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Post by Will Williams » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:53 pm

My review of Sins was blocked by Amazon censors, but it looks like I've managed to put it up as a comment under another reviewer's review. We'll see if it stays there or disappears.
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This book was clearly written by the author to make a quick buck thanks in part to his being the child of Dr. Pierce. Based on the free sample his gripes seem to come from his mom, one of Pierce's divorced wives (who totally didn't blow things out of proportion to get back at him) and are from a time when he was too young to remember. One of the more humorous moments we are supposed to view Pierce as evil incarnate is when after driving for 8 hours he asks his wife to take his kids to a local park, any one who has ever driven for that long AND had to deal with young kids will understand that this request isn't this terrible injustice. Over all this seems like a book that was written for a quick cash grab(why he didn't write this in 2002 in stead of waiting 20 years I couldn't tell you).

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I posted this review on 5 March, 2020, but Amazon's censors blocked it. I'm glad to see at least one negative review of this smear book made it through.

Will Williams
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I Hate My Daddy

The title of Kelvin Pierce’s book is taken from Hebrew biblical references, like the proverb in Jeremiah’s Book: “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, And the children’s teeth are set on edge.” After reading Sins it’s clear that it is Kelvin’s teeth that are set on edge from eating sour grapes, not his father’s.

One question I would ask Kelvin Pierce after reading his rather poorly edited book: Which Jewish watchdog group commissioned this book: Was it the Southern Poverty Law Center or was it the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith? After all, the final sentence in the blurb on the back cover is, “He [William Pierce] was labeled as the most dangerous and influential Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist in North America by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, over a 30-year period.” Why would a son quote these haters’ hateful opinions of his father who died 18 years ago?

William Pierce was no Christian. Like most Americans of his generation that were raised Christian he was raised a Presbyterian. Being highly intelligent, a scientist with a doctorate in physics, he “put aside childish things” (like belief in imaginary spooks up in the sky) when he became an adult. Kelvin Pierce apparently is a devout Christian, however (he prays a lot), and is into other eastern creeds from what I gather, reading this “tell all” book about his “evil” father.

Kelvin will never grasp the extraordinary religion his father founded, Cosmotheism, nor the National Alliance, that he says is a “hate group,” parroting the buzz term of “hate” watchdogs. Kelvin is eaten up with irrational guilt, denies his own race, freely admits to near terminal depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and has subjected himself to years of therapy to deal with these issues. The only chapters in Sins that seemed to me to be wholly Kelvin’s personal recollections were of the hang gliding hobby he and his father shared, and about his admirable humanitarian work: rebuilding a decrepit orphanage in Georgia, the former Soviet Socialist Republic, years after his dad’s death. The rest of the book, even pre-teen memories from 55 years ago of discipline and corporal punishment for the author’s frequent mischief and for lying to his father seem to this reader to be embellished or edited to fit the “evil hater” profile by an anti-White ghost writer.

Readers who are interested in learning about the founder of Cosmotheism — arguably the greatest man of the second half of the 20th Century — and of his supposedly “most dangerous” National Alliance, or about the SPLC or ADL for that matter, can gain a more balanced, more honest perspective of William Pierce’s life’s work and achievements by searching for those subjects, starting here ... -l-pierce/ rather than by reading this “dump on Daddy” purgation.

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