Rabbit Manure

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Rabbit Manure

Post by Zack » Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:17 pm

Rabbit manure (aka "bunny poo tea") is the 'black gold' of the homestead. This type of manure is able to go directly into the ground without waiting for it to cool down first. Also, the smell from the poo is very minimal. If you have enough manure, you can sew seeds directly into it.

For composting purposes, bunny poo is extremely-nutrient filled. Not only does it have the high amounts of phosphorous, nitrogen, etc, it also contains minerals like iron and magnesium from the diet of the rabbit. Since the manure breaks down quickly, it's very efficient for compost piles and hot beds.

Simply soak the rabbit pellets in a bucket of water for some time. Then, pour this manure solution around your plants.

This tea can also be used as organic matter in a compost heap. Periodically add the liquid mixture to the heap and allow it to blend in with the other components for a more nutrient-rich material.

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