during the last years
of this illusory "recovery." Then the rubber will meet the road. If you
haven’t gotten out of the casino yet, now’s the time.
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Jamie Dimon Street
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Jim Mathias

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

PostThu Feb 16, 2017 4:05 am

If I might venture an opinion or two...

All this talk of paper wealth is a dazzling display if one attempts to read it critically. It seems rather a distraction though!

Well think about it. What's real wealth to us cosmotheists? The quality of our children. How well each of us strives to achieve our goals--both short term and long. The investment in our own abilities to go after those goals. And more.

Money? No. Blood and Will to Power, yes!
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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

PostWed Feb 22, 2017 2:52 am

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is on the line to dissect today's
breaking news about the collapse of the US economy as illustrated
by today's GDP report. The REAL numbers which now fully reveal how
sick the economy is, despite artificially low interest rates and
TRILLIONS in Fed "stimulus", are absolutely frightening.

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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

PostTue Jun 20, 2017 11:47 pm

Slap On Wrist For This Minor Player?

Washington, DC — The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
(CFTC) today issued an Order filing and settling charges against David
Liew for engaging in numerous acts of spoofing, attempted manipulation,
and at times, manipulation of the gold and silver futures markets. Liew
engaged in this unlawful conduct for more than two years while he was
employed as a junior trader on the precious metals desk for a large financial
institution (Financial Institution 1). The CFTC Order finds that Liew
acted individually and in coordination with traders at Financial Institution 1
and with a trader at another large financial institution. ... 7#prrowmbl

Ted Butler comments:

How does the Commission get around the secret and illegal agreement
made between (mega-crook swindler Jamie Dimon's) JPMorgan and the
US Government when the bank rescued Bear Stearns in 2008? The simple
answer is by an end-run. Whatever that agreement entailed, it was never
intended to last in perpetuity. Nine years of looking the other way is long
enough. Perhaps the only way to demonstrate to the big COMEX commercial
crooks that enough is enough is to do what the CFTC just announced -
a deepening investigation into the COMEX silver manipulation as fair
warning to end the scam.

Wade says, "Others are not so optimistic. F16Hoser shares my sentiments..."

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f16hoser says:
June 6, 2017 at 12:36 PM posted...

IMHO, nothing will come from this. So they throw one little piss-ant
under the bus. So what? When Jamie Dimon walks the Green Mile, then
I’ll start to believe. Not before.

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