An Embarrassment to Higher Education

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An Embarrassment to Higher Education

Post by Will Williams » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:25 pm

An Embarrassment to Higher Education
By Mike Adams / 28 August 2013 / 512 Comments


[This is Mike Adams -- a refreshingly normal White university professor -- answering his nutcase critic]
Dear Edward:

I want to take the time to thank you for writing and telling me that I should be fired from my position as a tenured professor because I am “the biggest embarrassment to higher education in America.” I also want to thank you for responding when I asked you exactly how you arrived at that conclusion. Your response, “because you insist that marriage requires one man and one woman,” was both helpful and concise.

While I respect your right to conclude that I am the biggest embarrassment to higher education in America, I think you’re wrong. In fact, I don’t even think I’m the biggest embarrassment to higher education in the state of North Carolina. But since you’re a liberal and you support “choice” – provided we’re talking about dismembering children and not school vouchers for those who weren’t dismembered – I want to give you some options. In fact, I’m going to describe the antics of ten professors, official campus groups, and invited campus speakers in North Carolina and let you decide which constitutes the biggest embarrassment to higher education.

1. In the early spring semester of 2013, a women’s studies professor and a psychology professor at Western Carolina University co-sponsored a panel on bondage and S&M. The purpose of the panel was to teach college students how to inflict pain on themselves and others for sexual pleasure. When you called me the biggest embarrassment in higher education, you must not have known about their bondage panel. Maybe you were tied up that evening and couldn’t make it.

2. At UNC Chapel Hill, there is a feminist professor who believes that women can lead happy lives without men. That’s nothing new. But what’s different is that she thinks women can form lifelong domestic partnerships with dogs and that those relationships will actually be fulfilling enough to replace marital relationships with men. I can’t make this stuff up, Ed. I don’t drop acid. Well, at least not since the late 1980s. But I promise this story is real and not an LSD flashback.

3. At Duke University, feminists hired a “sex worker” (read: prostitute) to speak as part of an event called the Sex Workers Art Show. After his speech, the male prostitute pulled down his pants, got down on his knees, and inserted a burning sparkler into his rectum. While it burned, he sang a verse of “the Star Spangled Banner.” I believe that stripping incident was almost as embarrassing as the other one involving the Duke Lacrosse team.

4. A porn star was once paid to give a speech at UNCG. The topic was “safe sodomy.” After her speech, the feminist pornographer sold autographed butt plugs to students in attendance. I’m not sure whether the ink could contribute to rectal cancer. I’m no health expert. But I do know it was pretty darned embarrassing when the media picked up on the story.

5. A few years ago at UNC-Chapel Hill, a feminist group built a large vibrator museum in the middle of the campus quad as a part of their “orgasm awareness week.” I think that was probably the climax of the semester, academically speaking. But they certainly weren’t too embarrassed to display a vibrator that was made out of wood back in the 1920s. Keep your batteries charged, Ed. We’re about halfway done.

6. A feminist administrator at UNC-Wilmington sponsored a pro-abortion event. During the event they sold tee shirts saying “I had an abortion” to students who … well, had abortions. That’s right, Ed. The students were encouraged to boast about the fact that they had killed their own children. That’s how the UNC system is preserving the future of our great Tar Heel state.

7. The following semester, that same UNCW administrator sponsored a workshop teaching students how to appreciate their orgasms. I learned art appreciation in college. Today, college kids are taught orgasm appreciation. I will let you decide whether that’s an embarrassment to higher ed., Ed.

8 A few years ago, a UNCW English professor posted nude pictures of under-aged girls as a part of an “art exhibit” in the university library. The Provost then ordered the nude pictures to be moved away from the library and into the university union. This decision was made after several pedophiles had previous been caught downloading child pornography in the university library just a few yards away from the location of the display. The English professor was incensed so she asked the Faculty Senate to censure the provost for violating her “academic freedom.” The faculty senate sided with the feminist professor. The provost was later pressured to leave the university.

9. A different feminist professor at UNCW accused a male professor of putting tear gas in her office. She was later caught putting her mail in a microwave oven. She did this because she thought people were trying to poison her with anthrax and that the oven would neutralize the toxins. She was not placed on leave for psychiatric reasons. Instead, she was designated as the university’s official “counter terrorism” expert.

10 And then there is Mike Adams. He thinks marriage is between a man and a woman.

So those are the choices, Ed. You can simply write back and tell me which of these professors, groups, or guest speakers has caused “the biggest embarrassment to higher education” – either in North Carolina or in America altogether. Or you can just concede that our system of hire education is the real embarrassment because it has been hijacked by radical feminism. And please pardon any puns – especially those that take the form of ms-spelled words.

View comments to this, here: ... -education

I discovered this piece by way of an article by Jewess Morganstern at Glen Beck's The Blaze: ... n-america/

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Re: An Embarrassment to Higher Education

Post by Jim Mathias » Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:23 am
Students call for laxed grading for black students. University goes along with it.
Jessica Custodio
New York Senior Campus Correspondenton Jun 03, 2020 at 1:28 PM EDT

Students at the University of Washington want lax policies for black students during finals week.
Professors are encouraged to give their black students grading leniency to “cope emotionally.”

Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students be given leniency on finals because they are too “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study.” The university is advising professors to do just that.

An online petition calls for laxed grading and accommodations, specifically for Black students. So far, the petition has amassed more than 26,000 signatures.

“...give Black students a break! We are already DISPROPORTIONATELY impacted by this pandemic in terms of health care access and financial hardship. Now add state-sanctioned violence, how do you expect us to enter finals in this headspace?!” reads the petition.

"You need to encourage and demand professors to accommodate their black students during this time. If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it,” the petition continues. “We can’t sit back and watch as injustices unfold before our eyes. We don’t have the privilege that white and non-black students do to ignore what’s happening and stay at home to study for finals," the petition added.

“We are busy fighting for our rights and for the rights of future black children and students to sit down and study. The least UW could do is demand professors to accommodate us during this time”

[RELATED: UCSB chancellor 'supportive' of Black Student Union's $900,000+ worth of demands]

“I recognize that this institution and others across the country were not built to serve marginalized students, specifically Black students. Still to this day, institutions such as UW, do not serve Black students to the same capacity that white students benefit from,” student government president Kelty Pierce told The Daily.

A template to help professors announce these accommodations has been circulating on social media, reading “Dear Students, I am writing to you to offer accommodations for black students in this class during the end of this class and finals.”

“Many black students are not just using this time to cope emotionally, but to fight on the front lines of these protests and actively work and take action on what has been happening to the black community.” it continues.

Nicole McNichols, UW Psychology Professor provided Campus Reform with a copy of the email she sent to her own students.

“I sent this on Sunday before I knew about the petition,” McNichols said. “Obviously, I support the petition and absolutely believe the accommodations it requests should be honored by all faculty. Students need all of the support and compassion we can afford to give them right now.”

The email sent by McNichols to her students reads, “I wanted to reach out and acknowledge the incredible grief, fear, and loneliness that I know many of you are experiencing in light of recent (and not so recent) events. These are frightening times and I know that many of you are struggling emotionally as our country suffers not only from a pandemic but also from abhorrent racism, overwhelming violence, and palpable rage. These events are terrible and it is completely understandable to feel scared and alone right now.”

“Last, I think we all could use a break right now as these times certainly call for compassion. Given this, there will be a following change to the course policies. First, the remaining homework chapters are being put into review mode. Everyone will receive full points. Second, I have decided to drop everyone’s lowest exam score. This means that you may opt-out of taking Exam 3 if you just don’t feel up to it, (or if you [are] happy with your scores from exam 1 and 2), the email added.”

UW Senior Director of Media Relations Victor Balta directed Campus Reform to a message that was sent to all instructors Monday asking them “to consider that while we are together as a community, some are being affected more than others.”

“I think the statement clearly lays out a couple of examples of what instructors could provide to their students, such as extra time to finish assignments or a ‘final-examination optional’ approach,” said Balta.

In the message, the university told professors “in these final weeks of the quarter, as assignments become due and exams are taken, to be especially responsive to the needs that your students, especially those who are members of the Black community, may have for accommodations as we conclude the school year.”

Accommodations might include extra time to finish assignments or providing a 'final examination optional' pathway, for example,” the memo continued.

Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @Jess__Custodio
Grades for nothing, degrees for free. Will anyone trust a Congoid with the sheepskin in hand to build bridges, administer medical knowledge on live humans, or have a coherent understanding of law in the future? Let's just call this yet another higher ed embarrassment.
Activism materials available! ===> Contact me via PM to obtain quantities of the "Send Them Back", "NA Health Warning #1 +#2+#3" stickers, and any fliers listed in the Alliance website's flier webpage.

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Re: An Embarrassment to Higher Education

Post by C.E. Whiteoak » Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:31 am

Communists, crackpots and sissy white liberals have been trying to get Mike Adams fired from UNCW for all these years. So far, he is still hanging in there. ... mike-adams

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Will Williams
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Re: An Embarrassment to Higher Education

Post by Will Williams » Wed Jun 10, 2020 4:21 pm

C.E. Whiteoak wrote:
Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:31 am
Communists, crackpots and sissy white liberals have been trying to get Mike Adams fired from UNCW for all these years. So far, he is still hanging in there. ... mike-adams

North Carolina university ‘aware’ of professor’s
tweets comparing coronavirus shutdown to
slavery, calling rioters ‘thugs’

JUN 08, 2020

Tenured Professor Mike S. Adams Tweets That Thugs are Thugs :o Oh, my!

More than 70,000 signatures are calling for the firing of a University of North Carolina-Wilmington professor over a series of racist tweets.

“He has a long history of espousing racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and abusive rhetoric,” one petition, with more than 18,000 signatures, says of Mike Adams, who teaches criminology and sociology.

Adams, a tenured professor, has long been outspoken about his conservative political views and even louder about what he has perceived as bias against him because of said views, including suing UNCW in 2007 over alleged discrimination.

But the renewed fervor comes from recent tweets about the coronavirus pandemic and anti-racism protests.

“This evening I ate pizza and drank beer with six guys at a six seat table top," Adams tweeted in late May, seemingly referring to social distancing guidelines. "I almost felt like a free man who was not living in the slave state of North Carolina. Massa Cooper, let my people go!”

In another tweet, he referred to rioters as “thugs looking for an opportunity to break the law with impunity.”

A second petition, with more than 53,000 signatures, calls on Adams to be fired.

"(UNCW) cannot claim to champion diversity and inclusivity with a professor who threatens, belittles, bullies, and acts in an unprofessional manner," the petition reads.

“His being employed at this university cheapens any and all attempts to stand in solidarity with any minority that has been oppressed in this country. A respected university is a place for learning and sharing of ideas, not threats and harassment.”

In a statement Friday, University of North Carolina-Wilmington said it was “aware of the outrage and sadness being expressed in regard to comments made by a UNCW faculty member.”

"Hateful, hurtful language aimed at degrading others is contrary to our university values and our commitment to an environment of respect and dignity. Its appearance on any platform, including the personal platforms of anyone affiliated with UNCW, is absolutely reprehensible," a spokesperson said.

“However, no matter how upsetting and distasteful the comments may be, they are expressions of free speech and protected by the First Amendment. We review any perceived threats that are brought to our attention, and at this point, the conduct and materials at issue do not contain any evidence of a true physical threat toward any members of our community.”

According to the UNC code, tenured professors may be fired for “Incompetence, including significant, sustained unsatisfactory performance,” “neglect of duty, including sustained failure to meet assigned classes or to perform other significant faculty professional obligations,” or “misconduct of such a nature as to indicate that the individual is unfit to continue as a member of the faculty, including violations of professional ethics, mistreatment of students or other employees, research misconduct, financial fraud, criminal, or other illegal, inappropriate or unethical conduct.”

Who would have thought? The SPLC and professor go back a ways, like at least six years ago: ... r-n1859027

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